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NEW S7™ Safety Cutter

Breakthrough to Safety

Universal Fit, Function, and Efficiency

Prevent razor blade cuts with the S7™ Safety Cutter. The rugged, cast metal safety guard and safety point blade extend and spring back simultaneously. This universal right & left handed cutter switches from right to left handed use as easily as changing blades. Also features an integrated tape splitter and shrink wrap cutter.

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    Pacific Handy Cutter Inc.

    Pacific Handy Cutters S5 Safety Cutter

    NEW S5 Safety Cutter

    3 Tools-In-1: Box Cutter-Tape Splitter-Film Cutter

    Make the Cut™ From Warehouse to the Shelf. Superior cutting tool with many safety features: Blunt safety tip blade prevents puncture wounds and damaged merchandise; Tape splitter cuts tape without using blade; and New integrated film cutter, with changeable film cutter unit, improves worker productivity and efficiency.

      Safety Knife

      The Patent Pending Lamana (lam-an-a) safety knife is a 100-percent user-safe cutting tool for flat stock materials: cardboard, paper board, corrugates. plastics, films, etc. This industrial tool replaces open bladed knives without introducing awkward and annoying blade retraction mechanisms.The rigid, ergonomic handle gives positive, powerful control while cutting.


        Garvey Products

        Disposable Cutter

        Garvey Products' Klever Kutter is a new disposable safety cutting tool that is ideally suited for warehouse, retail, or office use. Designedto replace traditional box cutters, the tool's recessed blade helps to prevent injuries that can result in lost time or lawsuits and can be used to open packaging or cut boxes without damaging contents. For more information, click here.

          Pacific Handy Cutter Inc.

          Blade Dispenser

          Blade Dispenser

          The Pacific Handy Cutter Blade Dispensers are now paired with the PHC Blade Bank (used blade disposal container).  Mounts easily to any workplace surface and safely stores used blades. The blade dispenser reduces worker injury by safely dispensing one blade at a time with its revolutionary dispensing lever.  Dispenser slides easily and securely on to the Blade Bank. Booth 1311

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            Pacific Handy Cutter Inc.


            PACIFIC HANDY CUTTER’S EZ4™ features a safety guard and a spring-back blade.  Lightweight ergonomic handle; ambidextrous 3 button design for right and left handed users; no tools needed for blade change; built in tape splitter; uses Safety Point Blades; Safety Holster and Lanyard also available. Booth 2016


              American Safety Razor Co.


              The American® Line Pro SmartEdge Folding Utility Knife from the American Safety Razor Co. has a patented design that extends and retracts its blade when opening and closing, thereby reducing the risk of injury. Additional features include a quick-change release button for fast and safe blade changes and a cut-away aluminum handle.

                OLFA Corp.

                Safety Cutter

                OLFA North America has added a fifth model to its expanded safety knife collection, the OLFA® SK-9 Self-Retracting Safety Knife with Tape Slitter. The cutter is designed to minimize injuries in the workplace with its unique, self-retracting mechanism and handy tape slitter at the opposite end of the handle for added functionality.


                  CSST Cutter

                  RIDGID®'s new Model 151-CSST cutter is designed for making clean, smooth cuts to corrugated, stainless-steel gas tubing (CSST). The cutter features floating nylon guide wheels that run on the corrugations of the track while cutting the flexible gas tubing. A quick-acting mechanism allows the cutter to rapidly adjust from 3/8- to 1-inch diameter CSST.

                    Pacific Handy Cutter Inc.

                    Disposable Cutter

                    Part of Pacific Handy Cutter's "Safety First System" product line, the NSF®-certified RSC-432 RAZE® disposable safety cutter features an advanced spring-back guard and a front three-button design that reduces repetitive motion injuries caused by thumb travel, allowing users to turn the cutter, not their wrists, for top or side cuts.

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