Indoor Air Quality

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  • Explosion Prevention & Protection Options for Dust Collection Systems

    In this free webinar we will discuss how to recognize dangerous combustible dust situations in manufacturing plants and processing facilities. This knowledge will help you to quickly observe an unsafe situation in your everyday work environments, recognize what you are seeing, evaluate whether you or your employees are in harm’s way, and decide what steps to take to make the environment safe.

  • It’s Time to Update Your Respiratory Protection Written Program

    In this the SECOND of three free installment of the IH Summit, we will discuss how it has never been so important to incorporate OSHA’s hierarchy of controls and add a risk-based breaking the chain of infection approach into the updating of our Respiratory Protection programs.

  • The Hidden Occupational Hazard: Poor Indoor Air Quality

    In this free webinar, attendees will learn: acceptable indoor air quality parameters, common sources of indoor air pollutants, signs of poor indoor air quality, and what to do when a complaint against indoor air quality is registered. This will all be accomplished in the context of reviewing actual interesting (and some surprising) case studies.


  • Galson Laboratory: Industrial Hygiene Lab

    An explanation of Galson Laboratory's services in the industrial hygiene industry. Galson is the world's largest air-only IH testing laboratory. The video, in which Lab Director Mary Unangst is shown, explains how the laboratory's continuous improvement strategy ensures high-quality results.