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Important NFPA Standards for Manufacturing Processes that Create Combustible Dust

Important NFPA Standards for Manufacturing Processes that Create Combustible Dust

If your facility handles, transfers, packages or processes dust-producing materials or powders, you could face an explosion risk from combustible dust.

New Respirator Fit Testing Protocols Put in Place

In an effort to better protect workers from airborne contaminants, the U.S. Department of Labor approved a new protocol for new respirator fit testing. Effective today, the rule will hopefully protect workers from airborne contaminants.

The Newest, Virtual Way to Teach Employees about Construction Hazards

Haskell and Kennesaw State University partnered to develop a virtual reality training aid to reinforce employee safety. Now, employees can train and practice construction safety using simulated programs.

Ohio Roofing Contractor to 3 Years in Prison for Ignoring Safety Hazards

After one employee fell and died in 2017, Ohio county court sentenced Jim Coon to three years in prison after he pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter. The court’s action follows an OSHA finding that Coon knowingly failed to install appropriate fall protection systems.

Researchers Find a “Sweeter Spot” to CPR Method

Researchers Find a "Sweeter Spot" to CPR Method

Until now, not much research had been done to find the best CPR methods from data that accounted for both compression rate and chest depth. Now, new data gives some exciting new answers.

Criminal Charges For OSHA Violations? State Prosecutors Are Taking Increased Interest

Many employers know that in particular circumstances, OSHA can issue criminal sanctions. However, what employers may not know is that OSHA has also been referring workplace safety violations to state district attorney offices in fatality cases.

OSHA and NOAA Make Severe Weather Safety Resource

OSHA and NOAA Make Severe Weather Safety Resource

Severe weather can have hazardous effects on all facets of our lives: homes, transportation, and livelihood. OSHA and NOAA are working on a public education effort to help people stay safe during severe weather.

OHSA Cites Tortilla Company after Employee Finger was Amputated

A tortilla company is cited and fined $81,682 for exposing employees to amputation hazards in Labelle, Florida.

Boeing Builds First Ever MQ-25 for the U.S. Navy

Boeing Builds First Ever MQ-25 for the U.S. Navy

An $805 million contract allowed Boeing to design the Navy’s first operational carrier-based unmanned aircraft. Now, it’s built and ready.

To Record or Not to Record: That Is the Question

There are often gray areas with injury and illness recordkeeping where it is not clear whether an injury meets the recording criteria, or in some cases, how and where the injury should be recorded.

After Trench Collapse, Colorado Utility Company Cited for Trenching Hazard Violation

RMS Utilities Inc. from Alamosa, Colorado is facing $92,819 in fines after employees were almost buried in a trench collapse.

Revised Z10 Standard Has Huge Impact on Safety Management

The Z10 system-based standard is committed to reducing workplace injuries, saving lives, and maximizing financial performance. As of late, ASSP released a revised ANSI/ASSP Z10.0-2019 standard.

Written Safety Plans: Your Top Questions Answered

To assist you in building your own full-service safety program, J. J Keller's trusted team of in-house subject-matter experts have compiled the ten questions they're most frequently asked regarding written safety plans below.


Livin' on the Edge

Leading edge applications require specialized fall protection solutions.

OH&S Announces Speaker Lineup for Safety Summit in Phoenix

Occupational Health & Safety is bringing the educational information found in its magazine to the event space with the OH&S Summit in Phoenix on October 29.

Safety Applies to Traveling Too: How Small Business Travelers Can Stay Healthy

Safety Applies to Traveling Too: How Small Business Travelers Can Stay Healthy

NIOSH recently released a resource guide that helps employers and managers ensure the safety of their employees before, during, and after their work travel trips.

National Safety Council Releases New Employer Opioid Toolkit for Worker Safety

NSC and launch partner, Stericycle, assembles resources for opioid epidemic after survey shows that 83 percent of employers are extremely unprepared to deal with employee opioid misuse.

Breathe Cleanly – Steps to Purify The Air In Your Home

Indoor air quality is one of the most common causes of complaints in offices. The EPA notes that concentrations of some pollutants are commonly two to five times higher indoors than outdoors - and Americans spend around 90 percent of their time indoors.

USDA Making Hog Slaughterhouse Jobs More Efficient—And Less Safe

A new rule proposed by the USDA to increase line speeds and reduce government inspections at U.S. hog slaughterhouses will likely cause increased workplace injuries and higher risk of foodborne illness.

Chicago Masonry Contractor Cited for Repeated Fall and Scaffolding Violations

Polo Masonry Builders Inc. has been cited for exposing employees to fall and scaffolding hazards while working on a building project. Now, the company has been placed in the Severe Violator Enforcement Program.

Federal Government Funds Program for Medication Safety and Opioid Use

Federal Government Funds Program for Medication Safety and Opioid Use

The U.S. Department of Labor renews its contract with a program through Coventry Health Care Workers’ Compensation Inc. The program will improve and expand medication safety for injured federal workers in an effort to fight opioid misuse.

The Dos and Don

The Dos and Don'ts of Atmospheric Testing

Common pitfalls to avoid with atmospheric testing in confined spaces.

OHS Live From Program Proves Successful Time and Time Again

OH&S Magazine has been doing the Live From program at the NSC show for years now, and every year, more companies in the safety industry want to be involved.

New York Joins the Effort to Ban Flavored E-Cigarettes

New York Joins the Effort to Ban Flavored E-Cigarettes

Governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, announced he will push for a ban of flavored e-cigarettes and vaping products in the state. This would follow a similar ban by the state of Michigan and a call for federal prohibition of the products by President Trump.

Peeking Around the Corner at NSC

Here’s a round of the latest and greatest, debuted at NSC 2019.

New Partnership Encourages Safety Within the Elevator Industry

OSHA recently fostered an alliance to promote workplace safety within the elevator industry.

NSC Moves to Indianapolis for 2020 Congress & Expo

For the next Congress & Expo in 2020, the Council is eyeing Indianapolis for the second time in two years.

The Opioid Suits Continue: Purdue Pharma Reaches Settlement with 23 States

The Opioid Suits Continue: Purdue Pharma Reaches Settlement with 23 States

As more companies, states, and families file suits regarding the opioid crisis, many claim Purdue Pharma has had a large part in the epidemic.

Hearing Protection Devices and Solutions


Hearing Protection Devices and Solutions

Millions of workers are exposed to hearing hazards every year, and even though OSHA regulations and NIOSH recommendations in the U.S. specify hearing protection, occupational hearing loss is still the number one reported worker illness in manufacturin

OSHA and Pennsylvania Alliance for Workplace Safety

Indiana University of Pennsylvania, the Pennsylvania Department of Labor, and OSHA formed an alliance to promote safety information and training to workplaces.