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HVLS fans are gaining recognition as an efficient way of improving air movement, reducing heat stress, lowering energy costs, and creating a better overall environment. (Rite-Hite photo)

Reducing Heat Stress with HVLS Fans and Dock Seals

Dock equipment keeps conditioned air inside. HVLS fans circulate air to boost employee comfort, safety, and efficiency.

Driverless Vehicle Testing, Use OK in California

"This is a major step forward for autonomous technology in California," DMV Director Jean Shiomoto said. "Safety is our top concern, and we are ready to begin working with manufacturers that are prepared to test fully driverless vehicles in California."

Comfort differs greatly from person to person, making it a poor benchmark to judge garment suitability. It should not be the sole determining factor. (Westex by Milliken photo)

Exploring Measures to Protect Your Employees from Heat Stress

There are a number of ways to guard against heat stress, and those can be divided into preventative measures, protective measures, and proper attire.

Anybody can choose to go above and beyond what OSHA requires. In this case, going above and beyond could reduce the chance that something is done incorrectly.

Do You Really Need a 5,000-Pound Anchor Point to Satisfy OSHA?

You may be eliminating perfectly good anchor points where it’s already difficult to achieve proper fall protection.

Defining Safety Excellence: What Does Great Look Like?

If it isn't clear to executive leadership what it would look like when successful, expect misalignment throughout the rest of the organization.

Ejection Seat Manufacturer Fined $1.4 Million in Red Arrows Pilot's Death

An investigation by the Health and Safety Executive concluded a mechanical fault led to the failure of the parachute deployment mechanism designed to bring the 35-year-old pilot to ground safely, and this resulted in the main parachute failing to deploy.

Red Light Enforcement Funds Going to 35 Pennsylvania Cities

The state's Automated Red Light Enforcement program works to improve safety at signalized intersections by providing automated enforcement at locations where data shows red light running has been a problem. Total funding since 2010 has reached $62.87 million for 366 safety projects.

GAO Report Identifies Challenges to Counterfeit and IP Enforcement

"The risks associated with the types of counterfeit goods we purchased can extend beyond the infringement of a company's intellectual property rights," the report says. "For example, a UL investigation of counterfeit iPhone adapters found a 99 percent failure rate in 400 counterfeit adapters tested for safety, fire, and shock hazards and found that 12 of the adapters posed a risk of lethal electrocution to the user."

P3 Program Participants at Work

The agency noted that the increasing threat of infectious diseases spurs the need for breakthrough technologies and capabilities to protect first responders and equip them with therapeutics to stop infectious agents.

Energy Inspector General Faults Beryllium Controls at Los Alamos National Laboratory

The IG's Feb. 20 report concluded LANL did not fully implement an effective Prevention Program as required, did not complete hazard assessments with sampling plans for each record in its 2016 beryllium inventory, and released potentially contaminated areas for other use without a formal evaluation to ensure any residual contamination was within acceptable limits.

California Governor Signs Dam Safety Bill

The bill's author, Assemblyman James Gallagher, said the new law will ensure "that California leads national and global efforts to update and modernize dam safety requirements."

Hanford Sets Meeting on Tunnel 2 Plans

A public meeting has been scheduled for March 14 at 5 p.m. in Richland, Wash., so area residents can learn more about the plans to finish filling and stabilizing two large tunnels there that have been used to store contaminated waste.

DC Earns Certification for Streetcar Oversight Program

The clock is ticking toward an April 2019 deadline for 30 states with rail transit systems that must obtain certification of their State Safety Oversight Programs.

OSHA Renews Alliance to Protect Entertainment Industry Workers

During the five-year alliance, participants will provide USITT and IATSE members with information and educational resources that address falls, electrical hazards, ergonomics, and other industry hazards.

Nursing Now Launches Worldwide

Nursing Now is a three-year campaign run in collaboration with the International Council of Nurses and the World Health Organization; it is a program of the Burdett Trust for Nursing.

