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NIOSH HHE Evaluated Diesel Exhaust Exposure at Fire Stations

The evaluation was in response to a concern from firefighters who were concerned that diesel exhaust from firefighting apparatus could enter the living and sleeping areas of their fire stations.

UK Firm Fined $1.29 Million After Worker Suffers Severe Burns

The Health and Safety Executive investigated the 2013 case that involved a contractor’s work on a pipe carrying pure oxygen.

Repair Work Begins at NYC's Penn Station

Amtrak has begun emergency repair work. Meanwhile, MTA Chairman Joe Lhota recently announced a "top-to-bottom" audit of the agency and will propose a plan within 60 days to modernize its subways.

NYC Updates Accessiblity Guidelines

The guidelines, above and beyond mandatory building codes, will help architects provide more accessible features to the 11.2 percent of city residents who have identified as having a disability, according to the mayor's office. Meanwhile, ICC has updated the 2009 ICC A117.1, Accessible and Usable Buildings and Facilities standard.

Houston Event Focused on Chemical Industry, Threats

The three-day 2017 Chemical Sector Security Summit begins July 19 with more than 500 chemical sector stakeholders and government and industry professionals expected to attend.

New BCSP Certification to Be Out in Final Form This Month

Development of the new certification began more than one year ago with a panel of subject matter experts meeting in July 2016 to outline the knowledge and skills their industries require of safety managers and specialists.

DOL Women's Bureau Turns 97

The bureau was created by Public Law No. 259 on June 5, 1920, which gave the bureau the duty to "formulate standards and policies which shall promote the welfare of wage-earning women, improve their working conditions, increase their efficiency, and advance their opportunities for profitable employment."

CDC Report Shows Deaths from Cancer Higher in Rural America

This is the first report to highlight the differences in cancer deaths based on geographic location.

Roof Fall Accidents Remain Leading Cause of Coal Miner Injuries

The number of roof fall accidents has declined, however.

New CDC Director Appointed

Dr. Brenda Fitzgerald has been the commissioner of the Georgia Department of Public Health and the state health officer for the past six years.

Airbus in Service Contract with Nepalese Airline

Fishtail Air Pvt. Ltd operates charter flights in Nepal and occasional flights in Bhutan and India, including sightseeing, rescue, medical evacuation, corporate transport, and support flights for heli-trekking to popular tourist destinations.

DOT Proposes $12.9 Billion Hudson Tunnel Plan

Building a new tunnel under the Hudson River is estimated to cost $11.1 billion and rehabilitating the existing tunnel would cost $1.8 billion more, according to DOT.

OSHA Announces Policy Change on Monorail Hoists

A new enforcement policy excludes monorail hoists from the requirements of Subpart CC.

NTSB Opens Report on 767 Engine Failure Accident

The board opened the public docket on the investigation into the October 2016 engine failure on a commercial jetliner.

This graphic shows the NHC tropical cyclone track forecast cone and watches/warnings graphics issued for Hurricane Joaquin at 0800 EDT on Sept. 30, 2015, one day before the El Faro sank in the storm.

NTSB Issues Recommendations to Improve Mariners' Weather Information

Stemming from the agency's investigation of the 2015 El Faro sinking, the 10 recommendations aim to increase the frequency of certain advisories and alerts and improve the accuracy of hurricane and tropical cyclone forecasts.

Research Could Lead to Reliable Marijuana Breathalyzer

Driving under the influence of marijuana is illegal in any state, but to enforce the law, authorities need a reliable roadside test for marijuana intoxication. More research will still be needed to understand how breath levels of THC correlate with blood levels and what blood levels of THC indicate impairment.

Chicago Plans New Fire and Police Training Academy

The existing Police Academy was built in 1976, the city's fire prevention training facility was constructed in 1950, and the Fire Academy South was developed in 1965.

NIOSH Chief Marks 50 Years of Respiratory Research

Now the Respiratory Health Division, the lab in Morgantown has made great impacts in addressing occupational respiratory disease issues by working in partnership with industry, labor, academia, government agencies, and others, Director Dr. John Howard reports in his latest newsletter.

WMATA Tests New Waterproofing Method

Beginning July 10, Metro and its contractor will test the use of a curtain grouting technique to add a waterproof membrane to the exterior of Red Line tunnel walls.

DOL Office of Workers' Compensation Programs to Monitor Opioid Usage

The monitoring will occur under the Federal Employees' Compensation Act.

OSHA to Delay Compliance Date for Electronic Recordkeeping

The administration proposed to delay the date of the Improve Tracking of Workplace Injuries and Illnesses rule.

Eleven congressional Democrats, including the HELP Committee

UK Agency Offers Guidance on E-Cigarette Rules

The new requirements require nicotine-containing products or their packaging to be child-resistant and tamper evident, ban certain ingredients, include new labeling requirements and warnings, and also require all e-cigarettes and e-liquids be notified to MHRA before they can be sold.

Air Accidents Investigation Branch's 2016 Report Issued

The report includes information on the occurrence factors established from the AAIB investigations and articles on AAIB's use of simulators and drones in accident investigations.

OSHA Holding July 17 Meeting on Strengthening VPP

OSHA said it is "seeking to reshape VPP so that it continues to represent safety and health excellence, leverages partner resources, further recognizes the successes of long-term participants, and supports smart program growth." The agency anticipates holding a second meeting in conjunction with VPPPA's Safety+ annual conference in New Orleans.

Colorado's Uninsured Employers Fund Law Now in Effect

The law creates a new fund for paying workers hurt on the job whose employers don't carry workers' compensation insurance.

Recreational Marijuana Dispensaries Open in Nevada

Despite some confusion, sales began on July 1.

Traveling to See Next Month's Solar Eclipse? You're Not Alone

Michael Zeiler of predicts from 1.8 million to 7.4 million Americans will travel to see it. There are 12.25 million people who already live in the path of the Aug. 21 event.

The C-Team is constantly looking to squeeze more juice from the company lemon. Mitigating your exposure to costly accidents is the proverbial "low hanging fruit."

Your Best in Class Safety Program

The C-Team is constantly looking to squeeze more juice from the company lemon. Mitigating your exposure to costly accidents is the proverbial "low hanging fruit."

Resources for Safety in Lead Abatement

As public and private entities continue to battle lead hazards, they've come together to provide useful information for asset owners and contractors encountering those hazards and undertaking lead abatement projects.

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