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  • Westex UltraSoft®: Now in High-Vis ANSI 107-Certified

    Westex UltraSoft®: Now in High-Vis ANSI 107-Certified

    No more discomfort in critical visibility conditions. A unique flame-resistant fabric certified to ANSI 107 made with the comfort of cotton, Westex UltraSoft® High-Vis is also UL certified to NFPA 2112 and meets NFPA 70E PPE Category 2. Exceptional comfort from breakthrough technology, this market-proven protection makes it the fabric your employees will want to wear.

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  • Westex UltraSoft AC®: The most comfortable FR fabric yet

    Westex UltraSoft AC®: The most comfortable FR fabric yet

    Westex UltraSoft AC® offers advanced protection from electric arc flash and flash fires, and is guaranteed flame resistant for the life of the garment. Made with long staple cotton and manufactured with advanced softening technology, it's the most comfortable FR fabric yet.

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  • Dickies High Visibility Workwear

    Williamson-Dickie Mfg. Co

    Dickies is taking the next step in adding functional features to its high visibility category. Starting in June, the company will offer two styles of waterproof hi-vis jackets utilizing Storm technology to protect wearers from rain, snow and wind while still providing the much needed hi-vis requirements people have come to expect from the product line.



  • The Real Cost of Lacerations in the Workplace

    There’s no doubt that workplace-related injuries impose costs upon companies, but how much? The numbers are higher than you think. For company leaders that want to promote the health and safety of their employees, preventing lacerations is crucial.

  • Stand Your Ground: A Guide to Slip Resistance in Industrial Safety Footwear

    This white paper helps to clarify this complexity, so you can better navigate the standards and better ensure the safety of your employees.

  • Springfield DH Dual Hazard FR Fabric

    This paper is intended to educate the reader about Springfield’s new, inherently flame-resistant (FR) fabric. Springfield DH is engineered to provide permanent protection against flash fires and electrical arc flashes. It is important that a flame-resistant (FR) garment provide an expected degree of protection to the wearer. This paper will address key expectations to consider when making a decision on which fabric provides the optimum protection, comfort, and durability.