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  • Self-Closing Safety Gates

    Self-Closing Safety Gates

    Kee Safety Self-Closing Safety Gates provide OSHA-compliant, permanent fall protection in facility work zones including rooftop applications and other working-at-height areas. Gates are spring-loaded to close automatically behind the user, reducing the risk for human error. Easy to install, Kee Gate is fully adjustable and available in a variety of sizes and styles.

  • 'Edit This Sign' Tool

    Brady Corporation

    Brady Worldwide's "Edit This Sign" functionality is now available at www.BradyID.com. With the recent addition of more than 13,000 stock signs to its offering, the "Edit This Sign" feature allows users to quickly edit text and sign headers on stock signs at no additional cost. Brady has added the "Edit This Sign" functionality to more than 500 of its top selling stock signs, with more than 200 unique legends for customers to choose from. Once users click on the “Edit This Sign” button, they are routed to Brady's Safety Sign Custom Design Tool, where the stock sign is automatically pre-loaded with attributes.


  • Safety 101: Understanding the Basics of Building a Successful Safety Program

    In this free webinar, discover OSHA's expectations for your business's safety programs, plans, and policies, as we cover program breakdowns, industry best practices, and tips for creating effective safety and health programs suitable for professionals of all levels.

  • Facility Safety - Elevating Safety in Warehouse, Distribution Center and High Injury-Rate Retail Establishments: A Risk-Based Prioritized Approach

    Join our free webinar to explore strategies for prioritizing risk and enhancing worker safety in today's fast-paced supply chain, where warehouse and distribution center operations are crucial, and injury rates are soaring above industry averages, prompting the initiation of an OSHA National Emphasis Program (NEP); learn how to address key safety risks and foster a safer, more productive workplace through hazard identification, training, equipment, and ergonomic solutions.

  • Are You Meeting OSHA’s First Aid Requirements?

    In this free webinar we'll answer: What OSHA and ANSI standards establish first aid requirements?, What type of first aid supplies and in what quantities are required?, Must you have trained employees on site, or can you rely upon outside emergency medical help?, Must you have an AED available, and if so, what are the requirements? And other top FAQs!