Fall Protection

Honeywell Safety Products

Hybrid Energy Absorbing Lanyards

Hybrid Energy Absorbing Lanyards

New Miller® and North® Hybrid Energy-Absorbing Lanyards are the first to meet Canadian Standards Association (CSA) standards for both Class E4 and Class E6.  Now you can eliminate the guesswork involved in choosing the right lanyard for workers of different weights - reducing errors and increasing safety.  

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    Gorbel Inc.

    Fall Protection Kit

    Fall Protection Kit

    Did you know OSHA requires fall protection at elevations of 4 feet in general industry workplaces? Download Gorbel’s Fall Protection Toolkit to learn the basics of fall protection, OSHA and ANSI requirements, and the benefits of Gorbel’s Tether Track™ Rigid Rail Fall Arrest Systems. Booth 5755


      Cable Sleeve

      Capital Safety introduces the Lad-Saf™ X2 Detachable Cable Sleeve, the next generation cable sleeve designed to be used as part of the complete Lad-Saf™ Flexible Cable Ladder Safety System. The Lad-Saf X2 Detachable Cable Sleeve offers hands-free climbing, automatically following the user during ascent or descent, and one-handed cable attachment or detachment for fast, easy and safe connections. Its lightweight stainless steel construction offers added durability and longevity to the sleeve.


      JLG Industries Inc.

      JLG industries

      Stability and Support

      Safety is your top priority, which means you need the right equipment and tools at your facility. The LiftPod® from JLG Industries, Inc. is a personal portable lift that can be used as a ladder alternative, allowing your personnel to work more safely, with both hands, from a secure platform. Available in two models, the FS60 and FS80, the LiftPod provides up to 12 ft and 14 ft of lift height. Get a closer look at ASSE Booth #915. Booth 915


        Rigid Lifelines - A Division of SPANCO, Inc.

        Rigid Lifelines

        Shock-Absorbing Lanyards

        Now the strongest name in fall protection, Rigid Lifelines, is showing off its softer side. Introducing new Connex shock-absorbing lanyards, Defy self-retracting lanyards, and the Evolve Harnesses. Each comes in a variety of sizes and lengths to help you tackle any job, at any height. Use them with our famous Rigid Track Systems. And get ready to laugh fear in its face. Booth 721



          fall arrest service crane basket

          Fall Arrest Service Crane Basket

          The newest generation of LiftWise’s fall arrest service crane basket was designed for accessing high-reach maintenance areas, especially on large equipment. The yoke-style baskets quickly attach to service cranes, providing personnel with a convenient, safe alternative to renting aerial lifts. The baskets include a bracket for attaching to most available service crane trucks. For easy storage and transport, the baskets are also offered with a new specialized carrier, which installs behind the truck in the receiver hitch.


            DEUS Rescue

            versatile anchors

            Versatile Anchors

            Rescue solutions company DEUS Rescue has added a line of versatile anchors to its product offering. The DEUS anchor offering will now include removable anchors, beam anchors, and swivel anchors, in addition to the DEUS Rope-Over-Wire (ROW) anchor connectors. This offering of anchor solutions is designed to complement DEUS descent devices and kits, or any descent and rescue equipment, in a range of applications. The anchors may be used to support safe rescue rigging and other uses in a variety of environments. All DEUS anchors are ANSI Z359.1 certified, with many carrying EN and NFPA certification as well. 


              Benko Products Inc.

              Fall Protection Equipment

              Fall Protection Equipment

              Benko Products’ GREEN Access and Fall Protection line introduces the Removable Insta-Rack Platform for use where a permanent platform is not an option. The Removable Insta-Rack Platform was created for specific site situations that require a durable, portable platform wherever a permanent installation of a pedestal platform is not an option. With no foundation required, the product is a popular solution offering flexible and easy installation as well as safe, stable access to the ops of tank trucks and railcars, where other portable units have previously failed. The temporary platform features a counter-weighted, four-post platform with a fold-down aluminum gangway and safety enclosure. 



                3M Fully Body Harness

                Full Body Harness

                The Latchways Personal Rescue Device™ PRD™ is worn with a 3M™ Elevation™ Full Body Harness, and activation is achieved by simply pulling back the release cord, allowing for self-rescue. The lightweight, unobtrusive rescue device is contained in a small “backpack” that integrates rescue capabilities into your personal fall arrest equipment. In the event of a fall, the Elevation harness suspends the user and allows the PRD to gently lower the person to the ground, unassisted, in a controlled descent.


                  Miller Fall Protection

                  FALL PROTECTION SYSTEM

                  Miller Fall Protection's new performance-driven Miller Twin Turbo™ Fall Protection System incorporates an innovative mounting bracket design with two TurboLite Personal Fall Limiters to ensure 100-percent tie-off. The system is easy to use and assemble/disassemble, and adapts to most Turbolige PFL models, increasing versatility and freedom of movement.