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NYC Department of Buildings Seeks 2019 Energy Code Advisory Committee Members

Applications from those seeking to be considered for 2019 Energy Code Advisory Committee membership must submit a completed application no later than June 21. Residential applications are especially needed, according to the department's posted announcement.

Nominations Being Accepted for 2018 Governor's Lifesaving Awards in Washington State

To be eligible, the life-saving incidents must have occurred during work hours and must have taken place between June 1, 2017, and May 31, 2018. The deadline for nominations is June 30.

Final Rule Will Streamline Bill Processing for Disabled Miners

The new regulations adopt industry-standard payment formulas derived from those used by Medicare and are similar to those used by other OWCP-administered compensation programs for federal employees, and the rule codifies the black lung program's current payment practice for prescription drug payments.

OSHA Cites Wisconsin Contractor for Fall Hazards

"Employers are required to provide fall protection to employees working in construction at heights above 6 feet," said Robert Bonack, OSHA Appleton Area Office director. "This employer's repeated failure to comply with federal safety requirements exposes employees to fatal injuries from fall hazards."

NSC Survey Finds 90 Percent of Employers Negatively Impacted by Employee Fatigue

NSC Survey Finds 90 Percent of Employers Negatively Impacted by Employee Fatigue

According to the council, 13 percent of workplace injuries can be attributed to fatigue. In the survey report, NSC identifies night shift and overtime scheduling, a lack of time off between shifts, and inadequate rest areas for employees within the workplace as some of the factors contributing to worker fatigue.

Safe Work Australia Publishes Guidance on Work-related Mental Health

The guide is built around three main sections: Preventing Harm, Intervening Early, and Supporting Recovery. It outlines a systematic approach to ensuring workers' psychological health and safety that revolves around the elements discussed in the three sections.

Will e-Manifests Make Life Easier or Harder for EHS Pros?

Will e-Manifests Make Life Easier or Harder for EHS Pros?

Advances in technology often simplify our lives and make our work day easier—will this be the case with e-Manifests? Or will the new electronic tracking system become a boondoggle for shippers, transporters, and receiving facilities?

NASA Successfully Flies Unmanned Plane in California

"This is a huge milestone for our Unmanned Aircraft Systems Integration in the National Airspace System project team," said Ed Waggoner, NASA's Integrated Aviation Systems Program director. "We worked closely with our Federal Aviation Administration colleagues for several months to ensure we met all their requirements to make this initial flight happen."

NFPA Stresses Electrical Safety Around Water for Summer

NFPA Stresses Electrical Safety Around Water for Summer

There are many electrical hazards in swimming pools, hot tubs and spas, on board boards, and in the waters surrounding boats, marinas, and launch ramps.

New Standard Applies ISO 9001 Principles to Nuclear Industry

"It is a win-win standard because it gives buyers the assurance of a standardized level of quality while securing safety and quality for those in the supply chain," said Bertrand-Marie Nahon, convenor of the working group that developed the standard.

NIH Outlines Plans for $500 Million to Address Opioid Epidemic

Earlier this year, Congress passed a two-year budget that included $6 billion to address the opioid epidemic and mental health, $500 million of which went to NIH to address the crisis that is causing an estimated 115 U.S. deaths daily.

GHSA and Award Grants to Address Drug-Impaired Driving

Idaho, Minnesota, New York, Rhode Island, and Vermont will receive nearly $100,000 to provide training, information, and skills to detect drivers under the influence of drugs.

Los Alamos National Lab Testing Drone Disruption System

"All airspace over the laboratory is protected right now against unauthorized drone or UAS flights," said Michael Lansing, who heads the laboratory's security operations. "We can detect and track a UAS and if it poses a threat, we have the ability to disrupt control of the system, seize or exercise control, confiscate, or use reasonable force to disable, damage, or destroy the UAS."

Research Shows Gaps in Aquaculture Industry Safety, Health

"Aquaculture occupational health and safety is frequently marginalized or lost by government, industry, and sometimes labor organizations," Watterson said.

