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New Illinois Law Protects Prescribers When Responders Use EpiPens

The bill amends the State Police, Illinois Police Training and Medical Practices acts and took effect immediately. It includes in the protected class physicians, physician's assistants, and advanced practice registered nurses with prescriptive authority who provide a prescription or standing order for epinephrine for an Illinois police department.

Reasonable suspicion drug testing is a critical safety measure.

Missouri Voting on Medical Marijuana Measures This Fall

The three marijuana measures may cause confusion among voters, given that each proposes a different tax on retail sales of medical marijuana.

MSHA Sets Six Public Meetings on Conveyors, Mobile Equipment RFI

In addition to soliciting data from stakeholders on technology and practices that can improve safety conditions for miners, MSHA will provide technical assistance and develop best practices and training materials to raise awareness of hazards related to mobile equipment and belt conveyors.

Boeing Plans Autonomous Aircraft Research Center at MIT

The investment in the new center follows the recent creation of Boeing NeXt, which brings together researchers and projects across the company to shape the future of travel and transport.

Seattle Company Cited Again After Burn, Amputations

The burn injury happened at a National Products facility where workers were carrying molten aluminum from one machine to another in ladles slung over their backs, and they were not wearing proper personal protection equipment.

ALPA Hosting 2018 Air Safety Forum

The 64th ASF, a four-day event featuring sessions on cargo hold fire risks posed by lithium batteries in passengers' portable electronic devices, pilot wellness, and dealing with disruptive passengers, wraps up Aug. 2 in Washington, D.C.

WV Launches SWAT Highways Response Team

"It's an initiative for citizens and visitors of West Virginia to report issues regarding state roads. The Highways Response Team will be a go-to for reporting concerns," Gov. Jim Justice said.

OSHA Cites Oregon Shipbuilder

OSHA has issued $370,358 in proposed penalties to Vigor Marine Inc. and cited the company for 16 willful and serious violations following an inspection at the shipbuilder's Portland, Ore., facility.

Washington State Contractor Sentenced in Wage Theft Case

Alejandro Sandoval and his company, Sandoval Construction, were sentenced after pleading guilty to false reporting and first-degree theft. Sandoval Construction has been ordered to reimburse the workers for their unpaid wages, and Sandoval will be responsible for unpaid workers' comp insurance payments to the state. Under separate civil proceedings, he also owes L&I at least $197,000 in unpaid premiums, interest, and penalties.

Specialized fabrics have been around for over 20 years. They were created to boost workers

The Benefits of High-Performance FR

Want to improve safety culture? Try high-performance FR fabrics.

Remind employees to stay alert and focused, and offer them the opportunity to take regular breaks to sit down, stretch, or take a walk.

Take Matters into Your Own Hands: Understanding Hand Injuries in the Workplace

All too often, hand injuries occur when employees are distracted and aren't focused on where they are or what they're doing. It's incredibly important for employers to eliminate as many distractions as possible.

Drilling down to the root cause of an injury may bring to mind "five whys" exercises.

Seven Ways to Improve Hand Injury Data

The real work of analyzing hand injury trends begins with the physical improvement of the organization's hand safety program after the data has been scrubbed.

Growing Leadership

Are there "weeds" in your company whose value hasn’t yet been seen and tapped? Can you find ways to turn some of these individuals into powerful Safety proponents?

There are a few gloves on the market today that meet or exceed NIOSH recommendations for safety, allowing no permeation of either fentanyl or gastric acid for greater than 240 minutes. (Ansell photo)

Fentanyl Risks Put Focus on Hand Protection in Many Environments

Those most likely to be exposed, such as police and fire personnel, EMTs, ER staff, and forensic lab personnel, should be transitioning to gloves that provide comprehensive protection against fentanyl.

The market for impact gloves has expanded dramatically in recent years, driven in part by advances in technology and the range of materials available. (D30 photo)

Goal Zero: Reducing Injuries Through Advances in Hand Protection

Companies are turning workplace safety into a personal matter. Bringing innovative materials science to PPE is a priority for end users and brands alike.

