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Rutgers Opens Food, Nutrition and Health Center

"Overall, our mission is to make New Jersey that healthy state and a model for the nation. We believe that now is the time, and the institute is the place, to build a culture of health in our society," says Peter Gillies, Ph.D., founding director of the New Jersey Institute for Food, Nutrition and Health.

Incidents involving floor contaminants (wet or dry) aren

Review Floor Maintenance Procedures to Reduce Slip and Fall Incidents

Incidents involving floor contaminants (wet or dry) aren’t isolated to entrances or production areas.

The primary objective of outerwear in cold weather is to provide warmth. However, sub-zero work have the potential for exposure to an electric arc or a flash fire event.

How to Stay Safe and Stay Warm This Winter

The primary objective of outerwear in cold weather is to provide warmth. However, many sub-zero temperature industrial workplaces also have the potential for exposure to electric arc or a flash fire event.

The rule states that before an employee enters the space, the internal atmosphere must be tested with a calibrated direct-reading instrument for oxygen content, for flammable gases and vapors, and for potential toxic air contaminants.

Atmospheric Testing and the New OSHA Construction Confined Spaces Standard

Subpart AA of 29 CFR 1926 will help to prevent construction workers from being hurt or killed by eliminating and isolating hazards in confined spaces at construction sites.

Corvallis, Ore.-based VDOS Global uses aerial robotics and remote sensing to provide oil and gas inspections, environmental research, aerial surveying and other services using for its clients around the world. (VDOS image)

FAA Releases Drone Safety Checklist

With retailers busily advertising drones as a hot gift idea, the agency is urging consumers to make it a stocking stuffer this year.

Identifying employees who understand the duties and responsibilities of a first responder and who are seriously committed are key to your recruiting success and building a higher-performance response team that can execute under extreme pressure.

#1 Priority When Disaster Occurs: Everyone Goes Home

When an amazing safety-first culture exists, the result is a waiting list of employees wanting to be on the emergency response team.

Train all workers about the hazards and about maintaining clearance from overhead power lines.

Understand the Dangers of Electrical Shock

Electricity is one of the most common causes of fires and thermal burns in homes and workplaces.

Mindfulness: Moving Beyond Trends Toward Performance

Leaders can help build a more mindful workforce.

The amount of exposure to individuals can depend upon work practices, ventilation, and location.

Welding Safety and Health Considerations

The amount of exposure to individuals can depend upon work practices, ventilation, and location. Will the work be done in wide open areas, inside a building adjacent to other work processes and people, or potentially even in a confined space?

Like bloodborne pathogens, hazardous chemicals can be present throughout a health care facility. Although it takes time to check each department, room, and closet, it really is one of the most effective ways to find materials that may otherwise be missed.

Health Care Hazmats: There's More On Site Than Just Bloodborne Pathogens

Sanitizing, disinfecting, and cleaning chemicals are likely to be found throughout the facility. It is important to know the particular brands and styles that are being used to verify that proper precautions are being taken.

Once a fabric has been manufactured, it should be inspected and tested for quality assurance and to ensure that the fabric meets or exceeds the ASTM and NFPA standards for flame resistance. (Mount Vernon FR photo)

Vertical Manufacturing of Flame-Resistant Cotton and Cotton-Rich Fabrics

Wear trials can help guide you in selecting the right fabric by providing a more comprehensive evaluation of important factors such as performance, comfort, and applicability.

Behavior-Based Safety: A Visual Workflow Model

Successful organizations concentrate on a few specific precautions identified by data that will focus efforts to prevent injuries and incidents.

Increasing Safeguards for Crude Oil Trains

The July 2013 derailment in Lac-Mégantic, Quebec, of a crude oil train triggered many federal actions in Canada and the United States as crude oil shipments by rail skyrocketed.

"This worker literally came close to an early grave because the cemetery failed to provide proper excavation protections," said Anthony Ciuffo, OSHA

Grave Matter: OSHA Fines NY Cemetery Company for Cave-In

The agency cited St. John Cemetery Corp. for five violations, two classified as willful, after a worker was partially engulfed in May 2015 while in a grave opening.

Alabama Board Weighs Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter Measure

Indiana is the only other state that has amended AFCIs out of its building code, but a similar measure is currently pending in North Carolina, Jeffrey Sargent reported in the November/December NFPA Journal.

Florida Sets Record: A Decade with No Hurricanes

The most recent hurricane to make landfall in Florida was Wilma on Oct. 24, 2005, and it was also the last major hurricane to make landfall in the United States, according to

Shell Oil Products Fined for Anacortes Refinery Release

L&I assessed one willful violation and the maximum $70,000 fine for knowingly and intentionally not following safe work practices for the control of hazards when shutting down the flare, as well as a serious violation and $7,000 fine for giving workers the incorrect procedure for shutting down the flare.

Atlanta Construction Company Exposed Workers to Dangerous Falls, OSHA Finds

The citations were issued for fall protection violations and failing to provide protective eyewear to workers using a pneumatic nail gun.

California Company Recalls Celery Products

They are linked to an E. coli outbreak at Costco but are an ingredient in several companies' products, according to FDA.

OSHA: Press Operator Loses Three Fingers at Metal Stamping Plant

Ohio Gasket & Shim Company, an Akron, Ohio, metal stamping company, has been cited for one willful violation and 12 serious safety violations.

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