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One Month to Go Until Safety+ 2018

The Aug. 28-31 event in Nashville will feature more than 100 educational workshops and an expo hall filled by more than 250 exhibitors.

FDA Re-evaluating Identity Standards for Dairy Products

"We intend to look at these differences in relation to potential public health consequences. There are reports that indicate this issue needs examination," FDA Commissioner Dr. Scott Gottlieb said July 26.

Six States Get DOL Grants to Help Opioid Users

"A family-sustaining job is a critical step toward long-term recovery and healing from opioid misuse and abuse," Secretary of Labor Alexander Acosta said. "These grants will provide services to help Americans impacted by opioids rejoin the workforce."

OSHA Cites Contractors After Towboat Explosion

Three employees were killed and two others critically injured following an explosion aboard a towboat in Calvert City, Ky., on Jan. 19, 2018. The five contractors collectively received 55 violations with proposed penalties totaling $795,254.

NTSB Hosts Loss of Control Forum at Big Wisconsin Air Show

"People are always quick to blame the pilot in every crash, but I think [LOC] is a training system error," aerobatic performer Patty Wagstaff said in her keynote address. She cited endemic lack of stick and rudder and upset recovery training as accident factors.

CDC Launches Vision and Eye Health Surveillance System

According to CDC, an estimated 61 million adults in the United States are at high risk for serious vision loss, and the annual economic impact of major vision problems among Americans older than 40 is more than $145 billion.

Safety Groups Release Red Light Camera Checklist

Deaths from red light-running crashes in the United States have been rising since 2012, and the number of communities with the cameras has been falling.

HSE to Prosecute Two Companies for Refinery Explosion

An explosion and fire the Pembroke Refinery on June 2, 2011, killed four workers and serious injured another worker.

BSEE Releases 2017 Blowout Prevention Report

Based on follow-up documents submitted to SafeOCS, only 12 of the 18 components involved in unplanned stack pulls were sent to shore for further analysis by the original manufacturer or a third party, "despite the expectation of a root cause failure analysis (RCFA) for every stack pull," the report says.

NYC Steps Up Tick Control Measures on Staten Island

"Lyme disease is a serious issue, and anyone who thinks that the worst-case scenario simply involves a prescription for antibiotics is dangerously unaware of Lyme's true medical and societal implications," said Jimmy Oddo, Staten Island borough president.

NTSB Uses 3D Models to Investigate Incident

In the process of investigating a Feb. 2018 accident involving an air tour helicopter colliding with terrain while landing at Quartermaster landing zone in the Grand Canyon, the engineers with the National Transportation Safety Board required a 3-D digital model of the accident site and surrounding terrain.

New FDA Guidance to Spur Development of Abuse-Deterrent Generics

"We believe that transitioning from the current market, dominated by conventional opioid analgesics, to one where most opioids have abuse-deterrent properties may have the potential to further reduce misuse and abuse," FDA Commissioner Dr. Scott Gottlieb said July 20.

PHMSA, FERC to Sign Agreement on Permitting LNG Facilities

It will clarify each agency's role in the permitting process for potential LNG projects and implement procedures into FERC's authorization process that will leverage PHMSA's safety expertise to evaluate potential impacts on public safety.

NFPA Updates Energy Storage and Solar Training

Because of strong commercial and consumer interest, as well as government incentives, first responders are more likely to encounter emergency calls involving energy storage sytems or photovoltaics.

Updated ISO Food Safety Management Systems Standard Released

The new standard offers a dynamic control of food safety hazards combining the following generally recognized key elements: interactive communication, systems management, Prerequisite Programs (PRPs), and Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) principles.

Agriculture Deaths Increasing in Great Britain

A total of 33 deaths occurred in agriculture during 2017/18, four more than the year before. The leading cause was being injured by an animal -- mainly working with and near cattle.

Scientists Analyzing Smoke of Western Wildfires

The project brings together scientists from five universities and the NSF-funded National Center for Atmospheric Research. "This is a challenging field campaign," said atmospheric scientist Emily Fischer of Colorado State University. "It's not like measuring the plume from, say, a power plant."

ANSI's 2018 Leadership, Service Award Winners Announced

ANSI will honor the 23 recipients during an Oct. 17 ceremony held in conjunction with World Standards Week 2018 in Washington, D.C.

FDA Forming Working Group on Imported Prescription Drugs to Address Price Spikes

The working group will examine importation of drugs that have seen significant price increases or significant access challenges for patients, and it will examine the potential to promote competition for drugs that are off-patent or off-exclusivity and produced by one manufacturer.

This is a powered, full-body exoskeleton concept image from Sarcos Robotics.

Preventing Injury in the Workplace: How Powered, Full-Body Exoskeletons Can Improve Spine Health

Recent advances in powered, full-body exoskeleton technologies are shining a new light on the subject of spine health and back injuries and are shaping up to be a viable solution.

Big Fine Issued in Unsafe Trenching Case

"A trench can collapse in seconds and trap workers under thousands of pounds of soil," said OSHA St. Louis Area Office Director Bill McDonald. "Employers performing excavation work must develop and implement safety procedures to properly protect their employees from cave-ins, and train crews to recognize and evaluate hazards."

Ohio BWC Reminds True-Up Reporting Deadline is Aug. 15

At the end of a policy year, employers are required to true-up, meaning they report actual payroll for the policy year that ended June 30 and reconcile any difference in premium paid.

DOT Inspector General Questions NHTSA's Management of Airbag Recalls

It makes six recommendations to improve NHTSA's processes for monitoring recall remedies and scope and overseeing safety recall implementation. NHTSA concurred in full with three of the recommendations and partially concurred with the others.

DARPA Launches Program to Develop Tiny Robots for Natural Disasters

The SHort-Range Independent Microrobotic Platforms program, or SHRIMP, aims to develop and demonstrate multi-functional micro-to-milli robotic platforms for use in natural and critical disaster scenarios.

Asbestos Contractor Cited, Fined in Washington State

In two recent site inspections, the workers did not use proper safety equipment, required air sampling was not performed, and asbestos-containing material was left exposed to the public and was improperly taken through public areas.

27,000 Avalanche Transceivers Recalled

The Ortovox avalanche transceivers have been recalled because they can fail to work properly due to a software error and fail to transmit the position of survivors of an avalanche, resulting in delayed search and rescue operations.

Trump Approves Disaster Aid for Kilauea Volcano Victims

President Approves Disaster Aid for Kilauea Volcano Victims

The president also approved relief from other FEMA programs, including legal aid, crisis counseling, and unemployment benefits.

ISO Updates Information Security Standard

The standard provides organizations with guidance on navigating information security risks.

ASSP Hires New Executive Director

Jennifer McNelly brings 30 years of association, government, regulatory, and business experience to her new role. Beginning Aug. 16, she will work with the society's board of directors to execute ASSP's strategic plan for growth, leading 75 staff members.

The impairment argument is incredibly complex. Many employers use the term in workplace drug and alcohol policies but this may not be the most prudent choice as marijuana impairment cannot necessarily be proven beyond a reasonable doubt.

Health Canada Warns Medical Marijuana Producers About Sponsoring Events

Cannabis advertising is subject to several prohibitions in both the Narcotic Control Regulations and the Food and Drugs Act, with paragraph 70(b) of the NCR stating that no person shall publish or cause to be published or furnish any advertisement to the general public respecting a narcotic.