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  • The Vulcan®

    The Vulcan®

    The Vulcan® 180 HAZ-LO® by Streamlight is a Class 1, Division 1 safety-rated lantern for use in hazardous environments. Lightweight, compact and waterproof, it features a triangular-shaped face cap and rotating head that tilts 180 degrees, and uses three white power LEDs for extreme brightness. Three deep-dish parabolic reflectors produce a tight spot beam to aid in navigation, while two ultra-bright blue LEDs illuminate the lantern’s taillights. It delivers 400 lumens, 25,000 candela, and a 10-hour run time on high, and offers a 24-hour run time on low. Powered by a rechargeable 7.8Ahr lithium ion battery, it fully recharges in 15 hours.

  • Surface Safe Sign Labels

    Customize and print durable adhesive signs on-site using your desktop laser or inkjet printer, or let us print them for you. Avery Surface Safe Sign Labels stick securely, yet remove cleanly from surfaces like metal, wood, glass and painted walls. The polyester film signs are resistant to water, chemicals, abrasion and tearing. Access hundreds of free templates including OSHA/ANSI compliant signs, and new hand washing and germ prevention designs.


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  • OSHA Top 10

    Is your organization doing enough to avoid the most common OSHA violations? Download this OSHA Top 10 eBook to get explanations of each hazard, warning signs to look out for, and prevention checklists.

  • Workplace Safety 101 - Top Terms, Noteworthy Regulations, and How to Implement Best Practices

    According to the International Labor Organization (ILO), the economic cost of unregulated occupational health and safety practices is estimated to be close to 4% of the yearly global GDP which is around $3 trillion. Businesses around the world are paying a steep cost on workplace incidents and safety hazards. To mitigate damages, organizations must ensure all personnel and equipment always work within the purview of prescribed guidelines. However, like everything else, the journey toward achieving complete workplace safety starts with awareness and education.

  • IndustrySafe Safety Software

    Benefits and uses of IndustrySafe Software.