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  • ASTM Exoskeletons Standards Group Gets to Work

    The new committee on exoskeletons and exosuits, F48, held its first meeting this month and decided what the subcommittees and task groups will focus on. The need for technical standards has grown as use of exoskeletons grows in manufacturing, military, health care, and other applications.

  • SAIF Produces Kitchen Safety Videos

    New data from SAIF shows restaurant workers had an injury frequency twice as high as that of the services industry as a whole, and last year, the company received more than 2,700 injury claims from the restaurant industry.

  • Keep Lifts Between the Knees and Shoulders

    When lifting an object to above shoulder height, the core and stabilizer muscles become less efficient, so we change our body mechanics and the risk of shoulder injury increases dramatically.

  • NIOSH Taking Comments on Research Agenda for Service Industries

    The draft says suggested areas on which to focus research include same-level falls for food service workers; fatal injuries among installation, maintenance, and repair occupations; and motor vehicle injuries, falls, and struck by or against injuries among waste collection workers.

  • Minnesota OSHA FY2017 Safety Grants Topped $1M

    The agency's latest newsletter says MNOSHA Workplace Safety Consultation's Safety Grants during the fiscal year totaled $1,021,436 to 155 applicants.

  • Entries Due Soon in MSD Reduction Contest

    HSE and its partners want businesses to nominate design changes that have made a real impact -- changes that have been implemented in Great Britain during the 2017 calendar year and have demonstrably reduced MSD risks for workers.



  • Ergonomics Fact Sheet: Correcting Posture Problems

    Standing, sitting, and moving incorrectly all increase your risk of musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs)—injuries often associated with repetitive strain or damage to muscles, tendons, nerves and joints.


  • Introduction to Musculoskeletal Disorders

    Many dental hygienists work in pain or know others suffering from musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs), such as tendonitis, tennis elbow, and carpal tunnel syndrome. Dental hygienists and their employers can prevent MSDs by paying attention to ergonomics. This means taking simple and practical steps to design or arrange the workplace for safe and efficient work. This first video in a five-video series provides an introduction to work-related MSDs and how to prevent them. The video was produced by the Occupational Health Surveillance and Evaluation Program ( in the Occupational Health Branch of the California Department of Public Health. OHB partnered with the University of California, Berkeley, Ergonomics Program and the California Dental Hygienists' Association to create videos on ergonomics by and for dental hygienists.

  • Morehead City Velocity Pumper

    Tom Smits gives you a tour of the Pierce Velocity with a forward roof option at FDIC 2013.

  • 2013 NSC Congress & Expo -- Leading Safety Into the Future

    Register today at This September, more than 13,000 safety professionals from around the world will gather in Chicago to learn best practices, network, and compare safety solutions. Watch to see safety professionals tell you, in their own words, why they return to the the world's largest annual safety event, NSC Congress & Expo, year after year.