Writer's Guidelines

Target Audience

Occupational Health & Safety (ISSN #0362-4064), a registered trademark of 1105 Media Inc., is a trade/business magazine published 12 times a year. Its editorial purpose is to:

  • Address a readership with a wide range of education made up of corporate executives, health and safety managers, industrial hygienists, engineers, personnel managers, occupational nurses, therapists, physicians, academicians, and anyone else interested in worker health and safety;
  • Provide reliable techniques and exemplary applications to help assess and control worker risk and protect worker health while increasing productivity in the workplace; and
  • Keep readers well informed of significant events, standards, legislation, and trends that influence workplace safety and health.


Occupational Health & Safety welcomes manuscripts and suggestions for articles. Please address them and any question to David Kopf, Editor, Occupational Health & Safety, 14901 Quorum Drive, Suite 425, Dallas, TX 75254. A manuscript is accepted if:

  • Submission is exclusive to Occupational Health & Safety; simultaneous or previously published submissions may pose copyright complications.
  • Scope matches our need for new angles and in-depth information on topics scheduled on our editorial calendar or timely coverage of the industry.
  • Content is accurate and supported with reliable authorities such as research or regulations cited, examples, case studies, logical arguments and other relevant evidence. Manuscripts may be peer-reviewed by members of the Occupational Health & Safety editorial advisory board.
  • Style promotes readability with a well written, news-magazine organization and tone appropriate to our purpose and readership.
  • Length fits our preferred 1,500 words. E-mail submission (to [email protected]) is preferred. Manuscripts must include a brief biographical sketch of the author along with the author's contact information (mailing address, phone, fax, e-mail address).
  • Copyright 1105 Media Inc. retains copyright to all manuscripts published in Occupational Health & Safety. All such manuscripts are posted on its Web site, www.ohsonline.com.

Rejected Manuscripts

A submission will be rejected or revised if its content is promotional of author, product/service brand name, or company (such a conflict of interest degrades the objective integrity of our editorial); if inaccurate or unsupported opinions, arguments, or statements would insult the intelligence of our readers or mislead them; if the author plagiarizes his sources or is otherwise careless; if the information is obsolete, outdated and/or has already been extensively covered; or if, because of its topic or readability, too little of our audience would find the article helpful or informative.

Graphic Elements

All figures, tables, illustrations and photographs accompanying a manuscript must be identified with a detailed description. All graphic materials should be digital images or color prints, slides, or transparencies. (300 dpi at 7 1/2 inches wide, .tif or .jpg format required). Because computer formats differ, we may not be able to use a table or graph saved on diskette. Therefore, please submit a high-resolution copy of the graph.


Address submissions to: 
David Kopf 
Editor, Occupational Health & Safety

14901 Quorum Drive, Suite 425
Dallas, TX 75254

Phone: (949) 265-1561
Fax: (972) 687-6770
E-mail: [email protected]