National Sleep Apnea Campaign Begins in Texas

Royal Philips has launched the "Save the Pillows" campaign to raise awareness of sleep apnea and of overall wellness.

"Save the Pillows" is a new campaign by Royal Philips that is intended to raise awareness of sleep apnea by featuring pillows' commentary on the trials of living with an undiagnosed sufferer. Started in Texas, the campaign uses humor to speak directly to at-risk patients and their bedmates and to make the aware of the consequences that may result without treatment.

"Representing the diverse audience of sleep apnea sufferers and their bedmates, the Save the Pillows campaign aims to broaden awareness about this disorder, as well as the importance of sleep health and overall wellness," said Dr. Teofilo Lee Chiong, M.D., chief medical liaison for Philips Home Healthcare Solutions. "With this campaign, we are encouraging everyone to be better informed about this serious health condition, take action to assess their risk, and get treatment when needed."

The campaign uses "spokespillows" to educate people on the warning signs of sleep apnea and to encourage them to take a quiz to assess their risk of sleep apnea. The quiz and other tools and information are posted at the campaign's main web site,, along with educational videos, social media channels to follow, fast facts about sleep apnea, and links to experts and organizations that information about sleep apnea.

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