Confined Spaces

Nextteq LLC.

Gastec Detector Tube System for Confined Space Testing

Gastec Detector Tube System for Confined Space Testing

Gastec pumps and detector tubes precisely measure gases and vapors in over 600 applications, making it an invaluable tool for testing toxic atmospheres in permit-required confined spaces. Sampling of confined space atmospheres may require the use of additional Gastec accessories, such as the Telescoping Extension Pole or an Extension Hose.

    Draeger Safety Inc.

    X-zone confined space area monitoring

    X-zone confined space area monitoring

    X-zone provides continuous monitoring of confined spaces from a distance of up to 45 m (150 ft.). Zone 0 approval enables continuous operation of the device in an explosive atmosphere and environment.

      Industrial Scientific Corp.

      Industrial Scientific iNetDS

      iNet DS Docking Station

      The iNet DS simplifies the use of docking stations with its plug-and-play functionality. It requires no software or computer hardware installation at the customer site, and connects directly to the Internet via an Ethernet interface. The docking station performs automatic maintenance tasks at user-defined intervals. For on-the-go end users, it can be used from a vehicle using a standard truck charger.

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        Streamlight Inc.

        Industrial flashlight


        The PolyTac® LED HP from Streamlight® Inc. is built for a wide variety of industrial and utility uses. The unit features 150 lumens of measured system output; 15,000-candela peak beam intensity; C4® power LED technology; a deep-dish parabolic reflector; and a polycarbonate lens with a scratch-resistant coating.

          Allegro Industries



          Allegro Industries' Manhole Ventilation Passthru is designed to maintain and redirect airflow into manholes, sewers, and tanks. The 11-pound, high-impact polyethylene unit features an air vent, a 90-degree elbow, a built-in mounting, and a collapsible duct that can withstand temperatures up to 180 degrees Fahrenheit.

            General Monitors

            Combustible Gas Detector

            With its advanced point infrared combustible gas sensing element, the new IR400 Combustible Gas Detector from General Monitors is designed to deliver reliable protection against explosive hydrocarbon gases. Its low-power design installs in minutes, heated optics eliminate condensation, and a dirty optics indicator provides for fail-safe operation.


              Multi-Gas Detector

              MSA debuts its new Altair® 5 Multigas Detector with MotionAlert™ and InstantAlert™ features. When enabled, MotionAlert activates a "man down" alarm if no motion is detected for 30 seconds. The InstantAlert feature allows users manually to activate an alarm to alert those nearby to potentially dangerous situations.

                BW Technologies by Honeywell

                Combustible Gas Detector

                The GasAlertMax XT multi-detector for H2S, CO, O2, and combustible gases from BW Technologies by Honeywell is designed to simplify remote sampling in confined spaces with its non-intrusive, integrated sampling pump and SmartSample diaphragm pump technology. With true one-button technology and flexible user options, the device provides ease-of-use compliance to industry standards.

                  GfG Instrumentation Inc.

                  Multi-Gas Detector

                  GfG Instrumentation Inc.'s intrinsically safe G460 is a rugged, compact instrument designed for simultaneous detection of up to six gases. Installed sensor options include infrared (NDIR) for CO2 and PID for VOC measurements. The detector offers completely automatic calibration, one-button operation, top-mounted display, and interchangeable battery packs.


                    Confined Space Rescue

                    SafeWaze, an Aearo Technologies brand, unveils its newest rescue and retrieval system, the SafeWaze Kinetic Confined Space Rescue System. Lightweight, modular, and expandable, the system is designed to simplify transport and setup for quick rescue response. Its universal davit arm fits a range of bases to meet specific needs.