Personal Protection Equipment

Allegro Industries


Allegro's Disposable Half-Mask Hood is designed to fit most APR and SAR half- or full-mask respirators. Offering added protection to the head, face, and neck from dust, paint, or chemicals, the hood is available in coated or uncoated polypropylene and protects respirator skirts from harsh elements, minimizing maintenance and extending the life of all masks.

    Moldex-Metric Inc.


    Moldex has joined more than 150 major corporations that have stopped using PVC plastic in their products and/or packaging. Its latest lines of hearing and respiratory protection products are now completely PVC-free. No change in price, comfort, or quality has been made, the company says.

      Allegro Industries


      Allegro Industries' new Deluxe Full Mask Storage Bag has a durable polyester outer shell and fleece interior that is designed to protect the mask from scratches. A breathable PVC mesh covering, drawstring closure, and carry strap allow for easy transport. Additional features include inside and outside zippered pockets for accessory storage, a hook to hang the bag when stored, and more.

        Elvex Corp.


        Elvex has designed three different versions of its visor bracket. All are designed to fit most hard hats, including those with short or sloping brims. Three different "blade" options are available, and four models of cap-mount ear muffs offer NRRs ranging from 24 to 28 dB.

          Biomarine Inc.


          The NIOSH-certified Biomarine BioPak 240 Revolution four-hour rebreather features disposable solid CO2 scrubbers and externally accessible coolant canisters that eliminate the need to open the housing or break into the breathing loop. Its ergonomic, slim-profile design is body-contoured for maximum comfort and ease, allowing for use under protective gear without restricting movement.

            ERB Industries Inc.


            ERB Industries' new Liberty™ Mega Ratchet® safety helmet is designed to provide an economical alternative for head protection that is safe and durable. Molded from lightweight, high-density polyethylene, the hat features a short peak and trim profile, a functional rain trough, and accessory slots that can accommodate a wide variety of eye, face, and hearing products.

              M.L. Kishigo Corp.

              HI-VIS VESTS

              M.L. Kishigo's 1166 and 1167 4-Season Ultra-Cool™ Mesh Vests feature adjustable side closures that allow workers to wear them over a T-shirt in the warm months or over bulky winter outerwear when the weather cools, thus allowing for multiple sizing and reducing orders for specific sizes. The ANSI Class 2-compliant vests feature two 1-inch-wide silver reflective strips. Booth 1867.

                Oberon Co.

                PPE LINE

                Oberon's PPE line of coats, bib-overalls, coveralls, daily wear, hoods, faceshields, insulated gloves, and other gear exceeds ASTM F1506-02a, NFPA 70E, and OSHA standards. The ARC series arc flash suits are made of inherently FR materials and protect from 4 cal/cm2 to 140 cal/cm2. The CAT series arc flash suits are made of FR-treated cotton and protect from 8.5 cal/cm2 to 41 cal/cm2. Booth 1956.

                  Elvex Corp.

                  HEARING, FACE PPE

                  To make its hearing and face protection products compatible with almost every make of safety helmet, Elvex now offers three different versions of its visor bracket (visor carrier) with three different "blades"; more than 20 different faceshield models in different sizes and materials; and four models of cap-mount ear muffs.

                    TASCO Corp.

                    TRIPLE-FLANGE PLUGS

                    TASCO's three sided Tri-Grip ear plug has a unique, natural feel that is engineered to provide positive grip for superior insertion and fit. The one-size-fits-all plug's "half sphere," triple-flange design picks up all contours of the inner ear and produces a comfortable, low-pressure fit. The device is available with or without a cord and as fully metal detectable.