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Ice and snow buildup in parking lots and on walkways can be hazardous to employees, delivery people, and guests.

Prepare Now to Eliminate Fall Hazards This Winter

People living in cold-weather climates can take winter hazards for granted, but this can make it easier to overlook or dismiss hazards that can be easily eliminated before the temperature drops.

Eclipsing Leadership Lessons

Want to continue developing stronger leadership skills? Mindfully monitor how small changes can create huge impacts.

Microlearning courses include learner interaction, such as a brief quiz or follow-up discussion with an instructor, and provide reference documents and other outside items as additional resources.

Microlearning: Training for the Millennial Generation

Part of the appeal of microlearning is that it can be administered just-in-time and just enough. And it makes learning an ongoing process.

Keep an Eye on the Grenfell Tower Inquiry

London Fire Commissioner Dany Cotton hopes the Grenfell Tower fire Inquiry will bring about a mandate for fire sprinklers in residential high-rise buildings and schools.

The person who conducts the hazard assessment must have an intimate knowledge of each task and should directly observe the employees, looking for hazard sources such as high temperatures, chemicals, dust, sources for falling objects and the potential for dropped objects, the potential for struck/by hazards, moving vehicles and equipment, and more.

Keys to Effective Head & Face Protection

The National Safety Council's "Injury Facts, 2017 Edition" informs us that the most expensive lost-time workers' compensation claims are for those involving the head and central nervous system.

The bottom line is health care facilities must develop a comprehensive Emergency Operations Plan that will meet the needs of patients, the community, and their staff during disasters and emergency situations.

CMS Emergency Preparedness Training Deadline is Here, Are you Ready?

The assumption is that all the accrediting organizations and CMS will be looking more deeply at Emergency Management standards starting this November.

Slippery floors due to the frequent washing process are also a constant concern in health care settings.

A Clearer Understanding of Slips and Falls

Administrators must stay on top of floor conditions and install safety signs only when a potential hazard exists.

The alliance partnership aims to provide information, guidance, and access to training resources to members, occupational physicians, stakeholders, and others in the polyurethanes value chain.

New Alliance Focused on Diisocyanates

OSHA and the American Chemistry Council have joined in a two-year alliance to raise awareness of workers' exposure hazards and promote the chemicals' safe use in the polyurethane industry.

The prolonged moisture, increased temperature, and unbalanced pH level provide unwanted opportunities for bacteria and other external contaminants to enter the skin, causing further irritation. (SW Safety Solutions Inc. photo)

The Real Cost of Sweaty Gloves—It's Not Just About Comfort

Over time, health risks for workers from uncomfortable single-use gloves can greatly decrease productivity, encourage more frequent workplace safety violations, and increase the risk of significant medical issues.

USB or Bluetooth Temperature Loggers in the Field – Which Are Right for You?

For outdoor field monitoring, data access can be a critical issue—especially in hard-to-reach or limited-access locations.

PAPRs have long been designed around the same battery belt-mounted product and bulky designs. Worker acceptance hasn

What's Next for Powered Air Respirators

The powered air respirator market is ripe for innovation and technological enhancements.


Waste as an Energy Source: the Path to a Low-Carbon Economy

Climate change, renewable energy, low-carbon economy: For some, these are catchwords and arguments for a global ecological rethink. For others, they stand for a business segment that couples environmentally friendly technologies with a clear vision to ensure we can leave a world worth living in for future generations.

A Visual Model to Simplify the Definition of Safety

To shape, control, and influence performance in any organization, clarity should exist around what employees are required to do and what is most desirable.

When your workplace includes elevated platforms, manholes, scaffolding, roofs, or any number of other fall risks, a simple mistake can become serious in an instant. (Safety Products Group photo)

Fall Protection: Are You Fully Prepared?

Thorough fall protection requires a culture of safety as well as OSHA-certified fall prevention measures.

Preparedness, rescue-focused skills training, knowledge and proper utilization of rescue equipment, and real scenario hands-on practice reduce human error when rescuing in confined spaces. (Priority One Safe-T, LLC photo)

Confined Space: Preparing for Rescue

Not being able to rescue a worker from a confined space has a devastating impact on the company and, more importantly, the employees.

