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Fall Protection, Hazard Communication, and Machine Guarding/Lockout are on OSHA’s list of most-cited standards during FY2012 and its list of highest financial penalties assessed during the year. Failing to understand and comply with these standards is costing companies tens of thousands of dollars in penalties every year, not to mention time and money lost due to injuries, retraining, and potential lawsuits. In addition, the initial compliance deadline for OSHA’s revised Hazard Communication Standard is fast approaching, and this new standard affects an estimated 5 million workplaces and 40 million workers.

Protecting Workers from Falls – Join the Campaign
11:00AM EST - 10:00AM CST - 8:00AM PST

Find out about resources to plan ahead, provide the right equipment, and train workers on ways to prevent falls. Participants will learn how they can partner with the campaign and make preventing hazards within their reach.

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Sponsors: Gorbel - Rigid Lifelines - JLG - FabEnCo, Inc.

Machine Safeguarding Risk Assessment: Achieving Acceptable Risk
1:00PM EST - 12:00 CST - 10:00AM PST

This webinar will focus primarily on machine guarding but also will address lockout/tagout, a major cause of workplace injury in the United States.

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Sponsors: EHelioS and Grace Engineered Products

EHelios Grace

Hazcom 2012: What You Need to Know About the New Hazard Communication
3:00PM EST - 2:00PM CST - 12:00 PST

This webinar will explain the changes OSHA has made and will look ahead to full implementation of the new standard in 2016 and its goal of reducing workers’ confusion about chemical hazards in the workplace.

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Sponsors: TRA - OraSure Technologies - Air Cycle Corporation - Accuform Signs

Duration: Each Webinar is 1 Hour

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