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  • DOJ Seeks Contempt Order Against Pesticide Manufacturer

    A May 2017 court order required the defendants to comply with the 2011 consent decree, but HPI and Garvey continue to store thousands of pounds of uncharacterized, often unidentified, chemicals, some with labels indicating they have been stored for a dozen years or more, according to DOJ, which said many of HPI's facilities lack functional fire suppression equipment.

  • New York Places 250 Apartment Buildings in Alternative Enforcement Program

    The announcement said the 250 buildings have a total of 4,859 immediately hazardous (C-class) violations, 21,442 hazardous (B-class), and 7,602 non-hazardous (A-class) violations; immediately hazardous violations include inadequate fire exits, evidence of rodents, lead-based paint, and the lack of heat, hot water, electricity, or gas

  • First Home Fire Sprinkler Day Set

    NFPA's Fire Sprinkler Initiative and the coalition want safety advocates across the United States to host simultaneous events, such as live burn and fire sprinkler demonstrations and fire department open houses, on May 19 and hope to see them take place in all 50 states.

  • New Tool Helps Prioritize Remediation of Buildings with Combustible Facades

    EFFECT™, an Exterior Facade Fire Evaluation Comparison Tool, was needed because enforcement authorities and those responsible for managing large portfolios of high-rise buildings have lacked a tool to assess and prioritize remediation work, according to NFPA.

  • California Grant Speeds Up Tree Removal

    "Not only will the counties be able to decrease the risk of trees falling on critical infrastructure, homes, and possibly people, but it also creates a safer area for firefighters when responding to a wildfire," said Rick Carr, Southern Region staff chief of Resource Management.

  • Washington Governor Rejects Oil Terminal Application

    Gov. Jay Inslee's letter said several issues compelled his decision, including seismic risks at the site that "present an unacceptable and potentially catastrophic risk to the public," the inability to sufficiently mitigate oil spill risks into the Columbia River or the Pacific Ocean, and the potential safety risks of a fire or explosion.



  • Springfield DH Dual Hazard FR Fabric

    This paper is intended to educate the reader about Springfield’s new, inherently flame-resistant (FR) fabric. Springfield DH is engineered to provide permanent protection against flash fires and electrical arc flashes. It is important that a flame-resistant (FR) garment provide an expected degree of protection to the wearer. This paper will address key expectations to consider when making a decision on which fabric provides the optimum protection, comfort, and durability.

  • Fire is Unpredictable, Nomex is not.

    Let's face it, you can never know with certainty when a fire will spark, how hot it will burn, where it will spread or how long you’ll be in danger. Because fire is such a wild card, DuPont™ Nomex® becomes the best bet. Nomex® fiber is proven, predictable and yes, safe.

  • Does Your Gas Detection Program Need a Health Check

    Data stored within gas detectors that help safety personnel make decisions that increase workplace safety and strengthen their safety cultures often goes unused. Readers will learn how managing the data in their gas detection program will keep their people safer.


  • Chicago Fire Department MSA G1 SCBA In-Service Day: December 14, 2017

    MSA Safety deployed 1,100 state-of-the-art G1 SCBA to the Chicago Fire Department (CFD). The deployment represents the completion of a one-year, multi-phase delivery and training process.

  • MSA Supports Firehouse Expo 2017 Student Ambassadors

    MSA proudly sponsored the opportunity for student ambassadors to attend Firehouse Expo 2017 in Nashville, Tenn., for an unforgettable hands-on training experience. The trip was organized by the Laramie County Community College Fire Science program in Cheyenne, Wyo.

  • New NFPA Training Takes the Guesswork Out of Sprinkler Plan Reviewing

    Rick Tustin, Winchester (MA) Fire Department, and Paul Cheever, Revere (MA) Fire Department, discuss the challenges of sprinkler plan reviewing and how a new training by the National Fire Protection Association addresses the challenges. For more information, visit