Combustible Dust


  • Dräger X-plore® 8000

    Dräger X-plore® 8000

    In the harshest work environments, only the most rugged equipment will do. The Dräger X-plore® 8000 is IP65 rated against dust and water, and offers intuitive handling and an ergonomic fit to keep your team safe and focused. more

  • Uniphos PID Pre-filter Tube for Benzene Specific Measurements

    Uniphos PID Pre-filter Tube for Benzene Specific Measurements

    Benzene naturally occurs in crude oil and is used to make plastics, resins, synthetic fibers, dyes, detergents, additives and coatings, and pesticides. It is a widely used aromatic hydrocarbon which constitutes 1-2% of gasoline and other fuels. more



  • Enhance Your Maintenance Program with Dust Collector Monitoring and Service

    Utilize connected technology to remotely monitor dust collectors. Save time and money while freeing up your facility maintenance team to focus on critical priorities. Let Donaldson help you with remote monitoring and customized service today. more

  • Fire is Unpredictable, Nomex is not.

    Let's face it, you can never know with certainty when a fire will spark, how hot it will burn, where it will spread or how long you’ll be in danger. Because fire is such a wild card, DuPont™ Nomex® becomes the best bet. Nomex® fiber is proven, predictable and yes, safe. more

  • Leading Refinery Optimizes its Gas Detection Program

    iNet, Industrial Scientific’s Gas Detection as a Service solution, has alleviated the maintenance challenges previously faced by a crew at a leading U.S. refinery. Additionally, iNet has provided visibility into their gas detection program that keeps workers safer. more


  • How to Collect a (Potentially) Combustible Dust Sample

    Wondering if your facility may have combustible dust? In some cases, less than 1/4 inch layer of dust can explode or ignite. Here's a demonstration of how to collect and ship a sample to a lab for testing. Every plant, in industries including food, pharmaceutical, wood, agricultural, cosmetic, petrochem, plastics, manufacturing, and more, can be at risk. Testing is inexpensive and can help to determine which collection units are best suited to your plant. Contact us with any questions at [email protected] or 630-323-8750. more

  • Combustible Dust Hazard Analysis (DHA) Sample Prep and Screening at Fauske & Associates, LLC

    A potential combustible dust hazard sample arrives at Fauske & Associates, LLC lab and we are ready to start the testing process. We cover how the sample arrives, focusing on examples of material sent to us that we are unable to test or sample that was shipped in a way that damaged the sample in transit. We also show the sample that has arrived in an appropriate form of packaging that ensured the safe transit of the material. Once we have received the material, it is time to prep the material for testing according to the client’s request per standards such as NFPA 652. We wrap up by showing the Explosibility Screening or Go/No Go test in the Modified Hartmann Tube and the Combustibility Screening Test of another material., 1-630-323-8750, 1-877-FAUSKE1 more

  • 2013 NSC Congress & Expo -- Leading Safety Into the Future

    Register today at This September, more than 13,000 safety professionals from around the world will gather in Chicago to learn best practices, network, and compare safety solutions. Watch to see safety professionals tell you, in their own words, why they return to the the world's largest annual safety event, NSC Congress & Expo, year after year. more