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  • WorkSafeBC Cooks Up Kitchen Safety Videos

    "Commercial kitchens have the potential to be a recipe for risk," said Lisa Houle, manager of Industry and Labour Services at WorkSafeBC. "They contain lots of sharp, heavy, hot objects; the pace of work is demanding; and they have high employee turnover, so there's a constant need for training."

  • How to Have a Robust Electrical Worker Program: Four Important Questions Answered

    The responsibility of providing a safe work environment will always rest on the employer

    One of the questions that often arises concerns who is able to qualify an electrical employee. You will not find this answer in any electrical regulation, nor is it found in NFPA70E, the NESC, or other guidelines.

News & Articles

  • NFPA Wins Award for Hot Work Training Program

    "Our collaboration with the City of Boston on hot work training has been an outstanding example of how leaders can, and should, come together to ensure that there is a fire and life safety ecosystem in place to protect people and property from harm," said Chuck Stravin, NFPA vice president of Business Development & Operations.

  • Hotel Industry Commits to Increasing Employees' Safety

    AHLA members have committed to providing U.S. hotel workers with portable panic buttons and implementing better policies, training, and resources aimed at hotel worker safety. U.S. hotels aim to have full implementation of panic buttons at all properties by 2020.

  • Pennsylvania Prisons on Lockdown after Staffers Exposed to Suspected Drugs

    Since Aug. 6, 29 employees throughout the Pennsylvania prison system have fallen ill in 13 separate incidents. Some inmates have also become ill. According to Corrections spokeswoman McNaughton, only synthetic cannabinoid (also known as K2 or spice) has been connected to the illnesses.

  • Winterizing Employees Who Work Outdoors

    Introducing cold weather work tips and other outdoor cold weather safety concepts in trainings during the early fall can help workers get into the mindset.

  • Your Blueprint for Chemical Safety Training

    This type of training must occur early, often, and as close or specific to the actual location and usage scenario as possible.

  • NSC Congress & Expo Heads to Houston

    More than 14,000 safety professionals are expected to attend this year's NSC Congress & Expo, being held in Houston from Oct. 20 through 26.



  • Using Safety Metrics to Improve Safety

    In today's information world, health safety and environmental professional are continually confronted with the challenge to gather, review, and act wisely based on various types of data. By using simple, easy to use, software to generate safety metrics safety professions can spend less time on collecting, gathering and performing data calculations and more time on using that data to improve safety performance.

  • Can Behavior-Based Safety Transform a Safety Culture?

    For 25 years, Behavior-Based Safety (BBS) has proven to be an effective tool for the reduction of workplace accidents. With some simple yet meaningful modification, BBS can become an extremely effective tool to create, coach and achieve sustainable safety culture excellence. The great news: This can happen in a short amount of time!

  • A Practical Approach to Electrical Safety for Federal Facilities

    Join us for a free one-hour Webinar hosted by Occupational Health & Safety magazine, and you will be armed to reduce electrical safety related incidents in your organization.


  • "10 Years in the Industry" NATE #ClimberConversation Video

    NATE's latest #ClimberConversation video highlights a tower worker's decade of service in the wireless infrastructure industry, and his views on the importance of training to work safely in the field. The #ClimberConversation video is a companion series to the association's popular #ClimberConnection campaign and is a vital component of NATE's workforce development outreach to promote the profession and attract new workers into the industry. The video, entitled "10 Years in the Industry," includes testimonial footage of a company safety director emphasizing the importance of training and discussing how much he has enjoyed his career working in such a dynamic industry.

  • MSA Supports Firehouse Expo 2017 Student Ambassadors

    MSA proudly sponsored the opportunity for student ambassadors to attend Firehouse Expo 2017 in Nashville, Tenn., for an unforgettable hands-on training experience. The trip was organized by the Laramie County Community College Fire Science program in Cheyenne, Wyo.

  • 3M Virtual Reality Demonstration Video

    This 2017 video from 3M is a demonstration of virtual reality safety training.