Fall Protection

  • (Safely) Home for the Holidays?

    Working in cold temperatures for prolonged periods can lead to hypothermia, an unusually low body temperature.

    Remember, workers are at increased risk for frostbite and hypothermia when they have health problems such as cardiovascular problems, diabetes, or high blood pressure.

  • Besting Winter's Worst

    Prepare for the two biggest safety threats this winter: falls from heights when removing snow, as well as slips and falls when entering and exiting buildings.

    Prepare for the two biggest safety threats this winter: Falls from heights when removing snow, as well as slips and trips when entering and exiting buildings, are the biggest threats to your workers' safety this upcoming winter.

News & Articles

  • Atlanta Construction Company Exposed Workers to Dangerous Falls, OSHA Finds

    The citations were issued for fall protection violations and failing to provide protective eyewear to workers using a pneumatic nail gun.

  • Air Liquide Acquiring Airgas for $13.4 Billion

    "Airgas customers and employees will benefit from Air Liquide's unrivaled global footprint and strength in technology, innovation, and operational efficiency, while Airgas is ready to bring the entrepreneurial culture and packaged gas excellence that have driven our success to date," Airgas Executive Chairman Peter McCausland said.

  • NFPA 101 Committees Eye Grab Bars

    Bathtub or shower users encounter wet surfaces that are generally hard and smooth, adversely affecting slip resistance; stepping over tub walls creates additional ambulation challenges; and no countermeasures are commonly installed to mitigate the fall danger.

  • Penalties in Dallas Fatality Top $400,000

    OSHA has issued $407,400 in proposed fines along with eight egregious willful and four serious violations to Design Plastering Inc. and Design Plastering West LLC of Phoenix, Ariz.

  • Ways to Prevent Slips, Trips and Falls

    Slip and fall accidents can easily be corrected by following simple prevention methods and tips.

  • A+A Features Rescues High and Low

    Lots of companies are sending employees aloft, or underwater, to show off rescue equipment at this year's A+A trade fair.


  • Miller AirCore™

    Miller AirCore™

    COMFORT IN THE AIR: The award winning Miller AirCore™ is our most innovative fall protection harness. Combining comfort, easy adjustment and style, this lightweight harness is designed with breathable, open-core padding technology to provide optimal air flow while reducing heat and moisture entrapment. Keeping workers drier, cooler, and more comfortable increases compliance, safety and productivity. Miller AirCore™ is now available in a variety of configurations to meet your every need.

  • Hybrid Energy Absorbing Lanyards

    Hybrid Energy Absorbing Lanyards

    New Miller® and North® Hybrid Energy-Absorbing Lanyards are the first to meet Canadian Standards Association (CSA) standards for both Class E4 and Class E6.  Now you can eliminate the guesswork involved in choosing the right lanyard for workers of different weights - reducing errors and increasing safety.  

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    This lightweight, yet strong, harness was designed specifically for day-to-day wear on drilling or service rigs, and in oil fields. It’s 20% lighter than similar competitive harnesses, yet features multiple Back D-ring connections and enhanced lumbar padding for increased comfort and support. Available with a Seat Sling, Bos’n Chair, or without a seat attachment.


  • The ABCs of Fall Protection

    This 2015 video from MSA is an entertaining introduction to fall protection, organized in ABC fashion: anchorage points, bodywear, and connecting devices.

  • Marine Safety Alert: Parasailing Safety

    This 2015 National Transportation Safety Board video illustrates recommendations and best practices, including equipment defects that customers should look for before embarking, to ensure parasailing operations are conducted as safely as possible.

  • "Working Together" Wireless Industry Safety Task Force PSA

    The Wireless Industry Safety Task Force released the third in a series of public service announcements (PSA) as part of the 100% Tie-Off 24/7 Awareness Campaign. This PSA entitled “Working Together” was unveiled before the task force met in Dallas on Nov. 13, 2014. "This PSA highlights the unprecedented collaboration that has occurred over the course of the last year between the carriers, tower owners, turnkey/construction management firms, OEMs, and the National Association of Tower Erectors in order to achieve sustainable safety solutions in the industry," said Task Force member Don Doty from Velocitel. "Every entity in the wireless industry chain has a role to play when it comes to safety, and the efforts and initiatives of the Wireless Industry Safety Task Force have reinforced that reality." The Task Force’s 100% Tie-Off 24/7 Awareness Campaign was launched in February 2014 and continues to utilize a comprehensive grassroots approach that includes public service announcement videos, paid advertising, earned media efforts, a social media component and collaborating with State Wireless Associations in order to expand the campaign's reach.

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