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  • High 5™ Hooks

    High 5™ Hooks

    Strengthen your current cable management and housekeeping activities with the High 5™ Hooks from Glove Guard. They are an easy method to elevate tripping hazards from walking surfaces and keeping a safe working environment. H5H™ hooks are used to effectively suspend cords, hoses, welding leads, cables, and other equipment for oil and gas, petrochemical, construction, shipyards, and other industrial environments. High 5™ Hooks are offered in 3 styles providing greater flexibility to find the right hook for the job. Multiple hook sizes and quantity of openings make cable management more effective and reduce tangles and frustration.

  • Noise Monitors


    SKC introduces the SKC NoiseCHEK personal dosimeter, SoundCHEK Essential and Connect sound level meters, and AcoustiCHEK Calibrator. All are designed for ease and reliable value with features from essential to advanced. Perform easy, accurate workplace assessments and environmental monitoring with SKC -- quality and service you trust. Learn more at www.skcinc.com/noise.

  • Alphas

    Innovative engineering and automation has allowed Moldex to create Alphas—a superior reusable earplug at a very competitive price. Give workers the protection they need and the comfort they deserve, all while lowering your overall hearing protection program costs. Alphas’ high Noise Reduction Rating (NRR 27dB) provides protection for most noisy environments. All Moldex hearing protectors are independently tested to ANSI S3.19-1974 by an independent, accredited laboratory, so users can be confident in the protection they are getting, when worn properly. Never settle for manufacturer-tested NRRs!


  • Facility Safety - Elevating Safety in Warehouse, Distribution Center and High Injury-Rate Retail Establishments: A Risk-Based Prioritized Approach

    Join our free webinar to explore strategies for prioritizing risk and enhancing worker safety in today's fast-paced supply chain, where warehouse and distribution center operations are crucial, and injury rates are soaring above industry averages, prompting the initiation of an OSHA National Emphasis Program (NEP); learn how to address key safety risks and foster a safer, more productive workplace through hazard identification, training, equipment, and ergonomic solutions.

  • Building a Safer Workplace: Harnessing Connectivity to Boost Your Lone Worker Safety Program

    Join our upcoming free webinar, "Building a Safer Workplace: Harnessing Connectivity to Boost Your Lone Work Safety Program," to learn how you can protect your lone workers and meet safety compliance requirements effectively.

  • Are Your Workers Flying High?

    With the legalization of medicinal or recreational cannabis, now in 38 states and counting, the fitness for duty of workers on the job is in serious question. This has precipitated a need to review shortcomings in traditional drug and alcohol testing and it has brought a reconsideration of fitness for duty in general, apart from drug use. What’s now needed is a holistic approach to detecting any kind of impairment, regardless of cause.