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  • Safety Insights: What Manufacturing Workers Really Want

    This free webinar explores the results of a groundbreaking survey on worker perspectives regarding safety in manufacturing, revealing insights on the significance of safety training, employee retention, and the profound impact of prioritizing safety on workplace satisfaction and efficiency.

  • Preventing and Addressing Sexual Harassment: Understanding the Law and Avoiding Liability

    In this free webinar, we’ll tackle a number of questions. Some of those include: Where’s the line? Exactly what constitutes sexual harassment? When should an employer step in? Other topics include: How should an employer respond to complaints of sexual harassment to limit the company’s liability? What harassment training is required? What should it include? Where has traditional harassment training been lacking? And finally, we’ll also tackle how can an employer stop harassing behavior before it starts?

  • Powering Progress: The Power of Connected Safety

    Join Wesco’s team of safety experts for this free webinar where they will explore how connected safety solutions can help your business mitigate risk, manage compliance and protect your workforce.