Fall Protection



The patent-pending SafePro Fall Protection Rail is designed with an ergonomically correct power grip for a safe and upright egress/ingress through access hatches while providing protection from accidental falls. Additional features include a wraparound, self-closing gravity gate mounted with heavy-duty hinges that double as a ladder extension.


    Tether™ Trolleys are a key component in Gorbel Inc.'s new Tether™ Track Rigid Rail Anchor Systems. Specifically engineered for fall protection applications that require fluid movement and stability, the trolley uses DURACOMP4 wheels for durability and consistent, long-term performance. Its swivel eye nut prevents a lanyard from becoming twisted.

    Capital Safety


    Capital Safety Inc.'s Ultra-Lok RSQ Self Retracting Lifeline is a dual-mode SRL that is designed to provide fall arrest and rescue/descent in one product. The device incorporates a 50-foot lifeline and features an anti-ratcheting brake system that prevents the device from releasing in a post-fall rebound.

      Gravitec Systems Inc.

      Wind Turbine Rescue

      The new G4 Wind Turbine Rescue and Evacuation System from Gravitec Systems Inc. is designed to address the wind energy industry's need for a user-friendly, high-angle rescue system that can be employed from at-height locations on turbines. The system can be quickly configured to facilitate one- or two-person rescues using overhead anchorages.

        Flexible Lifeline Systems

        Rail Fall System

        The Twin FlexRail from Flexible Lifeline Systems consists of two individual, enclosed tracks that are designed to provide users with bypass capability. The enclosed tracks eliminate snow, ice, dirt, and debris buildup hazards, and its sealed bearing trolleys provide 1:100 movement-to-weight ratio, allowing a self-retracting lifeline to remain directly overhead.


          Fall Protection

          DBI-SALA, a Capital Safety brand, introduces its fall protection solution for the wind energy industry: the ExoFit™ Wind Energy Harness and Force2™ Wind Energy Lanyard. The harness is constructed in the shape of an "x" for easy, no-tangle donning, and the lanyard's twin legs allow for 100 percent tie-off.

            DBI-SALA, a Capital Safety brand

            Fall Protection

            DBI-SALA, a Capital Safety brand, introduces the concrete detent anchor. Designed to allow users to connect and disconnect from an anchorage with the push of a button, the anchor consists of two parts: a socket that is permanently installed in concrete and a removable detent pin with attached connection ring.

              Miller Fall Protection

              Temporary Lifeline

              Miller Fall Protection's new SkyGrip™ Temporary Horizontal Lifeline System is designed to be adaptable for steel and concrete fall protection applications where overhead fall protection anchorages don't exist. The system comes available in single spans up to 60 feet and multiple spans up to 300 feet.

                Benko Products Inc.

                Safety Gate

                Benko Products Inc.'s Protect-O-Gate CLEAR-AISLE model is designed to reduce the potential for falls and other accidents associated with mezzanine loading areas. Taking up only 10 inches of aisle space when the device's "corral" is raised, ledge gates slide down so the worker has access to the load, eliminating fall potential.

                  JLG Industries Inc.

                  Telehandler Attachments

                  JLG Industries Inc. has launched a new family of common attachments for all three of its telehandler brands available in the Americas to increase application flexibility offerings. This new family of attachments includes a grapple bucket, an 8-foot tower, and a fork-mounted work platform.