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Venezuela's Avior Airlines Added to EU Safety List

The addition means it is subject to an operating ban or operating restrictions within the European Union. Mustique Airways (St. Vincent and the Grenadines) and Urga (Ukraine) were removed after they made safety improvements.

Several railroad grade crossings will get flashing lights and gates as a result of nearly $10 million from the Railroad Safety Grants for the Safe Transportation of Energy Products (STEP) by Rail Program.

FRA Delays System Safety Rule Another Year

The rule would require commuter and intercity passenger railroads to implement a system safety program. FRA's Nov. 30 notice says rail labor organizations filed a single joint petition seeking a delay, and state and local transportation departments and authorities filed three other petitions.

First ZR1 Corvette to Be Auctioned Next Month

The auction wll benefit the Stephen Siller Tunnel to Towers Foundation and its Building for America's Bravest program. The car is the fastest, most powerful production Corvette ever made, according to the company.

Colorado Agencies Step Up DUI Enforcement Through Dec. 11

According to preliminary data, 193 people have died in impaired driving crashes on Colorado roadways through Oct. 31 this year, a sharp increase from 170 at the same time a year ago.

In terms of both materials and ergonomics, frame quality is of critical importance when choosing safety eyewear. (Bollé Safety photo)

The Economics of Safety Eyewear

Eyewear that is uncomfortable or structurally compromised simply doesn't get worn.

The revised HCS standard spells out how to maintain a written HazCom program, how to properly label containers of chemicals and chemical containers that will be shipped to other workplaces, and employee training programs.

What the Standards Require

Both 1910.1200 and 1910.120 are critical to those working with hazardous chemicals and to their supervisors.

It is worth noting that the process of de-energizing a system is energized work. Until the absence of voltage is verified, any work done is still considered energized and, therefore, requires appropriate hazard protections, such as arc-rated PPE. (Westex by Milliken photo)

Four Parties Affected by NFPA 70E Updates in 2018

The updated NFPA 70E can be explored through the lens of parties impacted. Through analyzing party responsibility, safety engineers and managers can make informed decisions to comply.

Training programs always must focus on why it is never acceptable to take shortcuts and "work around" safety codes to complete a job more quickly. (Molex, LLC photo)

Utilizing Proper Technologies Key to Ensuring Electrical Safety

Adequate training, protection from exposure, and disciplined use of ground fault circuit interrupters are integral to keeping workers safe.

Most Emergency Response Plans read well on paper but have gaps that typically come to light only when a plant-wide drill is conducted to test the plan.

The Value of Realistically Testing Your ERP

Warning! This is a test. This is a test of the Emergency Response Plan.

One Tall Order

Wind turbines are getting larger and larger. Some turbines' nacelles can be about 160 meters—about 525 feet—above the ground, and the blades can be about 75 meters long.

A well-run program is the best way to help ensure that your welders are protected from respiratory hazards. (3M photo)

Tips for Dealing with Respiratory Hazards in Welding

After identifying the hazards, the exposure levels from the exposure assessment must be compared to the permissible exposure limit, as set by OSHA, to determine whether respiratory protection is needed.

Portable Gas Detection

Safety should always be of the highest priority—it is the reason these detectors were invented, after all.

The 'Surprising' Realities of Slips, Trips & Falls: What It Takes to Actually Make Significant Improvements

What you think helps actually can make things worse. For example, increasing coefficient of friction can increase trips when footing "sticks" on a surface.

We congratulate the 23 winners in our ninth annual contest recognizing the most innovative new safety products.

2017 NPOY Contest Winners Honored

We congratulate the 23 winners in our ninth annual contest recognizing the most innovative new safety products.

Maryland Paid Leave Battle Lines Drawn

Gov. Larry Hogan this week unveiled the Paid Leave Compromise Act of 2018, saying it will be filed as emergency legislation and be ready on the first day of the legislative session starting in January. He vetoed HB1, the paid leave bill passed by the General Assembly, in May 2017.

