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New Pig Corp.

Floor Mat

Floor Mat

Eliminate Slips, Trips and Falls With Grippy Floor Mat by New Pig: Grippy® Mat, the world’s FIRST adhesive-backed mat, sticks to the floor and stays exactly where you put it for up to three months. Just roll it out to keep floors dry and safe — Grippy Mat stays flat and won’t bunch up or flip over, eliminating slip and trip risks. Available in three colors and a variety of sizes.
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    New Pig Corp.

    Floor Mat

    Floor Mat

    PIG Grippy Floor Mat from New Pig stays exactly where you put it with no shifting — and no ripply edges or flipped corners to trip you up. Absorbent top wicks and spreads moisture evenly to keep your floor from becoming wet and slippery. Simple, cut-to-fit installation. Easy to clean: Sweep, vacuum or scrub — it won’t budge! Learn more at or see it in action at Booth #740. Booth 740

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      New Pig Corp.

      No-Slip Mat

      No-Slip Mat

      Reduce slip, trip and fall claims up to 90% and keep floors dry and safe with the only commercial floor mat that lays flat, and stays flat. The No-Trip Commercial Floor Mat from New PIG The Mat's full coverage adhesive backing adheres to most floor types - no shifting, flipping or rippling - and peels up easily for quick change-outs. Booth 3549

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        Winter Walking

        ICEGRIPSRotor Winter Walking

        Snow Walking Device

        ICEGRIPS®-Rotor from Winter Walking is a uniquely versatile ice and snow walking device that allows workers to move safely from indoor surfaces to outdoor surfaces without putting on and taking off their traction gear. Rotor is closed with spikes facing inwards for indoor conditions. It twists from closed to open with spikes facing outward for ice and snow conditions.

          New Pig Corp.

          New Pig recently introduced the PIG Quick Deploy Leak Diverter Kit for quick response to roof and pipe leaks.

          PIG® Quick Deploy Leak Diverter Kit

          New Pig recently introduced the PIG® Quick Deploy Leak Diverter Kit for quick response to roof and pipe leaks before they damage inventory, machinery, or create slip hazards. Complete with a discharge hose and fittings, the Quick Deploy Leak Diverter can be deployed by simply hooking the handle over a pipe or ceiling truss. Pinched corners help funnel liquid toward the center of the Diverter for better drainage, and the included PVC drain hose channels captured liquid to a collection container, drain, or other containment device.

            Justrite Mfg. Co. LLC


            The new EcoPolyBlend™ Spill Pallets™ from Justrite Mfg. Co. is designed to keep spills under control and avoid slip accidents. Made of 100-percent recycled polyethylene, the pallet protects against groundwater contamination and uses 100-percent, post-industrial recycled material that might otherwise have been discarded into the waste stream.

              Checkers Industrial Safety Products Inc.

              Cable Protector

              Checkers Industrial Safety Products Inc.'s GUARD DOG® Heavy Duty Cable Protector protects electrical cables and hoses from damage and provides a method of safe crossing for vehicle and pedestrian traffic. Its hinged lid allows for easy access and can fit multiple cable and hose sizes.


                Oxford Work Show

                Wolverine®'s Glide Steel-Toe EH Lace-to-Toe Oxford is a skater-sneaker-inspired work shoe that features performance leather, a suede upper, and a removable full-cushion footbed. Made with a slip-resistant rubber outsole and wave mesh for breathability, the shoe is available in Gunsmoke, Black, and Taupe, and as a slip-on with win-gore construction.

                  Andax Industries LLC

                  Slip & Fall Prevention

                  Andax Industries LLC's YakTrax® are made for anyone who faces winter elements. Stretchy and easy to don and doff, its outer band conforms to the length and width of nearly all types of shoes and boots, and its hand-wound, abrasion-resistant coils give 360 degrees of traction on ice and snow.

                    Capital Safety

                    Fall Protection Guide

                    Capital Safety's latest publication, Fall Protection for the Wind Energy Industry, is designed to serve as a reference tool for fall protection and rescue specialists who must deal with the challenges the wind energy industry presents. The guide addresses fall protection, solutions for wind turbine construction and maintenance, and more.