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New Pig Corp.

Absorbent Mat

New Pig Corp.'s FAT MAT™ Super-Absorbent Mat is designed for special applications that require mats to last longer and absorb more. Sixteen layers of thermally bonded polypropylene enable the mat to absorb up to 56 ounces of oils, coolants, solvents, and water per 20- by 16-inch pad.

    Safe and Secure Channel

    Preventing Construction Falls Video

    Learn about personal protective equipment and best practices to keep construction workers safe. Find out about improvements in PPE equipment in the last few years to guard against falls, which continue to be a leading cause of workplace fatalities. Gain more knowledge about what can you do to prevent them.

    Watch this informative program including an interview with Shelly Mihalic of Sperian Fall Protection, Inc. and Jerry Laws, Editor of OH&S.



      Footstarworks' new Safetrax® work boot, style #65502, is designed for increased comfort and reduced slip and fall accidents. It has leather uppers, oil- and slip-resistant outsoles, and a five-piece orthotic insole. A wide selection of leather, slip-resistant footwear styles for men and women are available at Kmart stores nationwide. Booth 2137.

        New Pig Corp.


        New Pig Corp.'s new The PIG® Bend n' Shape™ Mat is designed to protect against potential slip and fall hazards. The moldable, absorbent mat conforms to any shape to control condensation, leaks, and drips. Its non-permeable, heavy-duty foil backing creates a form-fitting leak barrier for odd shapes and difficult places such as pipes, gearboxes, ductwork, hoses, and HVAC units.



          DBI/SALA's new Tension Limiter is designed to limit forces exerted on a worker tangled in winch lines or surrounding structural elements and warns the winch operator should this situation arise. The device connects in-line between the person being raised and the winch line to prevent serious injury.

            FrenchCreek Production Inc.


            FrenchCreek Production's U-RES-Q is designed to alleviate suspension trauma in the event of a fall and also to allow a capable worker to climb back to the anchor point. When used in conjunction with a full body harness and fall prevention/rescue program, the product can be utilized in-line with any standard shock-absorbing lanyard and anchor.