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  • Springfield DH Dual Hazard FR Fabric

    This paper is intended to educate the reader about Springfield’s new, inherently flame-resistant (FR) fabric. Springfield DH is engineered to provide permanent protection against flash fires and electrical arc flashes. It is important that a flame-resistant (FR) garment provide an expected degree of protection to the wearer. This paper will address key expectations to consider when making a decision on which fabric provides the optimum protection, comfort, and durability.

  • Fire is Unpredictable, Nomex is not.

    Let's face it, you can never know with certainty when a fire will spark, how hot it will burn, where it will spread or how long you’ll be in danger. Because fire is such a wild card, DuPont™ Nomex® becomes the best bet. Nomex® fiber is proven, predictable and yes, safe.

  • Does Your Gas Detection Program Need a Health Check

    Data stored within gas detectors that help safety personnel make decisions that increase workplace safety and strengthen their safety cultures often goes unused. Readers will learn how managing the data in their gas detection program will keep their people safer.


  • New NFPA Training Takes the Guesswork Out of Sprinkler Plan Reviewing

    Rick Tustin, Winchester (MA) Fire Department, and Paul Cheever, Revere (MA) Fire Department, discuss the challenges of sprinkler plan reviewing and how a new training by the National Fire Protection Association addresses the challenges. For more information, visit

  • 'You Can't Fight Fire with Fire' – GE Unimpossible Missions

    We've all heard the idiom "fight fire with fire," but can you really fight fire with fire? At GE we've challenged some of our best engineers and scientists to find out if you can really fight fire with fire. Watch the video now and see for yourself if the impossible, is truly possible. At GE we work on things that matter. We combine the best people and the best technologies from across the whole of GE to work on some of the world's toughest, impossible missions. Whether that's finding solutions to problems in energy, health, transportation, finance, and the home, GE is building, powering, moving, and curing the world.

  • The ABCDs of Fire Extinguisher Safety

    We have all seen fire extinguishers around our workplace as well as in the home. Have you ever taken the time to actually look at the extinguisher to see what type it is? Do you know if you have the right extinguisher for the potential threats that may be present? Do you know what the letters and symbols on the extinguisher mean?