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  • Australia Updating Chemical Exposure Standards

    Only 80 of more than 600 exposure standards Australia has used since adopting them from ACGIH standards in the 1980s have been updated since then.

    Safe Work Australia has asked stakeholders to submit comments by Dec. 18 about the existing standards for airborne exposures. Most were adopted from ACGIH standards in the 1980s and have never been updated.

  • Choosing the Best Confined Space Gas Detector

    In the past, successfully downloading datalogged information from the instrument to a computer sometimes required a high degree of operational expertise. Today the procedure is nearly automatic. (GfG Instrumentation photo)

    The "best" confined space gas detector doesn't come from any one manufacturer; it's the instrument that best fulfills the requirements for your confined space program.

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  • GasAlertMax XT II

  • Sensepoint XCD Gas Transmitter




  • Draeger Rental Robot

    This 2015 Draeger video case study, featuring the second-largest chemical company in the world, focuses on its use of the Rental Robot, an intuitive on-site solution that uses analytics to help safety managers maximize safety, productivity, and cost savings.

  • Philippines: Bringing Electricity Back after a Natural Disaster

    This GE Power & Water video posted in January 2014 shows how, in Bogo City, Philippines, electricity linemen have become heroes. Philippines electricity company DESCO President Sherwin Mendiola talks about the need for electricity to support recovery efforts after a natural disaster and to save lives.

  • City Technology 2013

    This video showcases the City Technology facility in Portsmouth, UK. City Technology is a global market leader in the manufacture and sale of innovative and reliable gas sensors for use in personal and fixed life safety systems.

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