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The Industrial Hygienist's Guide to Anticipate, Evaluate, and Manage Occupational Health & Safety Risks with Industrial Hygiene Software

Effective industrial hygiene management requires recording and maintaining consistent and complete work site data. Using outdated methods is in itself a serious risk.

It is highly recommended that specifiers work with eyewash and shower manufacturers directly to determine the appropriate system, given your specific geographic location, processes, temperatures, and layout/equipment locations. (Haws photo)

Creating a 'Comfort Zone' for Emergency Equipment Water Temperature

Tempered water has been a hot topic of late, but just as many installations need cooling of high-temperature supply water.

Organizations with a strong disaster response plan are well suited to combat the destruction of a natural disaster and recover faster.

The Best Defense is a Good Offense: Preparing for Natural Disasters

Not all natural disasters occur during full staff hours. Many take place when staff or logistical support is limited. Keep this in mind while creating the plan.

Canada Testing Public Safety Alert Network Next Week

During the May 7 and May 9 tests, every compatible mobile device connected to an LTE (long-term evolution) network in the targeted provinces and territory will receive the test alert. They also will be distributed on TV and radio in the same regions.

NRC Opens Special Investigation at Watts Bar

The residual heat removal system was inoperable for a time on both units of the TVA nuclear plant on some days in April.

Wholesale adoption of GHS hazard classsification principles will disrupt chemical hazard assessment programs and heighten problems manufacturers and importers will face.

A Holistic Approach to On-Site Chemical Management

Technology can help streamline and standardize complex processes, centralize data and corresponding analyses, make reporting easier, and eliminate silos between departments.

Dust collection systems include a shroud that surrounds the drill bit and connects to a hose leading to a dust canister, where collected dust is stored. (E-Z Drill photo)

Don't Get Left in the Dust

Here's how to easily and successfully meet OSHA standards with your concrete drill.

Tips for Creating a More Successful Industrial Hygiene Program

With the right strategies and tools, you’ll overcome the challenges and create an industrial hygiene program that protects your most important asset—your employees.

This CSB photo shows the aftermath of the Imperial Sugar plant explosions in 2008 and is found in the U.S. Chemical Safety and Hazard Investigation Board

Handling Combustible Dusts

The biggest mistake food manufacturers make is assuming that because their plants have been in operation for years without accidents and without being cited, they are in compliance.

NIOSH, OSHA Release Guidance on Ototoxicity

Some ototoxic chemicals may exacerbate noise-induced hearing loss even though the noise level is below OSHA’s PEL, the document warns.

The May 22 general session will bring all attendees together for a discussion on one of the most pressing issues in America, the opioids crisis and the potential for first responders to be dangerously exposed while working. (J. Smith for Visit Philadelphia photo)

All In for Philadelphia

The May 22 general session will bring all attendees together for a discussion on one of the most pressing issues in America, the opioids crisis and the potential for first responders to be dangerously exposed while working.

Every employee who may witness or discover a hazardous substance release and who is responsible for alerting others or evacuating must complete first responder HAZWOPER awareness training. (Ben Carlson/

Everyone is an Emergency Responder

If employees take the wrong response actions, don’t know what to do, or try to perform jobs they are not capable of, the resulting mistakes, confusion, and disarray will stand in the way of a safe response.

This CSB photo shows the aftermatch of the dust explosion and fire on Feb. 20, 2003, at the CTA Acoustics manufacturing plant in Corbin, Ky. killing seven workers.

Think You Don't Have Combustible Dust in Your Facility? Think Again!

The bottom line is this: If your facility contains dust, you should have it tested for combustibility.

By June 1, 2016, OSHA expects all employers to be fully compliant with GHS adoption.

The Disharmony of SDS Management: The Real Business Impact

The Globally Harmonized System for Classification and Labeling of Chemicals isn't actually that harmonized. This disharmony creates bigger challenges to managing SDSs and chemical data across the global supply chain.

Energizing to Power Sparkling Engagement

"Energizing" is potentially highly renewable. We've seen how people become immediately charged up when they discover how select Safety techniques can make them immediately stronger and more balanced.