Firefighter Fatalities Report: 60 U.S. On-Duty Deaths in 2017

"Many of the all-time or near lows we saw in 2017 reflect a continuation of declining firefighter fatality rates in the U.S.," said Rita Fahy, NFPA's manager of fire databases and systems. "At the same time, we found some unexpected shifts in terms of when and where deaths are occurring."

Silica Standard Enforcement Begins with Compliance Assistance

Most provisions of the standard become enforceable on June 23. OSHA announced it intends to issue interim enforcement guidance until a compliance directive on the new standard is finalized.

FDA Issues Draft Guidance to Aid Development of Critical Drugs

FDA is discussing with other agencies changing the model for reimbursement of certain new, anti-microbial drugs that meet critical public health needs, possibly by using a licensing model so that acute care institutions that are most likely to prescribe these medicines would pay a fixed licensing fee for access to the drug.

Volkswagen Accepts $1.2 Billion Penalty in Diesel Scandal

Volkswagen AG accepted the fine and, by doing so, admitted its responsibility.

NRC Issues Report on FY2017 Abnormal Occurrences

An accident or event is considered an abnormal occurrence if it involves a major reduction in the degree of protection of public health and safety, according to the agency.

MSHA Offers $10.5 Million in State Grant Funding

Under Section 503 of the Federal Mine Safety and Health Act of 1977, any state in which mining takes place may apply for the grant. MSHA may fund 80 percent of the activities under a state grant program.

OSHA Sets Long Timetables for Tree Care, Infectious Disease Standards

The semiannual regulatory flexibility agenda includes rules that are likely to have a significant economic impact on a substantial number of small entities. Two from OSHA are prerule stage -- Communication Tower Safety and a Tree Care Standard -- and two are long-term actions -- Infectious Diseases and Process Safety Management.

In Case You Missed It: Live From Safety 2018

The Safety 2018 show floor was bustling with activity and excitement. If you were unable to make it to San Antonio, our Live From Safety 2018 social zone is the best place to catch up on all the fun you might have missed—including a ton of great products and an early morning mariachi band! Here are some highlights from the show floor.

South Florida Drivers Urged to Check VINs

In Broward and Miami-Dade counties there are nearly 459,000 vehicles with unrepaired air bags. South Florida is part of the highest risk area of the country.

Jail Term Given for UK Electrical Injury

An HSE investigation found the electrical installation at the unit in Carew Airfield operated by George W.E. Jones as part of his scrap metal business was unsafe and was more suited to home than a commercial business.

OSHA, Many Partners Behind Safe + Sound Week 2018

Safe + Sound Week in August 2018 is a nationwide event to raise awareness and understanding of the value of safety and health programs that include management leadership, worker participation, and a systematic approach to finding and fixing hazards in workplaces.

Equal Pay Opportunity Act Takes Effect in Washington State

Along with equal pay and opportunity, the new law says employers cannot stop workers from disclosing their wages to others or require workers to sign non-disclosure agreements about their wages.

Hearing Concerns Proposed California Regulations for Metal Shredders

Currently there are six metal shredding facilities in the state. The California Department of Toxic Substances Control plans to set enforceable operating requirements for metal shredding facilities through a hazardous waste permit.

Bulletin Issued by WorkSafeBC on Prusik Slings

Some commercially available rope grabs are manufactured with "anti-panic" features that lock onto the lifeline even when they are grasped. A Prusik sling, however, does not have this feature, so it potentially will allow a worker to fall.

Federal Grants Aid NY State's Accredited Bomb Squads

"It takes a great deal of training and resources to have an operational bomb squad ready to answer the call of duty. This funding will help provide the state's certified bomb squads with the tools they need to help properly detect, identify, and safely dispose of explosive devices," State Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Services Commissioner Roger Parrino, Sr. said.

DOL Hails Contingent Worker Report

"Never before in this series of data have these percentages been so low, providing evidence that the 2017 American workforce was more secure in their jobs than at any other time that this survey was taken," DOL said in a statement about the new BLS report.