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Avery Products Corporation

GHS Labels and Software

GHS Labels and Software

Ensure your labels for chemical containers are compliant with the GHS, to avoid OSHA fines and for worker safety.  With Avery, there is no need to purchase expensive proprietary labeling software and printer systems to create chemical & safety labels in-house. With Avery UltraDuty Labels and FREE GHS Wizard Software, you can print durable GHS and safety labels on-demand using your existing desktop laser or pigment-based inkjet printer. Booth 1216

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    NeuraLabel Printing Solutions

    Signage & Identification

    Signage & Identification

    The NeuraLabel 300X from NeuraLabel Printing Solutions is a high-speed, high resolution printer for on-demand GHS and BS5609 compliant, full-color label printing. Built on advanced HP PageWide technology, the NeuraLabel 300x is capable of print speeds up to 20 inches per second (more than 100 letter-size labels per minute). With print resolution up to 2400 x 1200 dpi, colors are more vibrant and images are sharper on finished labels.

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      Master Lock Co.

      Confined Space Covers

      Confined Space Covers

      Improve safety and security of confined spaces with Master Lock. Prevent the hazards of confined spaces with Master Lock’s Confined Space Covers. Combining clear signage and secure barrier protection, this best practice solution prevents unauthorized entry and guards against weather and debris. The covers provide OSHA required warnings, halt unauthorized entry, are easy to use, ultra-durable, and guard against weather and debris. Booth 1539

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        PIP’s E-Flare™ Safety & Emergency Beacon

        PIP’s E-Flare™ Safety & Emergency Beacon

        PIP’s E-Flare™ Safety & Emergency Beacon for Safety Triangle maximizes safety of the road triangle. Its flashing red LED beacon is visible for over ∏ mile at night while running in a single “AA” battery for up to 25 hours. It easily mounts inside most road triangles.

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          K-Sun Corp.


          Labeling Solution

          The K-Sun PEARLabel 400iXL General Labeling Solution pairs the new PEARLabel 400iXL Energy-Star certified, wide-format thermal transfer printer with powerful new PC software for industrial and safety labeling, wide heat shrink tube markers, custom and compliant pipe markers, tags and more. The 400iXL General Labeling Solution is designed for hazard communication, safety, 5S/Lean, GHS, manufacturing, warehouse and facility professionals—anyone who needs to make compliant communication in-house and on demand, at a significant cost savings over ordering signs and labels from outside vendors. The K-Sun PEARLabel 400iXL printer can print one-, two- and four-inch wide all-weather labels and pipe markers up to 90” long plus die-cut label formats. 

            Brady Corp.

            brady corp

            Anodized Aluminum Tags

            Made of photosensitive anodized aluminum, Brady’s MetalPhoto anodized aluminum tags are designed to work with asset tracking systems and remain readable in extreme environments. MetalPhoto labels and tags have high-resolution, high-contrast graphics made of metallic particles that are sealed with an anodic layer. This protection, combined with the rigid aluminum base, ensures that the labels have exceptional resistance to abrasion, intense temperatures up to 650ºF, UV exposure, chemicals and solvents. The protected image is more precise and permanent compared to engraved or printed labels. They are available in rigid tag form or backed with pressure sensitive adhesive.


              Brady Corp.

              washdown resistant labels

              Washdown Resistant Labels

              Brady has introduced the pre-printed ToughWash equipment labels and signs. The durable product line was designed to provide safety, lean and instructional messages as needed in food and beverage processing facilities while withstanding frequent washdown and sanitation processes. The labels and signs adhere to stainless steel surfaces and are engineered to withstand harsh temperatures, pressures, caustic materials and abrasive scrubbing.


                Brady Corp.

                Brady Corporation

                'Edit This Sign' Tool

                Brady Worldwide's "Edit This Sign" functionality is now available at With the recent addition of more than 13,000 stock signs to its offering, the "Edit This Sign" feature allows users to quickly edit text and sign headers on stock signs at no additional cost. Brady has added the "Edit This Sign" functionality to more than 500 of its top-selling stock signs, with more than 200 unique legends for customers to choose from. Once users click on the "Edit This Sign" button, they are routed to Brady's Safety Sign Custom Design Tool, where the stock sign is automatically pre-loaded with attributes.


                  Quaker Chemical Corp.

                  FLOOR COATING

                  RapidShield™ is a high-performance, UV-instant-cure coating designed to protect and maintain concrete floors developed by Quaker Chemical Corp. Its instant cure eliminates both downtime and the need for customers to reroute traffic. The product can be conveniently used to create stop signs, directional arrows, and other signage to suit any needs.

                    Accuform Signs

                    SAFETY SCOREBOARD

                    The Changeable Face Digi-Day Scoreboard from Accuform Signs comes available with personalized, changeable faces that allow users to keep their scoreboard fresh and up-to-date. For example, companies can choose to display their commitment to a safe workplace by featuring employees and their families with testimonials about working safely.

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