First Aid

Allegro Industries

defibrillator cases

Defibrillator Cases

Allegro Industries introduces the Plastic Defibrillator Wall Case, which is made of corrosion resistant ABS plastic with high visibility graphics and comes with three optional slide-in shelves. Two additional plastic models are available with fully sealed, waterproof strobe and audio alarm and with decimal alarm only. The metal cases are constructed with corrosion-resistant steel and feature a door-front window and latch handle. Available in a large or small size, the metal cases are equipped with a battery operated audio alarm and a waterproof strobe feature is available on the small model.

    Vital Connect

    Healthcare Industry Biosensor

    Healthcare Industry Biosensor

    Vital Connect introduces its first biosensor product, the HealthPatch MD biosensor. The HealthPatch MD is the first solution of its kind capable of capturing clinical-grade biometric measurements in a continuous, configurable and non-obtrusive manner using a small yet powerful patch worn on the chest. Encapsulated within the HealthPatch MD are cutting-edge sensor and chip technologies which combined with Vital Connect’s proprietary algorithms, enable the device to provide clinical-grade measurements of eight core health metrics: single lead ECG, heart rate, heart rate variability, respiratory rate, skin temperature, posture, steps and fall detection/severity.

      EMS Safety Services Inc.

      First Aid

      EMS Safety Services Inc. has been providing CPR, First Aid, and AED Certification Programs for more than 15 years. Its goal is to earn customers' confidence in the quality of its safety training and first aid products and become their one-stop resource for emergency response training, disaster preparedness, and CPR and first aid supplies.

        ZOLL Medical Corp.

        Rescue AED

        ZOLL Medical Corp.'s ZOLL AED Plus® is a full-rescue AED with Real CPR Help® for rate and depth of chest compressions during CPR. The AED guides rescuers through the complete "Chain of Survival," helping all sudden cardiac arrest victims, not just those who need a shock.

          ARC Products

          Patient Transport

          ARC Products' Med Sled uses a "roll and drag" method that is designed to eliminate heavy lifting while transporting patients down a stairwell. The product is made from a rigid plastic that ensures stabilization and limits flexing when moving a patient. Its braking system allows for safe and controlled descents.

            LifeScience PLUS


            Wound Control

            When applied to a wound, LifeScience PLUS' BloodSTOP is designed to react with blood and turn into a gel that adheres to the skin's surface while expanding and creating light pressure to seal the wound and control bleeding rapidly. The material uses oxidized and etherized cellulose.

              Safe and Secure Channel

              Emergency Medical Care Video

              Be prepared for medical emergencies. Learn about new guidelines on when to use hands-only CPR versus traditional CPR. Find about the benefits of having an AED program at your workplace.

              Watch this informative program including an interview with Karen Orso of American Heart Association and Jerry Laws, Editor of OH&S.

                Water-Jel Technologies

                Burn Stations

                Water-Jel Technologies debuts two new wall-mounted Burn Stations that are specially designed to deal with burns that occur in the workplace. The stations offer a wide range of treatment products and can be mounted anywhere burn accidents are most likely to occur. Their protective dust covers guard against contaminants.

                  3M Health Care

                  Antiseptic Hand Foam

                  3M Health Care's new Avagard Foam Instant Hand Antiseptic with moisturizers is a quick drying, non-aerosol product that is designed to fast and effectively kill bacteria. The foam contains a balanced blend of five different emollients that moisturize and condition the hands as it disinfects.

                    Dry Corp.

                    Catheter Protection

                    Dry Corp.'s Dry Pro™ waterproof PICC (Peripherally Inserted Central Catheter) protector is a latex-free sleeve that is open on both ends to keep users' hands free for use. It fits over PICC lines and IV lines with a vacuum seal that offers complete waterproof protection.