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Compressed air systems can be hazardous and create potential liabilities for employers.

Pressure Increases to Implement Safe Alternatives to Compressed Air

Growing awareness of the dangers and potential liabilities of compressed air has industries and institutions exploring new options.

Praise and social recognition of people exhibiting preferred behaviors create role models for others to emulate. Tangible awards given in the spirit of friendly competition can enhance engagement and participation.

Safety Incentives: Why One Size Does Not Fit All

It's finding the right blend of motivators that makes the difference between a successful program and one that just bumps along.

Consider replacing existing anti-fatigue matting with an insole wear test trial program. This program can help establish feedback from employees who are trialing the insoles for a few weeks. (MEGAComfort photo)

Improving Employee Health and Workplace Productivity with an Insole Program

Feet are the foundation of the body, carrying the burden of weight while supporting the knees, back, and hips.

Unsettling as it may sound, your home could actually be making you sick, leaving builders and manufacturers vulnerable to damaging and costly reputational harm and possible litigation.

Breathe Easy: Taking a 'Whole House Solution' Approach to Indoor Air Quality

Accumulation of biological pollutants can result in hazardous health effects for occupants, as well as structural damage to the building.

NY Suspends Road and Bridge Construction Lane Closures for Labor Day Weekend

The suspension accommodates travelers during the busy Labor Day holiday weekend. Most construction projects will be suspended, but some work may continue behind permanent concrete barriers or for emergency repairs.

New Chair Nominated for Hawaii Labor Relations Board

If confirmed, State Rep. Marcus Oshiro will complete the six-year term left vacant by the resignation of Kerry Komatsubara, which ends June 30, 2018. He is also being appointed for a six-year term to end June 30, 2024.

Contingency Planning Pays Off at Safety+

Some attendees and exhibitors also stayed away because of Harvey, but not as many as might have been expected, J.A. Rodriguez Jr., a VPPPA Board of Directors member, said Aug. 31. Attendees from Valero and ExxonMobil were on hand despite the storm's impact on refineries and offshore platforms, and some exhibitors from the affected areas came late -- some on Wednesday evening -- but still arrived in time to exhibit on Thursday.

Texas' Texting Ban Kicks in 9/1

"The new law will help reduce crashes, save lives, and make Texas roads safer for everyone," Kent Livesay, vice president and general manager of AAA Texas, wrote in his message to readers. "This new law will make travel safer for every Texan."

VPPPA, BCSP Sign Partnership Agreement

The two organizations will collaborate to improve the protection of workers and will encourage students and other professionals to choose occupational safety and health as a career and advance their competency in that field.

Home Depot to Pay $5.7 Million Penalty for Selling Recalled Products

CPSC said the Atlanta-based company's agreement settles charges that it knowingly sold and distributed approximately 2,816 recalled products from 33 separate voluntary corrective actions from August 2012 through November 2016.

Chemical Plant Suffers Two Explosions Due to Flooding

Chemical Plant Suffers Two Explosions Due to Flooding

Early Thursday morning, two explosions generating billows of thick black smoke were reported at a flooded chemical plant in Crosby, Texas, just 30 miles northeast of downtown Houston

New Orleans Issues Guidance for Securing Construction Sites

The city's guidance for securing construction material in anticipation of heavy rain includes covering electrical equipment from exposure to the weather; securing netting, scaffolding, and sidewalk sheds; and also suspending crane operations and securing crane equipment when wind speeds reach 30 mph or greater.

NIOSH Analyzes Commercial Fisheries' Fatalities, Issues Recommendations

The Northeast's multi-species groundfish trawling had the highest fatality rate of all during 2005-2014 at 30 per 10,000 FTEs.

Safety+ Conference Gets Safely Under Way

VPPPA's annual national conference apparently has dodged most of the Hurricane Harvey bullet. Now, thousands of attendees from VPP companies are in downtown New Orleans to learn, network, and share their expertise.

Morial Center Welcomes Safety+ Attendees, New Safety Director

Attendees and exhibitors at VPPPA's annual national conference are meeting inside the sixth largest U.S. convention facility, which recently hired a new director for its Public Safety Department.

High Water Rescues Under Way in Golden Triangle

Major flooding is occurring in much of the region, and many rescues are now needed in the Golden Triangle area of southeast Texas.

Checking Out the Safety+ Expo

Attendees at VPPPA's annual national conference got their first look at the exhibit floor during an Aug. 29 reception inside the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center in downtown New Orleans.

ILO Creates Global Future of Work Commission

It is to focus in particular on the relationship between work and society, the challenge of creating decent jobs for all, the organization of work and production, and the governance of work.

California Taking Comments on Updated Chlorpyrifos Risk Assessment

DPR scientists believe chlorpyrifos may pose a public health risk as a toxic air contaminant based on its assessment of the latest studies in the scientific community. That finding must go through a public comment period and be independently evaluated by other scientists, however.

In-Car Technologies Preventing Crashes, IIHS Research Shows

"This is the first evidence that lane departure warning is working to prevent crashes of passenger vehicles on U.S. roads," said Jessica Cicchino, IIHS vice president of research. "Given the large number of fatal crashes that involve unintentional lane departures, technology aimed at preventing them has the potential to save a lot of lives."

Oregon Conference to Highlight Ripple Effect of Injuries

The Sept. 19 keynote speaker Gary Norland, is an electrician who survived being shocked by a 12,500-volt, 200-amp overhead power line. His presentation is titled "The Impact of an Injury: What are You Risking?" and will explain that, while dedication to a job should be a focus, it should never become more important than working safely.

OSHA Cites SD Company in Trench Collapse

As of June 1, 2017, 15 workers in the United States have died this year in trench collapses. The total during 2016 was 23 deaths in trenching and excavation operations, OSHA reported.

OccuNomix Announces New Distribution Center

OccuNomix International LLC announced the grand opening of its new fully stocked distribution center in Sparks, NV.

NRC Amends Radioactive Materials Medical Use Requirements

The changes will update training and experience requirements for authorized users, medical physicists, radiation safety officers, and nuclear pharmacists and also will allow associate radiation safety officers to be named on a medical license, among other things.

Washington Company Cited for Shorting Construction Workers on Project

"Integrity vastly underpaid its employees for the work they did," said Elizabeth Smith, assistant director for L&I's Fraud Prevention and Labor Standards division. "It's important that agencies and non-profits understand that using public money on a project means it's covered under prevailing wage."

INTERPOL Completes First Course for Middle East Law Enforcement on Countering Social Media Use by Terrorists

The Aug. 7–11 training course brought together intelligence officers and investigators from Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, and Tunisia to enhance identification and detection of potential terrorism subjects.

HUD Update of Manufactured Home Standards Coming Soon?

The agency has a proposed rule under OIRA review, with an NPRM to be published in September 2017.

Kentucky Company Wins First Governor's Safety and Health Award

"I want to congratulate MPD, Inc. on earning its first Governor's Safety and Health Award," said Labor Secretary Derrick Ramsey. "Working 1,256,157 hours without a lost-time injury is a great accomplishment.

3M Personal Safety Division Launches Silica Toolkit

The company calls it a starting point to help safety managers navigate the dangers of silica for their workers in construction and general industry.

We're Underestimating Slip and Fall Risks: New Pig Survey

Underestimating floor safety risks and being unaware of high-risk walk zones within their buildings will expose employers to significant liability, medical costs, productivity losses, and damage to brand reputation, New Pig stresses, citing BLS data that same-level slip and fall accidents are the leading cause of workplace injuries.

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