IMO Pushes for Ratification of Cape Town Agreement

IMO said this key instrument applicable to fishing vessels is still not in force. This means there are no mandatory international requirements for stability and seaworthiness, life-saving appliances, communications equipment, or fire protection, as well as fishing vessel construction.

Alaska Governor Releases Public Safety Action Plan

Gov. Bill Walker's plan aims to stem rising crime in the state and includes steps to address the opioid epidemic and drug trafficking.

Record Tonnage Moved Through Panama Canal in FY2017

A total of 13,548 vessels passed through the canal during the fiscal year, representing a 3.3 percent increase from the year before. The fact that larger Neopanamax vessels now can transit the canal made the 22 percent growth in tonnage possible.

MMWR: Fentanyl Found in Most OD Victims in 10 States

The report showed almost 3,000 of the people who died of overdoses in 10 states during the second half of 2016 tested positive for fentanyl and more than 700 tested positive for drugs that have similar chemical structures to fentanyl, known as fentanyl analogs.

Australian Serious Comp Claim Costs Rose 30 Percent in 2016

The newly released statistics for 2015-2016 show that the median paid for a serious claim, adjusted for inflation, was up 30 percent to $6,800 and the median amount of time lost was up 33 percent to 5.6 weeks.

California Medical Provider Suspensions Up to 52

The most recent suspensions involve a provider who had pleaded guilty to health care fraud and illegal kickbacks, one whose medical license was suspended in New Mexico after he was charged with sexual assault of a patient, and one who pleaded no contest to grand theft from the California Health Care Deposit Fund, according to the Department of Industrial Relations announcement.

DOT, Maryland Partner to Boost Uptake of Recall Messages

Only about 70 percent of recalled vehicles are in fact repaired, and raising recall remedy rates is a priority for NHTSA, especially because the Takata airbag recall has affected as many as one-third of vehicles nationwide.

FedEx's Mugno Nominated to Lead OSHA

Scott A. Mugno is vice president for Safety, Sustainability and Vehicle Maintenance at FedEx Ground in Pittsburgh, Pa.

19,000 Arctic Cat Off-Road Vehicles Recalled

Arctic Cat has received 444 reports of the plastic panels behind the operator and passenger seats melting, with five resulting in fires. No injuries have been reported.

DOE Site Celebrates VPP Honors

The Department of Energy's Y‑12 National Security Complex in Oak Ridge, Tenn., is having a good month, as employees celebrated receiving its Voluntary Protection Program recertification from DOE at the Star level -- the site has held that since 2012 -- and also being presented NA-50 Excellence Awards.

Maryland Agency Will Deploy Smart Traffic Signals

The system uses real-time traffic conditions and computer software that adjusts the timing of traffic signals, synchronizes the entire corridor, and effectively deploys artificial intelligence to keep traffic moving.

OSHA Now Fully Enforcing Construction Silica Standard

A memo issued Oct. 19 says as of Oct. 23, 2017, the agency is fully enforcing “all appropriate provisions” of the standard.

FEMA Expresses Concern About Puerto Rico Power Restoration Contract

"Based on initial review and information from PREPA, FEMA has significant concerns with how PREPA procured this contract and has not confirmed whether the contract prices are reasonable. FEMA is presently engaged with PREPA and its legal counsel to obtain information about the contract and contracting process, including how the contract was procured and how PREPA determined the contract prices were reasonable," FEMA said in a statement Oct. 27.

Trump Announces Actions on Opioids Crisis

The president on Oct. 26 declared a National Public Health Emergency and outlined several actions his administration is taking and will take to address the opioids crisis, including new requirements from the Food and Drug Administration on the manufacturers of prescription opioids to help reverse over-prescribing.

Materials' Cost Increases Account for Spike in Proposed Bridge Rebuilding: BLS

Concrete, reinforced concrete, structural steel, granite, and asphalt paving material all have appreciated in price by at least 2,518 percent since the bridge was built, while labor costs for cement masons and other workers have risen by anywhere from 1,187 percent to 2,165 percent during the same time, the BLS analysis shows.