Writer's Guidelines

Writer’s Guidelines: Occupational Health & Safety Magazine 

OH&S’s Audience & Mission

  • We serve a readership of corporate executives, health and safety managers, industrial hygienists, engineers, personnel managers, occupational nurses, therapists, physicians, academicians and anyone else interested in worker health and safety.

  • We aim to provide reliable information, techniques, insights and applications to help our readers assess and control worker risk and protect worker health while increasing productivity in the workplace.

  • We also want to keep our readers well-informed of significant events, standards, legislation and trends that influence workplace safety and health.

Article Tone & Content

  • Articles should be educational in nature. We are looking for pieces that address new angles and in-depth information, as well as timely trends. Our goal is to give the reader some solid information they can employ in their work.
  • Please do not include any company, brand or product mentions in the body of your article. These will be edited out and could possibly negate the piece’s chances of running. 
  • The article’s writing style should promote readability, with a well-written, news-feature approach and tone appropriate to our purpose and readership.
  • Ensure that the article’s content is accurate and supported by reliable sources, such as research or regulations cited, examples, case studies, logical arguments and other relevant evidence. 

Article Length, Specs & Requirements

  • Word Count: Unless otherwise instructed, please ensure your article is 750 to 1,500 words in length.
  • Links: Please feel free to include reference links or footnoted citations to support your piece. They aren’t required but certainly help support your article.
  • Other Requirements: In addition to the body copy, please include a headline, a subhead and a two-sentence author bio. Bear in mind these should all remain within OH&S style and may be subject to editing for length or clarity.
  • Image: Feel free to suggest an image to accompany the article. While we don’t promise we’ll use it, it may be used as a reference when selecting alternative artwork.

If you do include an image, please ensure it is 300 dpi and that you have the license for it. If a caption is needed for it, please supply one in the article. Note that we won’t run images that have branding or recognizable products in them.

Filing Your Article


  • Submitting your story to Occupational Health & Safety entails giving 1105 Media Inc. full, unlimited copyright release for all use types (print, online, etc.).