Fall Protection

Gemtor Inc.


Gemtor's FLW-11 cast aluminum fall limiter is designed to handle the rigors of everyday use in most applications. Weighing less than 3 pounds, the FLW-11 incorporates a centrifugal braking system and external energy absorber that work together to ensure that fall arrest forces do not exceed 900 pounds. Booth 2108.

    Miller Fall Protection


    The new line of Miller Falcon™ Self-Retracting Web Lifelines has been designed with 16- and 20-foot working capacities. Weighing less than three pounds, the compact SRL features a high-strength Technora® webbing, corrosion-resistant internal components, a unique side-payout design to reduce wear on the entry guide bushing, a web lifeline for smooth operation with less drag, and more. Booth 604.

      FabEnCo, Inc.


      FabEnCo's R-Series Self-Closing Safety Gate is a rugged, spring-loaded metal gate designed specifically to replace worn, stuck, or broken "plastic" gates in the workplace. A unique stop mechanism provides positive stop without opposite post contact. The R-Gate is available in a variety of metals and finishes and retrofits to pre-existing holes. Booth 942.

        FrenchCreek Production Inc.


        FrenchCreek Production's new U-STEP is designed to help alleviate suspension trauma in the event of a fall. The device comes complete with two compact, lightweight "packs" that easily attach to the sides of a full-body harness. A fallen worker pulls out webbing to create a loop that can be used as a step to alleviate harness pressure.



          Capital Safety's Permanent Roof Top Anchor is designed to keep workers and structures safe in the event of a fall. Its unique load-distributing design forces the stanchion to tip over when fall-arrest level forces are exerted on it, directing the arresting forces to the base and fasteners, rather than one part of the anchor.