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  • Drive Distraction Away

    Drive Distraction Away

    Over 60% of fatal car crashes happened because the driver is “lost in thought.” The key to unlocking driver distraction is teaching people to maintain focus everywhere distraction occurs. Take the right steps to deal with distraction head on. Download the free guide to get started.

  • Intelex Training Management System


  • Using Safety Metrics to Improve Safety

    In today's information world, health safety and environmental professional are continually confronted with the challenge to gather, review, and act wisely based on various types of data. By using simple, easy to use, software to generate safety metrics safety professions can spend less time on collecting, gathering and performing data calculations and more time on using that data to improve safety performance.

  • Can Behavior-Based Safety Transform a Safety Culture?

    For 25 years, Behavior-Based Safety (BBS) has proven to be an effective tool for the reduction of workplace accidents. With some simple yet meaningful modification, BBS can become an extremely effective tool to create, coach and achieve sustainable safety culture excellence. The great news: This can happen in a short amount of time!

  • A Practical Approach to Electrical Safety for Federal Facilities

    Join us for a free one-hour Webinar hosted by Occupational Health & Safety magazine, and you will be armed to reduce electrical safety related incidents in your organization.


  • Why You Should Choose a Career in Construction

    Everyone chooses their career path for different reasons, but for those of you considering construction, this ABC National video offers a few more reasons to enter the industry.

  • Training Day: Air Station Savannah

    Shallow Water Egress Training (SWET) is an annual training for every aircrew in the U.S. Coast Guard. It simulates a helicopter crash in the ocean that leaves the cockpit upside down in the water. The aircrew must keep their composure and use their emergency equipment to safely and quickly escape the situation. U.S. Coast Guard video by PA1 Stephen Lehmann.

  • McDonalds In-House Kitchen Technician Training

    This 2014 video shows the equipment used and topics covered in an AVO Training three-day electrical safety and hazard awareness class for McDonald's in-house technicians.


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