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Drivers More Distracted Around Emergency Vehicles, Endangering First Responders: NSC

More than 1 in 10 respondents—16 percent—said they have either struck or almost struck a first responder or emergency vehicle stopped on or near the road. Despite these responses, 89 percent of drivers said they believe distracted drivers are a major source of risk to first responders.

Health effects of breathing welding fumes include eye, nose, and throat irritation; possible lung damage; various types of cancer; kidney and nervous system damage; and suffocation when oxygen-displacing gases are involved in welding in confined or enclosed spaces.

National Welding Month is Here

The American Welding Society says National Welding Month is an important opportunity to highlight an industry where trade skills are in dire need, with the industry predicting a shortage of more than 200,000 skilled welding professionals by 2020.

Study Links Secondhand Smoke to Early Vascular Aging in Flight Attendants

Flight attendants with past exposure to secondhand smoke (SHS) have preclinical signs of accelerated vascular (blood vessel) aging, according to a study recently published in the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine.

DOL Launches New Resource to Help Employers Understand Mental Health Issues

The U.S. Department of Labor, in coordination with the Department’s Office of Disability Employment Policy and its Employer Assistance and Resource Network on Disability Inclusion, has launched a new resource to help employers better understand mental health issues and to provide guidance on how to cultivate a supportive workplace.

ACGIH Announces 2019 Award Recipients

The recipients will be honored during next month's American Industrial Hygiene Conference and Exposition. It take place May 20-22 in Minneapolis, Minn.

FHWA Awards $53 Million in Congestion Management Grants

The agency evaluated 51 applications requesting more than $265 million in all.

ISEA Promotes Fargo to VP Operations and Technical Services

"With more than 20 years of service to the association, Cristine has been an effective and strategic leader within ISEA. Her skills and expertise have contributed to the solid execution of our standards development, membership, and operational strategies resulting in association growth," said Charles Johnson, the president of ISEA. "Supported by talented and dedicated team members, Cristine will continue to play a key role in the success of ISEA."

Cal/OSHA Cites Construction Company After Workers Contract Valley Fever

Cal/OSHA was notified in September 2018 that the employees were hospitalized after being diagnosed with Valley Fever, also known as Coccidioidomycosis. Symptoms of the disease are similar to the flu and include fatigue, shortness of breath, and fever. Severe cases can cause serious lung problems.

ASSP Publishing ISO 45001 Implementation Handbook This Year

The handbook will provide small and medium-sized businesses with detailed guidance on how they can apply the voluntary consensus standard to increase employee safety, reduce workplace risks, and improve business outcomes.

NIOSH Researcher Named ACS Section's Chemist of the Year

Presented at the section's March 28 meeting at Miami University's Shriver Center in Oxford, Ohio, the award acknowledged Dr. Pramod Kulkarni's work in developing real-time, field-portable instruments that provide information on aerosols in workplace atmospheres.

The impairment argument is incredibly complex. Many employers use the term in workplace drug and alcohol policies but this may not be the most prudent choice as marijuana impairment cannot necessarily be proven beyond a reasonable doubt.

West Virginia Governor Signs Cannabis Banking Bill

"I always have and I always will fully support medical cannabis for our people who are in so much pain that their physicians deem it absolutely necessary," Gov. Jim Justice said. "I will say, adamantly, I am one hundred percent against recreational marijuana."

FAA Proposes Revised Rules for Commercial Space Launches

The rule follows the National Space Council's 2018 "Space Policy Directive 2" that called on DOT to review and revise the department's commercial space launch and re-entry licensing regulations.

Wireless technology can be a game changer for confined space entries by notifying the attendant of changes in the environment before the entrant is aware of the change. (Industrial Scientific photo)

Know Before You Go: Tips on Atmospheric Monitoring for Confined Spaces from the Training Experts

All hazards must be identified before entry to the space and listed on the permit.

AVTs use an automated process and single step activation, standardizing the process to avoid missteps in execution and sequence, and they are designed to be robust and fail-safe, with numerous reliability features.

Listing Requirements Help Absence-of-Voltage Testers Become a Better Way to Prevent Workplace Injuries

AVTs help reduce the risk of exposure to electrical hazards and improve worker safety by automating and simplifying the process of verifying the absence of voltage.

