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  • New CSB Strategic Plan Released

    The updated plan lists three strategic goals that include objectives and performance metrics to measure progress.

  • First 2017 Campbell Award Deadline Only Three Months Away

    The National Safety Council presented the 2016 Robert W. Campbell Award to USG Corporation at this year's annual conference.

  • Chemical Safety Board Meeting This Week

    The board will discuss open investigations, the status of audits from the Office of the Inspector General, financial and organizational updates, and a review of the agency's action plan.

  • Oregon Student Safety Video Contest Entries Sought

    Participants are encouraged to develop a key message or slogan, use humor, and get creative while emphasizing ways to protect themselves and their co-workers from being hurt on the job.

  • HHS Pursuing Tests for Radiation Absorbed in Nuclear Emergencies

    ASPR's Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority will use authority granted under the Project BioShield Act of 2004 to support the tests' late-stage development and potentially purchase tests from one or more of the companies for the Strategic National Stockpile.

  • Joint Commission Launches Workplace Violence Resource Center

    "Many of us in health care have witnessed or experienced workplace violence firsthand," said Ann Scott Blouin, RN, Ph.D., FACHE, executive vice president of Customer Relations for the commission. "It is critical that we share key resources with those in the health care community to help them prepare for and address, as well as hopefully prevent, this type of unfortunate situation from taking place."


  • Using Safety Metrics to Improve Safety

    In today's information world, health safety and environmental professional are continually confronted with the challenge to gather, review, and act wisely based on various types of data. By using simple, easy to use, software to generate safety metrics safety professions can spend less time on collecting, gathering and performing data calculations and more time on using that data to improve safety performance.

  • Are Injuries Your Money Pit?

    In this presentation we will explore the challenges present when these three departments do not work in concert with one another. It is not unusual for "turf issues" to emerge over time, which ultimately erodes the effectiveness and success of each department and the expedient recovery of the injured employee.

  • Building a Business Continuity Plan for Your Workplace

    An essential part of your overall workplace emergency plan, business continuity planning is a process that supports managing the response to impacts on your business from potential risks.


  • Still trying to... Get The Lead Out

    The most critical steps toward lead hazard abatement are contaminant identification and removal. Researchers from CDC/NIOSH have developed two simple and reliable technologies to achieve these steps easily and without the need for extensive training.


  • You're Going Nowhere Fast

    Operation Dry Water is a year-round campaign to help boaters understand the dangers and risks of boating while under the influence. The mission of ODW is to reduce the number of alcohol-related accidents and fatalities through increased recreational boater awareness and by fostering a stronger and more visible deterrent to alcohol use on the water.

  • UL Tests Lithium-Ion Battery on Hoverboards

    Fires and explosions from the hoverboard primarily occurred from the lithium-ion batteries, so UL adopted a coordinated safety strategy and reviewed materials and components by looking at the product's electrical system as a whole. Electrical tests such as the overcharge and overdischarge tests assess the electrical system safety, this UL 2016 video explains. The Li-ion battery is relatively safe but, with the billions of batteries used around the world on a daily basis, it is inevitable that some failures will occur. UL's work is aimed at helping to reduce the number of those failures.

  • How Are Pipelines Constructed?

    Learn about the pipeline construction process and the maintenance of pipelines in this Kinder Morgan June 2016 animated video.

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