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  • MCR Safety's Memphis Series Safety Glasses

    MCR Safety

    MCR Safety's Memphis Series safety glasses are not only designed for your safety, but also for exceptional comfort. The bayonet style temples are made of a soft and flexible TPR material that provides a great fit for most individuals, regardless of their facial profile. This series features polycarbonate lenses that block 99.9% of UVA, UVB, and UVC rays and a wraparound lens design for an unobstructed view and outstanding coverage. The flexible TPR nose pad and temples not only make this one of our most comfortable options, but also helps grip or hold these safety glasses in place. The UV-AF® Anti-Fog coated lenses are Eco-friendly and UV cured, providing 3 times greater Anti-Fog performance than generic Anti-Fog safety glasses. Available in a variety of lens options including clear, gray, filter green, tinted colors, and magnification lens options. Black frame color or Mossy Oak® pattern frame. Choose the best safety glasses, choose MCR Safety!

  • KeeLine® Engineered Horizontal Lifeline

    KeeLine® Engineered Horizontal Lifeline

    KeeLine is a flexible, cost effective solution for working at height. The engineered, open design features galvanized in-line shock absorbers and stainless-steel components for dependable performance, long life, and freedom of movement on the roof. KeeLine is corrosion resistant and is ideal for membrane, standing seam, and metal sheet roof types.



  • About AboveView & AboveView Elevate

    Bullard, with a 125-year history of manufacturing high-quality personal protective equipment and systems, has introduced AboveView with FlexGen and AboveView Elevate, two innovative hard hats designed to help increase protection and improve comfort for workers in industrial settings.

  • Exploring Extended-Use Gloves vs. Single-Use Gloves

    Extended-Use Disposable gloves decrease costs, improve worker productivity, and decrease waste. Read our latest case study to learn how Grippaz® gloves outperformed conventional disposable nitrile gloves and helped a large manufacturing company improve their safety program.

  • Microflex 93-260: The Thinnest Chemical Resistant Disposable Glove

    Introducing the Microflex 93-260, the new glove that's changing the face of chemical hand protection. With an innovative three layer design, Microflex 93-260 offers the reliable protection workers need when handling chemicals.