OSHA Announces New Collection Initiative for Citation Penalties

This new initiative will see the agency issuing penalty payment letters to establishments that have been cited.

OSHA announced a new initiative that is designed to better collect citation penalties on December 22.

OSHA will implement a series of three penalty payment letters. The letters will be sent at seven, 30 and 60 days after a business fails to pay a penalty in a timely manner. OSHA will also contact establishments via phone 14 days after the payment is due.

“These steps will enhance the effectiveness of OSHA’s enforcement program,” said Eugene Scalia, U.S. Secretary of Labor. “The Department will ensure that firms with safety and health violations are held accountable and pay their debts to the United States Government.”

Establishments that do not make a payment after receiving a citation will be placed on a priority list for further inspection. Compliance health and safety officers will gather employer identification numbers as part of pre-inspection preparation.

More information can be found at dol.gov.

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