Polartec FR Fabric

Polartec FR Fabric

Polartec® is expanding its certified Flame Resistant workwear fabrics for greater performance versatility in a single material. Polartec® Wind Pro® FR fabric is now available with Dual Hazard protection from both flash fire NFPA 2112 and arc flash NFPA 70E certifications, with additional high-visibility color options of ANSI 107 bright yellow and CSA Z96 bright orange. Booth 1242


Product Spotlight

  • OLFA Disposable Concealed Blade Safety Knife

    OLFA Disposable Concealed Blade Safety Knife

    The OLFA Disposable Concealed Blade Safety Knife ensures safe cutting in a durable and convenient form. Designed for extreme safety, this knife offers a premium stainless-steel blade in a shielded channel. This ensures the blade only meets the intended materials. The open channel design minimizes resistance for a tool that cuts two times the leading competitor. The durable fiberglass-reinforced handle with non-slip grooves provides a comfortable and secure grip. An integrated tape splitter nose increases blade life. The symmetrical body allows for both right- and left-handed use. Additionally, this knife is NSF Certified making it easy to clean and sanitize. 3

  • Print Custom Safety, Lockout & Inspection Tags Onsite

    Print Custom Safety, Lockout & Inspection Tags Onsite

    Avery Industrial introduces durable safety, lockout and inspection tags that you can customize and print onsite. Use these tags to quickly address safety hazards, inspection needs, as well as for your energy control program. Available in 50lb and 100lb pull strength versions, these printable tags meet or exceed OSHA Tagout durability requirements. They are also waterproof and resistant to chemicals, tearing, abrasion and UV fading. Customize online with free Avery templates. Add text, images, logos and any custom content, then print using a standard laser printer. 3

  • Donaldson iCue™ Connected Filtration Monitoring

    Donaldson iCue™ Connected Filtration Monitoring

    Donaldson's iCue™ Connected Filtration Monitoring technology is designed to remotely monitor a facility’s dust, fume, and mist collection equipment and provide operational insights. When connected to your facility’s dust collection system, the iCue service, can track three sets of operational data relevant to EHS professionals including differential pressure (dP), particulate trend monitoring, and relative airflow. The iCue connected filtration service monitors all three conditions and provides real-time data for accurate compliance reporting. 3