Dropped Objects Standard Comments Due By March 26

"This initiative is a direct effort to fill the void in guidance on dropped object incidents, which have continued to rise in recent years," Boake Paugh, president of West Coast Corporation and a member of ISEA's Dropped Object Prevention Group.

California Wildfire Litigation Conference Addresses 2017 Disasters

The conference is taking place at the Hotel Nikko San Francisco and features RHP Risk Management's Randy McClure among the speakers.

EASA Publishes First Opinion on Safe Drone Operations in Europe

The formal opinion is a step toward keeping drone operations safe and secure and the adoption of concrete regulatory proposals by the European Commission.

Commerce Secretary Promises 'One-Stop Shop' for Space Commerce

"The rate of regulatory change must match the rate of technological change," Wilbur Ross said during the second meeting of the re-activated National Space Council. "The government must not stand in the way of this progress, as it so often does. It is time to unshackle business activity in space."

Department of Energy Hosting 2018 ARPA-E Summit Next Month

This year's Summit includes a Technology Showcase with more than 275 exhibitors and features presentations on topics such as autonomous robots, next-generation lithium-based batteries, high power systems and thermal management challenges in Defense, and quantifying technical risk for advanced nuclear reactors.

NYC Releases Trade Waste Safety Manual

The 54-page manual includes sections on topics such as traffic and road safety on the collection route, proper lifting technique while collecting, personal protective equipment, and vehicle inspection.

When Human and Machine-Generated Data Come Together:  The Future Approach to Advancing Worker Safety

When Human and Machine-Generated Data Come Together: The Future Approach to Advancing Worker Safety

Safety managers are making an impact. While accident rates have fallen from a rate of 4,000 per 100,000 workers in 2000 to half that figure in 2015, these rates are still too high and the damages associated with them are still too extreme.

NRC Proposes $145,000 Penalty for Southern Nuclear Operating Co.

Southern Nuclear Operating Co. has taken a number of corrective actions, including procedure revisions, additional training and oversight, and disciplinary action for the employees who entered false data indicating they had completed equipment data checks and area inspections.

ASTM Exoskeletons Standards Group Gets to Work

The new committee on exoskeletons and exosuits, F48, held its first meeting this month and decided what the subcommittees and task groups will focus on. The need for technical standards has grown as use of exoskeletons grows in manufacturing, military, health care, and other applications.

Alaska Public Health Updates Vaccination Advisory

With 214 confirmed and 33 probable cases having been reported to the Alaska Section of Epidemiology since the mumps outbreak started in Anchorage last summer, the state says any Alaska resident who would like additional protection against mumps is eligible to receive a third dose of the MMR vaccine.

New Executive Director Joins CSB

"Steve's investigative experience, together with his leadership experience in both the government and private sector, will be a tremendous asset to leading our investigations and recommendations division," CSB Chairperson Vanessa Allen Sutherland said.

NIOSH Study Highlights Hearing Loss Among Ag, Forestry, Fishing Workers

When researchers examined the industries, they found as many as 36 percent of noise-exposed workers have hearing loss. They also found workers in the aquaculture and logging industries to be at higher risk for hearing loss. This group remains one of the industrial sectors with the highest hearing loss risk.

Canadian Grant to Aid Sharing of Brain Research Data

The $10.17 million grant will create the Canadian Open Neuroscience Platform, a partnership of 15 universities that will facilitate sharing of data that supports research to advance treatments for Canadians suffering from neurological diseases.

WV Medical Cannabis Board to Recommend Smokable Marijuana

The board also will recommend removing a cap on the number of growers, processors, and dispensaries in West Virginia.

SAMHSA Publishes Best Practices on Medication-Assisted Treatment for Opioid Use Disorder

Treatment Improvement Protocol 63, "Medications for Opioid Use Disorder," reviews the use of methadone, naltrexone, and buprenorphine, the three FDA-approved medications to treat opioid use disorders.