Oct 19 - 20

The International Society for Fall Protection has selected expert leaders in fall protection to present at the organization's 2011 Symposium, which is being held in conjunction with the A+A Safety Expo in Dusseldorf, Germany. Admittance to the ISFP Symposium will be permitted for anyone who registers for the A+A event.

The Opening Keynote, "Working in a Harness vs. Arresting Falls," will be presented by Peter Ferguson and Hein Stapelberg. Other presentations on the program include:

  • "Compatibility: YOUR Connection," Randy Wingfield
  • "Use of PPE against falls from a height on mobile elevating work platforms," Wolfgang Schaper
  • "Working platform nets: worldwide site examples and new research results," Marco Einhaus
  • "Prompt Rescue: An Integral Part of Work at Height," Loui McCurley
  • "Are we designing fall arrest systems to stop a real person?" David Riches
  • "Innovative combinations of PPE in risky heights," Klaus Bornack

In addition, ISFP board members Dr. Nigel Ellis, Andrew Sulowski, Peter Ferguson, Paul Seddon, and Thomas Kramer will participate in a closing roundtable.