With removable, interchangeable, and adjustable components that allow for a variety of scenario-based trainings, the center offers numerous courses related to technical rescue, hazardous materials, and emergency response.

Hands-on, Scenario-based Training for Emergency Responders and Rescuers

The key to mitigating human error during a real emergency is the right kind of realistic training.

This Nov. 27, 2017, photo from Ramrod Key, Fla., shows contractors using heavy equipment and trucks to haul debris from a highway after Hurricane Irma. (Howard Greenblatt/FEMA photo)

Recovering Assets After a Disaster

One or all of a facility's assets may be compromised or destroyed. Documenting what resources will be available to guard or replace those assets facilitates a timely recovery.

Michigan Reports Progress Against Opioid Use

The number of opioid prescriptions issued in 2071 was 10.7 percent below the number in 2015, and the overall number of schedules 2-5 controlled substance prescriptions dispensed fell by 7.1 percent during the same period.

Energy Department Cites Bechtel National Inc. for Safety Violations

BNI has been cited for violations in the areas of management responsibilities, hazard identification and assessment, hazard prevention and abatement, training and information, and recordkeeping.

NIOSH Highlights Commercial Fishing Dangers for Workers' Memorial Day

Researchers analyzed 204 commercial fishing fatalities during 2000-2016 and found none of the victims wore a personal flotation device when they died, and the majority of falls overboard were not witnessed.

VR App Promotes Commercial Drivers' Awareness of Blind Spots

In addition to mirror adjustment, the app's scenarios include identifying vehicles in blind spots, joining a motorway from a slip road, overtaking, and tailgating. These scenarios are offered for both left- and right-hand drive vehicles.

Grainger Donates $50,000 to Educational Nonprofit

The donation came about from the 2018 Grainger Show in Orlando, Fla.; for every dollar of sales made through its Big Red Store during the show, Grainger pledged to donate one dollar -- up to a total of $50,000 -- to Folds of Honor.

TSB Recommends Mandatory Flight Recorder Installation

The TSB could not determine the cause of the accident due to the absence of flight recording systems on board the aircraft. Investigation by TSB found that the pilot did not have the recent night flying experience Transport Canada requires for carrying passengers at night.

California to Help Farmers Buy Cleaner Heavy Equipment

"Although tough new engine standards are in effect now and will eventually lower emissions, most agricultural equipment lasts for decades. We cannot wait for the older dirtier equipment to phase out naturally, so we are taking action to improve air quality sooner by helping farmers to buy cleaner farm equipment now," CARB Executive Officer Richard Corey said.

IAEA Hosts First Meeting on Estimating Nuclear Plant Construction Costs

The meeting focused on the prospective capital and operating expenditures associated with pre-construction, construction, and operation of new, commercial-scale plants, including first-of-a-kind concepts, as well as identifying critical cost drivers and options to reduce costs.

FRA Schedules Three Seminars on Training, Drug Testing Rules

The Part 219 presentation will address the expanded scope of FRA's drug and alcohol control regulations to cover maintenance of way employees. The Part 243 presentation will provide an overview of program compliance requirements and address significant upcoming implementation deadlines.

Relatives are invited to chime the brass bell in the Worker Memorial Garden outside the L&I building in Tumwater after the ceremony. The bell is dedicated to all Washington residents who die from a workplace injury or illness.

L&I Memorial Ceremony Honoring 65

Family members and friends, as well as the public, are invited to attend the Worker Memorial Day ceremony April 26 at the Washington state Department of Labor & Industries' headquarters in Tumwater.

NIOSH Seeks Comments on Draft Plan for Protecting Nano Workers

The agency is considering focusing on five "key goals," including increasing understanding of new hazards and related health risks, supporting the creation of guidance materials, supporting epidemiologic studies for nanomaterial workers, and promoting national adherence with risk management guidance.

Honeywell Recalls Hard Hats

The hard hats can fail to protect users from impact, they report. No injuries have been reported. About 82,000 of the recalled hart hats were sold in the United States and another 65,550 were sold in Canada, CPSC reported.

HHS Buys Anthrax Antitoxin for Stockpile

The Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA), a component of ASPR, provided funding under Project BioShield for continued manufacturing and purchase of the treatment called Anthim or obiltoxaximab.