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From gas detection and area monitoring to lone worker protection, Blackline Safety powers smarter, stronger, and safer workplaces through our portfolio of cloud-connected safety devices and analytics.

The Lightest Cut Resistance Ever!

AeroDex® Technology from Magid® provides extreme cut protection that’s over 50% lighter than comparable materials.

Gas Detection Made Simple:: Honeywell BW™ Icon and BW™ Icon+ Portable Multi-Gas Detectors

We’re Reinventing Portable Gas Detection. Again. Introducing the Honeywell BW™ Icon and BW™ Icon+ Portable Multi-Gas Detectors. Learn how we’ve improved and simplified gas detection for the gas hazards that workers face most often.

Putting on and Taking off a Mask

A new video and poster from OSHA demonstrate how to properly wear and remove a respirator in the workplace and mitigate the risk of coronavirus exposure.

Recognizing and Managing Stress in Difficult Times

Help your team through the additional stress that this situation causes. Read about the telltale signs of a stressed-out worker and what you can do to help!

5 Tips for Ladder Safety in the Workplace

Over 500,000 people are treated for ladder-related falls every year. Don’t let your workers become a statistic. Keep them safe with these 5 tips for improving ladder safety in your workplace and download a free training presentation!

5 Ways to Deal with Opioids in the Workplace

The increasing opioid epidemic can seem overwhelming, but there are some things you can do to help! Here are 5 ways you can address the problem of opioids in your workplace.