Welders should not weld in confined spaces without ventilation, and they may require respiratory protection if ventilation and the work practices being employed fail to reduce exposures to safe levels.

Welders' Protection By the Book

The protective measures and equipment that welders require are spelled out in OSHA's 29 CFR 1910.252, the welding, cutting, and brazing standard.

With a switch-rated connector system, the plug being separated from the receptacle provides visual proof that power has been removed and displays fast and positive compliance with NEC requirements for de-energizing industrial equipment. (Molex, LLC photo)

Taking the Guesswork Out of De-Energizing Industrial Equipment

New solutions expedite the lockout/tagout process and provide clear line-of-sight disconnect for operators.

The most encouraged exercise for reducing eye strain is the 20-20-20 rule. Every 20 minutes, you should focus on something at least 20 feet away for at least 20 seconds.

Four Simple and Effective Ways to Avoid Digital Eye Strain

Eye care professionals strongly recommend taking breaks throughout the workday to reduce eye fatigue and unnecessary eye strain.

OSHA, under 29 CFR 1910.157, requires that anyone who may be expected to use a fire extinguisher in the workplace be trained in their use.

Fire Safety: Prevention and Protection in the Office

Accounting for employees in the event of an emergency is vital. The Emergency Action Plan should address how to accurately account for all employees.

Auto plant workers are exposed to a variety of harsh environments that require all-over protective gear.

PPE the Automotive Industry Needs to Invest In

Training workers is vital in making sure the PPE is doing its job in protecting the users.

Don't Be at Risk

Job applicants cannot be and should not perceive being disqualified solely based on the existence of a medical condition.

Anatomy of a Failing Leader

Best leaders watch and avoid falling into leadership potholes while steadily moving toward better Safety and performance.

Fire codes and OSHA regulations require emergency exit paths to remain clear at all times. Large shipments, construction, demolition, and temporary needs don’t negate this requirement.

Eliminate 10 Fire Hazards That May Be in Plain Sight

Smoke alarms, carbon dioxide detectors, and hazardous gas sensors need to be tested and sometimes calibrated regularly to ensure they will function properly when needed.

Taking Aim at Rail Trespasser Casualties

More people are struck and killed by trains each year while trespassing than in motor vehicle collisions with trains at highway-rail grade crossings.

Washington Hospital Cited for Failing to Protect Workers from Assaults

The Washington Department of Labor and Industries has cited and fined Washington state's largest state-run psychiatric hospital for failing to protect employees from assaults by patients.

NYC Mayor Cutting City's Vehicle Fleet

The city will eliminate least 1,000 vehicles from its fleet by June 2021 and will reduce the number of take-home vehicles by at least 500 vehicles, curtail the reliance on SUVs in the city fleet, and promote increased vehicle efficiency by using advanced data collection.

NIOSH and Partners Release New Resource on First Responder Exposure Risks

NIOSH and partners released a new video to help first responders understand the risks of occupational exposures to illicit drugs and what they can do to protect themselves from exposure while responding to an emergency.

California's Governor Criticizes PG&E Over Board Plans

Gov. Gavin Newsom's letter criticized what he described as the company's plans "to reconstitute its board with hedge fund financiers, out-of-state executives and others with little or no experience in California and inadequate expertise in utility operations, regulation and safety."

ATRI Board Approves 2019 Research Agenda

The research topics cover several critical industry issues, including truck parking, younger driver safety, the return on investment of new truck safety technologies, and the impact of "nuclear" verdicts on the trucking industry.

A wildfire damaged mobile homes and property in Fallbrook, Calif., in 2007. (Photo by Andrea Booher/FEMA)

Wildfire Community Preparedness Day 2019 Set for May 4

"Since NFPA and State Farm first partnered together on Preparedness Day, the number of projects has grown tremendously. We are pleased to provide 150 communities with a grant to fund their wildfire risk reduction activities on May 4," said Vickie Hodges, P&C underwriting analyst at State Farm.

NY County Declares State of Emergency Due to Measles Outbreak

Rockland County, N.Y., has declared a state of emergency after a local measles outbreak entered its 26th week.

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