Fall Protection

G-Raff Systems

Tank Truck Loading

The INSTA-RACK from G-Raff Systems, a division of Benko Products Inc., is designed for safe access to the tops of railroad tank cars, hopper cars, and tank trucks. The unit features a single pedestal platform with access stairway and access equipment for easy installation and an overall low cost.

    Andax Industries LLC

    Slip & Fall Prevention

    Andax Industries LLC's YakTrax® are made for anyone who faces winter elements. Stretchy and easy to don and doff, its outer band conforms to the length and width of nearly all types of shoes and boots, and its hand-wound, abrasion-resistant coils give 360 degrees of traction on ice and snow.


      Personal Lifeline

      MSA's Workman Personal Fall Limiter (PFL) combines a high-quality design with a constant lock-up rate. Additional features include a standard 400-pound maximum working capacity and assemble-to-order (ATO) flexibility with line length options from six to 12 feet. An optional field-replaceable lifeline will eliminate downtime and reduce cost of ownership.

        JLG Industries Inc.

        Portable Platforms

        JLG Industries Inc.'s LiftPod is a portable aerial work platform designed to replace a ladder. Powered with a common 18-volt drill or optional power pack, the platform provides a 14-foot working height and allows users to work in a 360-degree range of motion. An attached work tray holds tools and materials.

          Capital Safety

          Fall Protection Guide

          Capital Safety's latest publication, Fall Protection for the Wind Energy Industry, is designed to serve as a reference tool for fall protection and rescue specialists who must deal with the challenges the wind energy industry presents. The guide addresses fall protection, solutions for wind turbine construction and maintenance, and more.

            Gravitec Systems Inc.

            Wind Turbine Rescue

            The new G4 Wind Rescue System from Gravitec Systems Inc. is designed to address the wind energy industry's need for a user-friendly, high-angle rescue system that can be employed from at-height locations on turbines. The system can be quickly configured to facilitate one- or two-person rescues using overhead anchorages.

              Miller Fall Protection

              Cable Climbing Kits

              The new Miller Vi-Go Vertical Cable Climbing System Kits from Miller Fall Protection are designed to provide continuous fall protection with easy-to-install components. Ladder applications include telecommunication towers, wind power, tanks, silos, drilling rigs, electrical transmission towers, and general industry. The system allows for up to four simultaneous users.


                Horizontal Lifeline

                DBI-SALA, a Capital Safety brand, announces the new evolution™ 200 Horizontal Lifeline System, a fall protection device that is designed for outdoor applications requiring horizontal mobility, such as railcar and tanker inspection. The system provides up to 200 feet of hands-free mobility, allowing for freedom of movement and increased productivity.


                  Fall Protection Kits

                  Both the Workman Fall Protection Kit with PointGuard Anchorage Connector Strap and Workman Aerial Kit from MSA are designed specifically for the construction industry. The kits include a Workman Harness, a Workman Shock-Absorbing Lanyard, and a Carrying Bag. The aerial kit's carrying bag can be attached to an aerial lift.

                    Safe and Secure Channel

                    Preventing Construction Falls Video

                    Learn about personal protective equipment and best practices to keep construction workers safe. Find out about improvements in PPE equipment in the last few years to guard against falls, which continue to be a leading cause of workplace fatalities. Gain more knowledge about what can you do to prevent them.

                    Watch this informative program including an interview with Shelly Mihalic of Sperian Fall Protection, Inc. and Jerry Laws, Editor of OH&S.