ASSE Names Top 5 PDC Sessions for Safety 2009

With the June American Society of Safety Engineers' (ASSE) Professional Development Conference (PDC) and Exposition in San Antonio just around the corner, attendees are signing up quickly for sessions that provide the latest insights into enhancing safety efforts and business success in a global marketplace.

Of the 225 sessions being offered during the June 28-July 1, 2009, ASSE PDC, the top five registrants have already signed up for include:

  1. "Ten Characteristics that Distinguish Great Safety Organizations: What Leaders do to Make Them Real" will discuss a study of organizations that have achieved a level of greatness in safety, and what distinguishes them from others--and the leadership behaviors that create them.
  2. "Avoiding 12 Common Mistakes in Slip, Trip, and Fall Prevention" will cover some of the most common but often unrecognized mistakes made in slip, trip, miss-step, and fall prevention; discuss how to avoid making them; and provide guidance on broad-based prevention.
  3. "Complacency, the Silent Killer" will ask what kills and injures more people: lack of compliance or complacency? The popular belief in industry today is that legal occupational health and safety compliance is more important. But is it? Find out what really kills and injures more people during this session. Attendees will also discover the importance of rushing, frustration, and fatigue, and will hear proven techniques that more than 1,000,000 employees at 1,800 companies are using everyday to help their employees fight complacency.
  4. "A Safety Mindset for Effective Leaders" will cover how one can help corporate leadership take personal responsibility for their safety, discuss the tools available to help others embrace the mindset that safety must be a personal value, and help others work safely while acknowledging their own accountability for achieving results.
  5. "Core Leadership Skills for the Safety, Health and Environmental (SH&E) Professional" will review how it is crucial that the pure technical disciplines typically associated with the profession are complimented by a strong set of relevant leadership and business skills. Also, it will examine the traits and core attributes needed by the SH&E professional not only to provide clear direction within their area of influence but also to gain credibility and achieve alignment with the rest of the organization.

Other popular session topics include "The Four Cornerstones and 12 Attributes of Safety Excellence," "Techniques for Hazard Recognition for the Field Employee," "Engaging Employees for a Safety Accountability System that Eliminates Injuries," "Leading Measures for Improving Safety Performance," and "Risk Management and Safety: Do We Speak the Same Language?"

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