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The Role and Value of Women in Worker Safety

The current and future role of women in enhancing worker safety and health, featuring insights from Shawna Fraser Nagle of Fraser Engineering Co. Inc.

The Year Ahead for Workplace Safety

The editors of OH&S discuss four key safety trends for 2024, and share a look at editorial efforts for the next 12 months.

The Role of Ergonomics in Full-Circle Employee Health

What innovations and tools are helping workplace safety professionals ensure better ergonomics? An expert shares some insights and resources.

SDS Sections You’ve Been Ignoring

Safety expert Stephen E. Badger, CSP, OHST, WCP discusses why four key sections of Safety Data Sheets often don’t get the attention they deserve and provides a rundown of the essential information they contain.

Prioritizing and Addressing Winter Hazards

As winter weather starts to roll in, employers must ensure they’re keeping workers safe from seasonal hazards. What the top winter hazards and how can safety professionals address them?

NSC Safety Congress & Expo 2023 Wrap Up

The OH&S SafetyPod takes some time to showcase some key developments at last week’s NSC Safety Congress & Expo 2023. Highlights include NSC’s new Respond Ready Workplace program, OSHA’s annual Top 10 violations announcement, and more.

Powering Progress: The Power of Connected Safety

Connected safety offers a multi-faceted set of solutions for overcoming current and emerging worker safety challenges and how safety professionals can get ready to take advantage of it.

A New Educational Opportunity for Safety Professionals

The Doctor of Occupational Safety and Health program aims to help safety managers leverage safety statistics and research to better protect workers. Dr. Dan Corcoran, the Academic Program Director of Occupational Safety and Health and Environmental Management at CSU, joins the podcast to discuss the new program.

Public Works Employees as First Responders

What is the role of public works employees in emergency management and what health and safety risks do they face? Dr. Dennis Terpin joins the podcast to answer those questions and discuss the need for designated safety officers in the realm of Public Works.

Ensuring Safe Rooftops for Workers

Rooftops pose multiple danger points, each requiring its own safety approach. Daniel Huntington delves into the four primary danger zones on rooftops and how safety professionals can better protect workers in these areas.

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