The 2016 standard was written to be scalable to meet the needs of both large and small companies with varying levels of technology present in their machinery and processes.

Controlling Hazardous Energy with Lockout/Tagout—Common Challenges and Best Practices

We have found that only about 10 percent of companies run effective lockout programs. In fact, we have observed that up to three-out-of-ten employers have no lockout program at all.

The safety manager can instantly see, via his or her own smartphone, tablet, laptop, etc., which worker is using which detector. (Honeywell Industrial Safety photo)

Connect Workers and Technology for Safer, More Efficient Work Sites

Acquiring the latest software for safety management and monitoring can make a significant difference. The key is connected technology.

To fight any fire effectively, the person operating the extinguisher must be able to move around easily and safely while holding the extinguisher. (Johnson Controls photo)

Get the Facts About Fire Extinguisher Selection

In tough, high-hazard environments, fire extinguishers are put to the test.

Many Protective Glasses Not Tested on Ultrafast Pulsed Lasers, NIST Warns

Many laser eyewear products are not being tested with ultrafast pulsed lasers, the type that increasingly supply light for biomedical applications and imaging, materials processing, industrial micromachining, and that means the eyewear may not provide adequate protection for the technical workers who depend on them, researchers found.

New Risk Research Institute Launched in Britain

The plan is for the institute's researchers to take lessons learned from four decades of incident investigations and research and make them accessible to industry, helping to ensure mistakes aren't repeated as new technologies and industries emerge.

Fourteen Appointed to HHS Tick-Borne Disease Working Group

HHS reports that Lyme disease accounts for the majority of tick-borne disease in the United States, and CDC estimates more than 300,000 people are diagnosed with Lyme disease annually, but only about 30,000 of those cases are reported to local and state health departments and to CDC.

DEA Restructuring Includes Louisville Field Division

The first new Field Division in nearly 20 years, it will be established on Jan. 1 and will include Kentucky, Tennessee, and West Virginia.

WHO Estimates 10 Percent of Developing Countries' Medical Products Falsified or Substandard

"Substandard and falsified medicines particularly affect the most vulnerable communities," said Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, WHO's director-general. "Imagine a mother who gives up food or other basic needs to pay for her child's treatment, unaware that the medicines are substandard or falsified, and then that treatment causes her child to die. This is unacceptable. Countries have agreed on measures at the global level – it is time to translate them into tangible action."

2018 NFPA Fire Code Has Been Released

NFPA 1-2018 contains a new chapter on marijuana growing, processing or extraction facilities and another new chapter on cleaning and purging of flammable gas piping systems.

Insurance Agent Sentenced in Comp Fraud Case

The Washington state Attorney General's Office prosecuted the case as an aggravated offense because it happened over a long time and involved multiple acts as well as the loss of a large amount of money.

ASSE Seeking New Executive Director

"We welcome any nominations for executives who you believe would be a great fit for the role, as well as invite any interested parties to submit their resumes to the Korn Ferry team," said ASSE President Jim Smith, MS, CSP.

Another Oregon Company Graduates from SHARP

About 23 employer locations in Oregon participate in SHARP at this time, and about 157 additional employers have graduated from the program. An employer becomes a graduate when it completes five years of SHARP.

Real Time Crime Center Opens in New Orleans

Real-Time Crime Center Opens in New Orleans

The center, which cost more than $5 million, is part of a citywide public safety plan.

This NASA photo shows the mark left on a window of the International Space Station’s Cupola by a micro meteor orbital debris strike. The Space Debris Sensor will measure the orbital debris environment for two to three years, according to NASA.

Debris Sensor Among Research Projects Set for Space Station Delivery

One investigation being delivered in the next resupply mission will help researchers understand how to prevent muscle breakdown in the absence of gravity.

NIOSH Seeks Extension of Violence Research Project

Six states have enacted laws to reduce violence against health care workers by requiring workplace violence prevention programs, but little is understood about how effective their laws are at reducing violence against health workers, the NIOSH notice states.