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Senator Introduces Legislation Aimed at Improving Black Lung Detection

According to a recent study in the American Journal of Public Health, cases of black lung are at a 25-year high in Appalachian coal mining states, and as many as one in five underground coal miners in Appalachia has evidence of black lung.

Data Shows Increase in Hearing Loss in Oil and Gas Drilling Sector

Data Show Increase in Hearing Loss in Oil and Gas Drilling Sector

Hearing test data collected by British Columbia employers in the oil and gas drilling sector between 2012 and 2017 show that the percentage of workers who showed signs of noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL) has increased by 12 percent over those five years, from 33 percent in 2012 to 45 percent in 2017, according to WorkSafeBC.

HIOSH Reminds Workers and Public about Hurricane Hazards

"Recovery work should not put you in the recovery room," DLIR Director Leonard Hoshijo said. "Storm recovery work involves a wide range of safety and health hazards, which can be minimized by knowledge, safe work practices and personal protective equipment."

More Montana Pharmacies to Get Drug Collection Boxes

The 38-gallon boxes and starter packs of liners are being offered at no cost to retail pharmacies and hospitals and clinics with on-site pharmacies to be used to collect and then dispose of prescription drugs.

Space Heater Recall Reannounced After Fire Death

A death occurred in December 2017 in a fire involving a recalled space heater; the victim was a 90-year-old man in Chanhassen, Minn. Vornado has received a total of 19 reports of the heaters catching on fire.

OSHA Offers New Resources on Respirable Silica Standard

The FAQs were developed by OSHA, along with industry and labor organizations. They provide guidance on the crystalline silica standard requirements for employers and workers in construction.

Ohio Company Cited for 44 Safety and Health Violations

OSHA has cited rubber and plastic manufacturer Sperry & Rice LLC for 44 safety and health violations at its plant in Killbuck, Ohio, and issued a total of $400,775 in penalties.

FMCSA Sets Meeting, Seeks Comments on Hours of Service Changes

The agency is considering revising for specific areas of the regulations, including extending the current 14-hour on-duty limitation by up to two hours when a truck driver encounters adverse driving conditions. The first in a series of public listening sessions is set for Aug. 24 in Dallas.

Arizona's Safe Drug Disposal Program Expands

Gov. Doug Ducey's partnership with Walgreens started with disposal kiosks at 18 Walgreens locations in 2016. Arizona now has 35 kiosks around the state with 24-hour accessibility.

Oregon blue clay may help fight disease-causing bacteria in wounds, including treatment-resistant bacteria, ASU and Mayo Clinic researchers showed. (Photo by Lynda Williams, Arizona State University)

Natural Clays Effective Against Drug-Resistant Bacteria

The researchers showed that certain clays kill bacteria, including many drug-resistant pathogens. "Working with Mayo Clinic, we showed that these clays also diminish populations of bacterial biofilms, as well as bacteria common in wounds that are more resistant to drugs," said Arizona State University biogeochemist Lynda Williams.

Illinois DOT Planning Distracted Driving Summit

IDOT will convene state and local agencies, elected officials, and other stakeholders for a safety summit in October focused on distracted driving. The announcement came as traffic deaths are rising in Illinois and the state's governor, Bruce Rauner, proclaimed Aug. 17 as Traffic Fatality Awareness Day in Illinois.

$3.5 Million Utility Training Center to Be Built Near Pittsburgh

"This is the first step in a unique project that will assure reliable services -- gas, electricity, water, sewer, and telecommunications -- are safely delivered to homes and businesses across Pennsylvania," said State Sen. Don White.

Flashlights Recalled Because of Explosion Risk

The Koehler-Bright Star recall covers about 7,700 units of its WorkSafe 3-D cell flashlights because they are missing an encapsulation on a circuit board component that protects the flashlight from igniting an explosive environment.

HSE's Chief Executive Resigns

Dr. Richard Judge has stepped down as chief executive of the Britain's Health and Safety Executive. He resigned on Friday, Aug. 17, after leading the organization since November 2014.

