Using Technology to Drive Greater Employee Engagement in Your Organizations’ Health & Wellbeing Program

Digital transformation of occupational health programs has been instrumental in helping businesses identify health risks more proactively, and deliver health services more efficiently.  Yet, despite these successes, a critical factor for better workforce health & wellness is often forgotten; employee engagement.

Any doctor will tell you: Technology can help better diagnoses and treat a patient.  But the first step is getting that patient to walk through the door.  Getting employees to engage in the organization’s health & wellness initiatives is a crucial step toward getting them on a path to positive, sustainable health.  And technology has a role to play in driving that engagement.

Please join us as we explore how technology is playing a critical role in shaping Arizona Public Service’s strategic vision for occupational health, and helping the state’s largest electrical utility further empower their workforce toward better wellbeing.

 In this session, we’ll discuss:

  • The key trends influencing organizational approaches to occupational health, and the opportunities they present
  • How Arizona Public Service developed a comprehensive and multifaceted occupational health strategy that reflects the needs of their diverse workforce  
  • How technology is opening new doors to further empowering individuals to actively participate and assume greater ownership of their personal health & wellbeing
  • Key learnings that organizations should consider when embarking on their own journey toward a technology-enabled, people-focused, health & wellbeing approach.

DATE: May 9, 2023
TIME: 2:00PM ET - 1:00PM CT - 11:00AM PT


Briditte Dufour

Brigitte Dufour
Regulatory Program Manager
Arizona Public Service
Brigitte Dufour has over 27 years of experience in Environmental Health and Safety.  She completed her undergraduate degree in Food Sciences at Laval University, in Quebec, Canada and completed her Master Degree in Public Health – Healthcare Administration with the University of Arizona in 2018. She joined Arizona Public Service in 2017 and oversees regulatory medical surveillance and compliance. Prior to joining APS, she was the Office Chief, Environmental Health for the Arizona Department of Health Services.

Angela Ott

Angela Ott
Occupational Health & Performance Manager
Arizona Public Service
Angela Ott serves as APS’ Occupational Health & Performance Manager, overseeing the organization’s overall occupational health & wellness strategic vision.  Angela has over 20 years in experience managing corporate-level EHS programs at leading global organizations in the construction, oil & gas, manufacturing and energy & utilities sectors.  She is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee.

Julianna Giordanella

Julianna Giordanella
Product Marketing Manager, Occupational Health
Julianna Giordanella is a Product Marketing Manager supporting Cority's Health Cloud. Julianna has focused her career in the occupational health and healthcare industries. She has experience working with innovative health tech software to improve the health & safety of both healthcare providers and patients. Julianna is passionate about helping advance the future of healthcare settings supported by innovative technology.

Duration: 1 Hour

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