The OSHA lockout/tagout standard spells out what procedures an authorized employee must follow before he or she removes lockout or tagout devices and before energy to the machine is restored.

Training Workers on Control of Hazardous Energy

OSHA's lockout/tagout standard, 29 CFR 1910.147, explains exactly why employees must be trained. It also requires different levels of training for three categories of employees.

Industrial Scientific does not recommend using catalytic bead LEL sensors in an environment with less than 10% vol O2. (Industrial Scientific Corporation photo)

Why Do You Need 10% Vol Oxygen to Operate a Catalytic Bead LEL Sensor?

Catalytic bead LEL sensors need a certain level of oxygen to correctly read combustible gas up to 100% LEL.

There is no continuous focus from the employers on realistically preparing, supervising, and protecting our workers before entry.

We Must Change the Statistics of Confined Space Injuries and Fatalities

The reality is permit required confined spaces are still the leading cause of multiple fatalities in the workplace.

Performance of any particular garment will depend on a number of factors, including, but not limited to, design, seams, closures, accessories, duration of use, maintenance of garment, and proper handling. (W.L. Gore & Associates Inc. photo)

Selecting Chemical-Protective Clothing

Each end-use situation must be evaluated for its particular risks.

Housecleaning 2018

I may have discarded a truckload of such materials this time. But I'm saving some things, of course, reference materials I can't stand to lose and extra copies of our best past issues, in my estimation.

JSA/JHA: Does every worker at your facility have one in place and know what his/her role is in it? Are these updated as needed and evaluated at least annually or when job duties change?

The Everyday Balance of Vision Protection Programs

Every job needs to have not only a job description, but also a hazard analysis, which can change over time.

MEGAComfort Starting Third Annual Hardest Worker Contest

Nominations start Aug. 1 and will run until Aug. 26. On Sept. 3, 10 finalists will be announced, giving the public the chance to choose their favorites from there.

NY Governor Creating Hepatitis C Elimination Task Force

Gov. Cuomo announced it as part of a broad strategy to stop the spread of the virus. "As a physician, I have seen firsthand the harmful effects Hepatitis C can have, and as the number of cases continues to increase across the state, it is clear we need to address this problem head on," Commissioner of Health Dr. Howard Zucker said.

Coast Guard Enforcing New Towing Regs in Alaska

The new regulations bolster the existing requirements for fire-fighting and life-saving equipment, establish standards for construction and arrangement of newly constructed vessels, and phase in machinery and electrical standards during the next decade.

TN Governor Praises Commission's Work on Core Competencies

Gov. Bill Haslam established the 19-member commission by executive order in January as part of the TN Together plan to fight opioid addiction in Tennessee.

Colorado Taking Action on Orphaned Oil & Gas Wells

By Aug. 1, the state's Oil and Gas Conservation Commission will produce an updated list of all such sites known to exist in the state. Gov. John Hickenlooper's executive order expands state efforts to plug, remediate, and reclaim them and to prevent additional wells and sites from being orphaned in the future.

NIOSH Seeks Comments on Updated NORA for Oil & Gas Extraction

One objective listed in it concerns motor vehicle crashes, which accounted for 44 percent of all fatal injuries in the industry during 2016, according to BLS. Actions under this objective include identifying and promoting strategies to increase seat belt use, strategies to improve driver performance, and strategies to reduce driver fatigue and driver distraction.

New Director Hired for NRC Investigations Office

Edward "Andy" Shuttleworth has been selected as the new director of the Office of Investigations, which develops policy, procedures, and standards for conducting all NRC investigations of alleged wrongdoing by licensees and other entities.

Boeing forecasts global demand for commercial airline pilots to top 700,000 during the next 20 years. Airbus

Boeing Sees 'Unprecedented' 20-Year Demand for New Pilots

Both Boeing and Airbus forecast very strong demand for commercial airline pilots during the next two decades. The aviation industry faces a pilot labor supply challenge, says Keith Cooper, vice president of Training & Professional Services for Boeing Global Services.

OSHA Cites Delaware Company in Amputation Case

OSHA personnel inspected the facility in December 2017 after an employee suffered an injury while using an improperly guarded punch press and had three fingers subsequently amputated.