AHA Statement Warns of Chagas Disease Risk

Chagas disease is caused by a parasite, transmitted by a blood-sucking insect— Trypanosoma cruzi – and less frequently, from mother to fetus or by contaminated food or drink. About one-third of people infected with it develop chronic heart disease. It is found mostly in Central and South America, but there are now an estimated 300,000 infected persons in the United States

1,776 Overdose Deaths in Tennessee Last Year

Deaths related to fentanyl rose significantly. Heroin was associated with the deaths of 311 Tennesseans in 2017, a 20 percent increase over the previous year, but fentanyl was associated with 500 deaths, a 70 percent increase since 2016.

NFPA Faults 'Breakdown' of Code Adoption Process in Connecticut

"Connecticut residents should not be forced to live in substandard homes when the code process is taken over by the special interests," said NFPA President and CEO Jim Pauley. "Connecticut legislators have a responsibility to keep people safe, and they have shirked that responsibility."

FAA Warns Drone Operators: Stay Away from Wildfires

If unauthorized drone operations interfere with wildfire suppression, law enforcement, or emergency response efforts, the drone operators could face civil penalties that exceed $20,000 and potential criminal prosecution.

Company Joins Maryland Apprenticeship Ambassador Program

"A big problem for us was getting young minds and their parents interested in the automotive field. It's a stereotype that this is a dirty industry and you cannot make a good living doing this. Nothing could be further from the truth," said Dynamic Automotive's owner and managing partner, Dwayne Myers. "There are more lines of computer code in today's car than in the F-35 strike fighter, a lot more."

$500,000 Fine Issued in UK Ergonomics Case

"This was a case of the company completely failing to grasp the importance of HAVS health surveillance," HSE Inspector Janet Hensey said. "“If they had understood why health surveillance was necessary, it would have ensured that it had the right systems in place to monitor workers' health and the employees' condition would not have been allowed to develop to a severe and life-altering stage."

DC Circuit Vacates EPA's Delay of Chemical Plants Rule

EPA promulgated the rule in on Jan. 13, 2017, to revise requirements for Risk Management Programs under the Clean Air Act, in the wake of the West explosion and other chemical accidents. When the Trump administration took over soon afterward, EPA delayed the rule three times.

DoD Inspector General to Examine Open Burning of Explosives

Announced Aug. 10 on its website, the project will examine whether DoD's activities comply with relevant environmental and related laws, and also the policies used at the active sites.

Teams participating in the 22nd annual Hazmat Challenge can test their skills in a safe, realistic environment. (LANL photo)

LANL Hosts 22nd Annual Hazmat Challenge

For more than 20 years, hazmat teams have taken part in this event for a chance to network with one another, practice technical skills, and learn new techniques under realistic conditions in a safe environment.

Oregon OSHA Announces Cannabis Safety Forum

The Sept. 18-19 forum, which is titled "Safety and Health in the Cannabis Industry: From Seed to Shatter," is part of the Central Oregon Occupational Safety and Health Conference.

Kentucky Construction Company Receives Governor's Award

Trace Creek Construction, Inc. in Vanceburg, Ky., received a Governor's Safety and Health Award this month.

Workplace Violence Toolkit Released by Oregon Hospitals Association

"At the end of the day, we all care deeply about keeping people safe while they care for the sick and believe that we should take all steps possible to reduce violence in our hospitals and health care settings to zero," OAHHS President and CEO Andy Davidson said.

Report Finds Link Between Risk of Work-Related Injury and Opioid Overdose Deaths

The report, which analyzed the rate of fatal opioid overdoses by industry and occupation, found that workers in occupations with high rates of work-related injuries had higher rates of fatal opioid overdoses.

NY State Sues OxyContin's Maker

"Our investigation found a pattern of deception and reckless disregard for New Yorkers' health and well-being as Purdue lined its own pockets by deliberately exploiting our communities and fueling an opioid epidemic that's destroyed families across the state," Attorney General Barbara D. Underwood said Aug. 14.

ABA Releases Report on Opioids Crisis

It makes nine recommendations and suggests 45 action items, including recommending more education and training opportunities to leverage existing policies that protect people dealing with substance misuse and providing treatment for under-insured and uninsured people.

NIST Demonstrates Laser Ranging's Use in Analyzing Fires

Laser ranging can "see" three-dimensional objects melting in fires, according to an article posted Aug. 8 by the agency.