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New EPA Rule Revises Lead Limits Allowed in Dust on Floors and Windowsills

After a 2017 court ruling and a change in medical guidance, the EPA has issued new standards for the amount of lead allowed in housing and buildings where children spend significant amounts of time.

New York Construction Company Faces $224,620 in Penalties Following Fatal Structure Collapse

OSHA has cited Northridge Construction Corp for willful and serious violations of workplace safety standards following the fatality of one of the company’s employees. In the incident, the structure collapsed during the installation of roof panels to a shed in December 2018.

Occupational Health Risks: Asbestos

Occupational Health Risks: Asbestos

Over 125 million people are exposed to asbestos each year, and a large number of those incidents occur on the job.

Safe Work Australia Releases Online Fact Sheet on Endometriosis Work Safety

With about one in ten women suffering from endometriosis, it’s vital that both employers and employees know how to handle the condition in the workplace. Safe Work Australia has released an online fact sheet on endometriosis to achieve this goal.

British Government: 25 Percent of People Killed at Work in Past Year Were 60 or Older

Older workers make up 10 percent of the British workforce but were at the highest risk of dying in workplace incidents in 2018-2019.

NYC DOB: 8,000 Construction Sites Require Safety Training

NYC DOB: 8,000 Construction Sites Require Safety Training

A new interactive map released by New York City's Department of Buildings shows 8,000 construction sites that require safety training.

Unexpected Decline in Construction Spending in May

Unexpected Decline in Construction Spending in May

There was an unexpected decline in construction spending this past May after investment in private construction projects dropped to its lowest level in nearly two and a half years.

$48.1 Million in Grants to be Awarded for Workforce Reintegration of Homeless Veterans

The U.S. Department of Labor announced that $48.1 Million in the form of 149 Homeless Veterans’ Reintegration Program grants will be awarded to organizations, public agencies, boards, and governments.

Labor Department Launches Awards For Contractors Who Include People With Disabilities in Workforce

Up to four contractors will receive a “Gold Award” for their efforts and participate in a year of engagement to help educate other companies about disability inclusion.

e-Cigarette Sales to be Banned in San Francisco

e-Cigarette Sales to be Banned in San Francisco

San Fransisco Mayor London Breed has signed an ordinance that effectively bans e-cigarette sales within the city—a first of its kind ban in the United States.

OSHA Cites Illinois Metal Treating Company For 21 Violations

After two employees suffered electrical shock injuries while cleaning a metal tank, the agency found that the company did not use proper electrical safety work practices.

Kentucky Trucking Company Must Reinstate Terminated Whistleblower Employee

The U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) ordered Freight Tire Inc. to reinstate a truck driver who was terminated after refusing to operate a commercial vehicle in inclement weather.

NRC Board to Hold Hearings on Texas Storage Proposal

A Nuclear Regulatory Commission Atomic Safety and Licensing Board will hear oral arguments on petitions for an adjudicatory hearing on Interim Storage Partners' license application for an interim facility to store spent nuclear fuel in Andrews County, Texas.

Indiana Labor Newsletter Outlines EAP Preparation

An article by INSafe Safety Consultant Mark McDaniel notes that the state of Indiana ranks high for the frequency of storm weather resulting in a tornado, adding that tornadoes and other emergencies are identified in the OSHA general industry standards under 29 CFR 1910.38 for Emergency Action Plans.

ASSP Produces Technical Report on Automated Vehicle Use

"This type of technology holds incredible promise for its potential to prevent injuries and save lives, but plenty of work remains for the safe development and deployment of automated vehicles on a mass scale," said Kelly Nantel, who chairs the ASSP technical subcommittee that wrote the report.

FDA Issues Prescription Labeling Draft Guidance

The draft guidance will help ensure the information in product labeling on abuse, misuse, addiction, physical dependence and tolerance is clear, concise, useful, and informative.

NTSB to Meet July 23 for Probable Cause of 2018 Amtrak Crash

The Amtrak train struck a stopped CSX train near Cayce, S.C. The southbound Amtrak train had been diverted from the main track through a hand-thrown switch into a siding, where it collided with the CSX train.

IEEE Launching 14 New Open Access Journals

The journals span a wide range of technologies, including telecommunications, computing, biomedical engineering, automotive technology, signal processing, industry applications, and power and energy. They will begin accepting submissions in fall 2019 and publish their first articles in early 2020.

Fireworks Users Reminded of Safeguards

The Consumer Product Safety Commission's staff has reports of a total of 121 fireworks-related deaths between 2003 and 2018.

ALJ Upholds Citations Against Jersey City Medical Center

OSHA issued citations for one willful and four serious safety violations against the medical center for electrical hazards after a maintenance worker received an electrical shock and fell from a ladder while changing an overhead ballast in a light fixture in June 2016. He died a month later.

State Farm Sponsoring West Virginia Courtesy Patrol

State Farm is the new sponsor of the Courtesy Patrol, whose personnel assist drivers on the entire 88 miles of the West Virginia Turnpike, from Charleston to Princeton. It now has a new name, the WV Turnpike State Farm Safety Patrol.

The study found that more than half of the surveyed home builders are building at least 16 percent of their new homes green.

Cal/OSHA Cites Solar Panel Installation Company

The agency launched an investigation after a worker was seriously injured by a fall from the roof of an Oakland home, and the investigation determined that Nexus Energy Systems, Inc. did not provide required fall protection for its workers.

CSU Presents 2019 Outstanding Safety Professional Award

"I am honored that Columbia Southern University has chosen me to represent them in this way. I hope to inspire other professionals to continue to develop as leaders and expand their understanding of their craft," Wyatt Bradbury said. "I also hope to challenge experienced professionals to begin the transfer of knowledge that is necessary for the next generation of OSH professionals."

DOT Eases CDL Process for the States

The proposed rule would give states discretion to allow qualified third-party skills trainers to also conduct the skills testing for the same individual.

Vermont Launches Logger Safety and Insurance Program

The program is designed to modernize safety training for logging contractors and their employees, reducing injuries and insurance claims and allowing them to qualify for lower insurance rates.

NRC Taking Comments on Vermont's Agreement State Request

Under the proposed agreement, Vermont would accept responsibility for licensing, rulemaking, inspection, and enforcement activities related to industrial, medical, and academic uses of radioactive material. However, by law, NRC would retain jurisdiction over the Vermont Yankee nuclear power plant.

MNOSHA Sees Increase in Amputation Reports

Since the current federal fiscal year began Oct. 1, 2018, Minnesota OSHA Compliance has received 15 reports of amputations, many of them to workers' hands and fingers. The agency is urging employers to take immediate steps to assess and reassess amputation hazards and risks in their workplaces and take needed corrective actions to eliminate them, as well as redouble their efforts to train employees on how to perform tasks safely.

Health Canada Issues New Reporting Requirements for Hospitals

Hospitals will be required to report serious adverse drug reactions and medical device incidents to Health Canada within 30 days after the incidents are documented within the institutions.

DARPA GRIT Program Webinar Set for July 8

The Gamma Ray Inspection Technology program seeks novel approaches to achieve high-intensity, tunable, narrow-bandwidth sources of gamma ray radiation. These would be useful for a wide range of national security, industrial, and medical applications.

ISO Publishes First International Standard for Passenger Lifts

Dr. Gero Gschwendtner, chair of the ISO technical committee that developed the standards. said the harmonization of the existing standards removes the barrier to international trade and ensures the same safety level for stakeholders all over the world.