Shopping for Safety This Holiday Season

Hand sanitizer is likely to be a popular stocking stuffer this year. Many other health and safety products are worth considering when you write your gift list, and most of them won’t break your bank account.

For $29.95, First Alert is offering a twin pack of 14-ounce cans containing its Tundra aerosol fire extinguishing spray, which can be used to put out incipient fires in kitchens, garages, fireplaces, offices, and other locations. And a rechargeable garage fire extinguisher is available from the company for $18.99. sells First Alert’s talking combination smoke alarm and carbon monoxide detector for $39.97. Kidde’s Silhouette hardwired smoke and carbon monoxide alarms are UL-listed models that include sealed, self-charging, maintenance-free batteries and a low profile. Homeowners with these alarms never have to change the battery.

Fire safety groups recommend using interconnected smoke alarms that trigger every alarm unit in the house when any alarm sounds, ensuring residents are alerted as early as possible.

The Home Safety Council offers a virtual home safety tour that shows how to prevent fires, falls, burns, electric shocks, and carbon monoxide exposures. Flashlights, detectors, extinguishers, and safety gates are some of the readily available products that can make a home safer, according to the council.

The U.S. Fire Administration began an “Install. Inspect. Protect” campaign earlier this month with 19 partner organizations that reminds American homeowners to install smoke alarms and inspect them regularly and to use residential fire sprinklers.

What’s on your safety and health shopping list this year? What exciting new consumer or industrial safety product would you like to receive or consider buying for yourself?

Posted by Jerry Laws on Nov 16, 2009