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Selling Safety. Saving Lives.

Selling Safety. Saving Lives.

One of the hardest task a company faces when initiating a safety culture – or even a safety policy – is ensuring buy-in from throughout the organization. One false step and you’ll ensure failure before you even get started. Know how to sell safety and get buy-in from everyone.

Rainwear Tech Sheet

Rainwear Tech Sheet

It’s important to equip workers in the oil and gas and utility industries with the proper flame resistant and arc-rated (FR/AR) rainwear. This tech sheet outlines what to look for when selecting FR/AR rainwear.

Stand Your Ground:  A guide to slip resistance in industrial safety footwear

Stand Your Ground: A Guide to Slip Resistance in Industrial Safety Footwear

This white paper helps to clarify this complexity, so you can better navigate the standards and better ensure the safety of your employees.

Arc-Flash Blast Protection Isn't Just a Fashion Statement

While most discussions about arc flash involve the calculation methods and associated personal protective equipment (PPE), electricians have a number of ways to protect themselves and their gear, including arc- resistant equipment and remote actuation and racking systems that eliminate – rather than reduce – electrical arc-related dangers while providing quantifiable force and other preventive maintenance data that can help avoid future catastrophes.

Best Practices for A Safe Return to Service Following a Maintenance Outage

Returning electrical equipment to service after a planned maintenance outage creates a unique set of hazards. Facility managers are under stringent time constraints when taking a system out of service, performing necessary maintenance tasks (as well as making unanticipated repairs), and returning the system to service. Common, real-world factors may place workers at great risk as the system is returned to service. This paper seeks to identify those factors and present logical and practical ways to lessen or eliminate risks.

3 Commong Safety Concerns Answered

3 Common Safety Concerns Answered

In an age where multitasking, automated machinery and technology are becoming commonplace in the workspace, concerns about cut injuries, durability, reliability and grip are just as important as chemical protection. The new AlphaTec® 58-735 benefits from INTERCEPT TECHNOLOGY® providing ANSI level 3 cut protection and excellent chemical resistance. To learn how this innovative glove can help you address 3 common safety concerns, download our tip sheet here.

Home Laundering For Arc-rated Flame Resistant Clothing

Home Laundering For Arc-rated Flame Resistant Clothing

Beyond being convenient and cost-effective, existing industry standards agree that home laundry is safe and effective for cleaning arc-rated flame resistant (FR) clothing.

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