Cutters and Safety Knives

OLFA Corp.


OLFA's new compact, self-retracting safety knife (SK-7) and automatic, self-retracting safety knife (SK-8) are engineered with specially designed dual-edge, spring-loaded blades that are made from high-quality carbon steel for maximum performance and durability. Both blades retract instantly with the release of the blade slider or after the cutting is completed. Booth 2034.

    Safety Knife

    The Patent Pending Lamana (lam-an-a) safety knife is a 100-percent user-safe cutting tool for flat stock materials: cardboard, paper board, corrugates. plastics, films, etc. This industrial tool replaces open bladed knives without introducing awkward and annoying blade retraction mechanisms.The rigid, ergonomic handle gives positive, powerful control while cutting.


      Martor® USA


      Martor's Megasafe, the latest addition to its SafetyKnife™ line, has a 0.63 mm-thick blade that is designed for use with any type of material. The ergonomically styled, heavy-duty aluminum cutter features an ambidextrous design and Martor Safety Technology (MST)--which contains a spring-loaded blade that retracts the moment its edge loses contact, even when users hold onto the blade push.

        Garvey Products

        Disposable Cutter

        Garvey Products' Klever Kutter is a new disposable safety cutting tool that is ideally suited for warehouse, retail, or office use. Designedto replace traditional box cutters, the tool's recessed blade helps to prevent injuries that can result in lost time or lawsuits and can be used to open packaging or cut boxes without damaging contents. For more information, click here.

          The Safety Knife Co. LLC.

          SAFETY KNIFE

          The Safety Knife Company's safety knives can be used in all industries and are designed to protect users' fingers against lacerations while safety cutting through cardboard, tape, strapping, shrink or plastic wrap, and a variety of other packing materials. Additionally, the cutters' non-exposed blades can cut deep only on cardboard, which prevents damage to products.