Fall Protection

Benko Products Inc.

Pivot Gate

Benko Products Inc.'s patented Protect-O-Gate Pivot Gate is designed to eliminate the potential for falls and other accidents associated with mezzanine staging areas. Its ergonomic, pivoting operation prevents access to a mezzanine ledge and cannot be bypassed by the operator, unlike swing gates, pull out gates, and chains.

    Capital Safety

    Fall Protection

    Capital Safety's Protecta Rebel™ CT Self Retracting Lifeline features 15 feet of galvanized cable lifeline and is designed to deliver the greatest working range among economy class SRLs, maximizing mobility and worker productivity. At only 6.4 pounds, the compact, lightweight size of the device increases worker comfort and reduces fatigue.

      DBI-SALA, a Capital Safety brand

      Tie-Back Lifeline

      DBI-SALA's new Talon™ Tie-Back Self Retracting Lifeline is designed to eliminate the need for a separate anchorage connector and minimize cost and installation time. Its tie-back capability, complete with a 5,000-pound-gate-strength hook, is ideal for use in general construction, maintenance work, scaffolding, steel erection, tower climbing, and more.

        DBI-SALA, a Capital Safety brand

        Rescue Harness

        DBI-SALA's new ExoFit™ XP Rescue Harness combines the comfort of an Ex™ XP fall arrest harness with essential features needed for rope access, positioning, and suspension. The harness incorporates connection points on the waist and chest that provide attachments for high- and low-angle rope rescue.


          Low-Profile Lanyard

          The new, low-profile SafeWaze™ Elava™ lanyard is rated up to 400 pounds, thereby eliminating the need for a bulky external shock pack. Its next-generation internal energy-absorbing technology makes it possible to combine heavyweight performance with versatility and ease of use.

            DBI-SALA, a Capital Safety brand

            VACUUM ANCHOR

            DBI-SALA's Mobi-Lok™ self-contained vacuum anchor--available in aviation-rated and economical general industry models--is nearly 40 percent lighter than previous generations of vacuum anchors, weighing in at less than 20pounds. The one-piece design with an on-board compressed air bottle allows the unit to be placed on a surface to provide an instant single-anchor point.

              Summit Training Source Inc.


              Summit Training's Fall Protection: Elevated Platforms isdesigned to teach workers the importance of best safety practices at anyelevated height. The program is available in Spanish and uses high-end graphicsand on-site footage to illustrate safety practices for flatbed trucks, loading processes,scissor lifts, crane bridges, and lanyards.

                DBI-SALA, a Capital Safety brand

                POWERED LIFELINE

                DBI-SALA's new Power Tagline unit is designed to provide easy access to obstructed self-retracting lifelines (SRL) that are mounted overhead. With the push of a button, the device lowers the SRL line, allowing access to the connecting hook for connection to a harness. Once work is completed, the line can be raised out of the way.

                  DBI-SALA, a Capital Safety brand

                  FREE-STANDING ANCHOR

                  DBI-SALA's Freestanding Counterweight Anchor is a non-penetrating anchor designed for fall protection use by workers performing work on flat roofs or structures. Unlike others, the anchor's non-penetrating feature reduces the possibility of damage to the anchoring structure and completely eliminates costly and time-consuming installation. It also has ergonomically designed counterweights.

                    Flexible Lifeline Systems

                    RAILCAR FALL PROTECTION

                    Flexible Lifeline Systems' Twin Flex Rail system features two individual enclosed tracks that are engineered to provide users with bypass capability, which increases productivity by allowing them to pass each other and increases safety by removing the need to disconnect from the system as with old-style exposed flange trolley beam designs. Booth 137.