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  • IAFF Center of Excellence Wins Award

    The center operates from a 15-acre facility outside Washington D.C., and assists IAFF members who are struggling to cope with the stress and trauma that accumulates over the course of their career.

  • New Orleans Workforce Development Model Wins Approval

    Under the new model, NOLABA will be responsible for providing a single point of entry for business attraction, retention, and workforce development in New Orleans and also for establishing a "place-based economic development strategy" by promoting high-impact neighborhoods.

  • Manufacturing Day 2017 Celebrated Nationwide

    New research from McKinsey & Company, "Human + Machine: A new era of automation in manufacturing," examines new technologies such as robotics and artificial intelligence and finds they are opening a new era in automation for manufacturers in which humans and machines will increasingly work side by side.

  • Ford Adopts Holistic Approach to Employees' Well-Being

    The company on Sept. 27 announced the new approach, and it held a Wellbeing + Wanderlust @Ford event on Sept. 29 in Dearborn that the company said was intended to jump-start employees' interest in their overall health.

  • NY DOL Sets Public Hearings on Just-in-Time Scheduling

    "We can do better, bringing a higher degree of fairness to scheduling practices without penalizing businesses that are creating the important jobs that are growing our economy. Hearing from the public is an important step in striking that balance," New York Commissioner of Labor Roberta Reardon said.

  • Two Hearings This Week on Washington's Sick Leave Rules

    "We know paid sick leave is a big change for employers and workers," said Annette Taylor, deputy assistant director of L&I's Fraud Prevention & Labor Standards. "We're doing everything we can to make sure people know what the proposed rules are and have an opportunity to provide input before this significant change happens in January."




  • Felonies, Misdemeanors, and Hiring

    Many employers make hiring decisions regarding applicants with criminal convictions depending upon whether the offense was labeled by the state statute as a felony or misdemeanor. Some employers have policies, written and unwritten, that a person convicted of a misdemeanor is always eligible for employment while someone convicted of a felony is either automatically disqualified or requires further scrutiny before being considered. So how should an employer consider conviction records?


  • Meet Workit Health

    Welcome to Workit, a whole new way to kick addictive behaviors to the curb. Our innovative digital health program blends the best of behavioral science, technology, and human-centered design. Learn more at

  • Careers in Manufacturing – Production Leader

    Growing up working side-by-side with her dad solving problems and discovering how things worked sparked the love of #STEM and learning to apply the sciences for Lisa Callender, Production Leader at a Dow. Lisa wants others to know that STEM Careers are more than studying science and math in school. It’s about solving world problems; making products that help the world; and leaving work every day knowing you made a difference.

  • Safety Tip: Conflict De-escalation Tips

    Anticipating potential conflict is important, and there are many verbal and non-verbal cues to be mindful of as situations unfold. This Vivid Learning Systems video explains how to de-escalate conflict situations at work. According to OSHA, employees working alone, working late at night, or working in high-crime areas, are all more likely to be subjected to an act of violence. Share this free safety tip with workers to support your training program. Find more