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  • GasAlertMax XT II

    GasAlertMax XT II

    GasAlertMax XT II multi-gas detector now features IntelliFlash, the flashing LED compliance indicator that tells you at-a-glance your gas monitor is functioning correctly.

  • Sensepoint XCD Gas Transmitter

    Sensepoint XCD

    The Sensepoint XCD range provides comprehensive monitoring of flammable, toxic, and oxygen gas hazards in potentially explosive atmospheres, both indoors and outdoors. Make your chemical plant run more safely, efficiently, and profitably with this gas transmitter, which is easy to install, use, and maintain. It's from Honeywell Analytics, experts in gas detection.


  • Beyond the Vehicle - A Comprehensive Approach to Mobile Workforce Safety and Compliance

    In this free webinar, OH&S editor and publisher David Kopf will interview experts Scott Jackson, CEO of SafetyIQ, on the unique challenges of keeping your mobile, remote, and isolated workers safe. However, the majority of the session will be dedicated to answering YOUR questions.

  • Forklift Compliance: Inspection Requirements, Training, and FAQs

    Join this free webinar where experts address tough questions on forklift safety and compliance, covering OSHA standards, training requirements, inspections, operational issues, and more, with a live Q&A session included.

  • 3 Ways Visual AI Transforms Near-Miss Reporting

    In this free webinar, explore how integrating AI into near-miss reporting revolutionizes workplace safety management, enhancing accuracy, efficiency, and timeliness while transitioning from reactive to proactive strategies, ensuring safer, more compliant, and productive work environments.


  • What You Need to Know to Select the Right Vacuum Cleaner Filtration

    Discover how the right industrial vacuum cleaner can enhance safety, prevent hazardous exposures, ensure regulatory compliance, and maintain product integrity. Learn about crucial filtration systems to select the perfect vacuum for your needs.

  • Why Choose a PID Sensor

    Explore the advantages of PID technology for monitoring VOCs in occupational settings. This application note highlights their historical significance and practical applications, emphasizing benefits of compact, wearable PID sensors like those in Ventis Pro5 monitors.

  • Benchmarking Organizational Commitment to ESG

    Businesses today realize that transitioning to a fair, responsible, and sustainable economy is the biggest and most pressing need. This is especially true given the current global socio-economic and political scenario.

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