Arm and Hand Protection

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Glove Guard LP


The Glove Guard®, Utility Guard™, and Handi Klip™ lines from Glove Guard LP are now offered in a version that is molded entirely out of a metal-detectable plastic designed specifically for use in the food processing industry, safely keeping workers' gloves close at hand.

    Glove Guard LP

    Hi-Vis Glove Clips

    Hi-Vis Glove Clips

    Glove Guard has added new, high-visibility colors to the Glove Guard® and Utility Guard™ product lines. The clips' sleek design still lies close to the body so as not to interfere with job activities and still features a patented break-away center. By keeping gloves close at hand, the devices help to reduce glove loss and the possibility of a resulting hand injury.

      OLFA Corp.

      Disposable Concealed Blade Safety Knife

      Disposable Concealed Blade Safety Knife

      The OLFA SK-15/10 Disposable Concealed Blade Safety Knife ensures added safety in a durable and convenient cutter. The knife is NSF Certified for use in food handling and easy to sanitize in any environment. The blade is flanked by sturdy plastic guards that shield the blade, so it only meets the materials intended to be cut. The open channel design requires 25% less pulling force per cut compared to competitors. This knife glides through cardboard, shrink wrap, and other packaging materials with ease.

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        GOJO Industries Inc.


        Pumic Hand Cleaner

        The GOJO ECOPREFERRED pumice hand cleaner from GOJO is the first green certified product in the company’s Tough Soils lineup. The pumice hand cleaner quickly and effectively cleans medium to heavy soils and conditions hardworking hands. Developed for those who work in oil, grease and other medium to heavy soils, GOJO ECOPREFERRED Pumice Hand Cleaner delivers cleaning performance and environmental credibility by achieving UL’s ECOLOGO Certification. GOJO ECOPREFERRED Pumice Hand Cleaner is also a USDA Certified Biobased product with an 85% biobased formulation. 

          MCR Safety


          MCR Safety Inc.'s Professional Grade ForceFlex ZB100 glove features Zoombang® technology designed to increase comfort while providing protection from impact and vibration. The Zoombang polymer is soft and fluid-like to the touch. Upon impact, it stiffens into a solid state for maximum protection. After impact, the polymer returns to its original state.

            Kimberly-Clark Professional

            Cut Resistant Glove

            Kimberly-Clark Professional has added the KleenGuard G60 cut-resistant glove to its glove line. Featuring a blend of Dyneema® and glass to provide protection without compromising comfort, the seamless-knit glove can be used as an underglove and is ideal for paper-making, glass-cutting, and metal-stamping industries.

              Best Glove Inc.

              Hi-Vis Glove

              Best Glove Inc.'s new Skinny Dip® Select HV 3871 palm-dipped, natural-rubber-coated glove is designed to combine dexterity and versatility with high visibility. The glove resists abrasions and punctures while providing excellent grip in wet or dry conditions, and its hi-vis cotton liner allows the hand to breathe while ensuring visibility.

                Best Glove Inc.

                Snug-Fitting Glove

                Best Glove's snug-fitting Answer® styles are designed to combine the look and feel of leather with the durability; flexibility; and cut, puncture, and abrasion resistance of a nitrile-laminated cotton-poly fabric. The Answer 2735 and Answer Plus P2735 glove styles are available in sizes XS-XL and are slip-on, talc-free.

                  North Safety Products

                  ARM PROTECTION

                  North Safety Products' new cut level 5, EN388-tested Dyneema® sleeve is form-fitting, tear resistant, and designed to stay out of the way and reduce snag hazards. The sleeve's finely knit blend is not bulky, vents heat to remain cool to the touch, is launderable, and can be dry-cleaned. The gray color hides dirt.