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NTSB to Hold Investigative Hearing Next Week on Southwest Engine Failure

The failure occurred on Southwest Airlines flight 1380 on April 17, 2018, after takeoff from New York City's LaGuardia Airport. Fragments from the engine struck the plane's fuselage, causing rapid depressurization, and a female passenger died as a result. Eight others suffered minor injuries.

Eying Natural Disasters, Virginia's Governor Signs Resilience Executive Order

It calls for designating Virginia's secretary of natural resources as the chief resilience officer of the Commonwealth, a review of the vulnerability of Commonwealth-owned buildings, development of a Virginia coastal resilience master plan, a review of pre-disaster mitigation programs, and a review of compliance with flood protection and dam safety laws.

Wrong Equipment Cited in Drowning Investigation

The Transportation Safety Board of Canada's investigation found that the third officer used a rope ladder to read the seaward draft marks in the middle of the vessel. When resting flat against the vessel's hull, this ladder leaves little room for hand and foot holds, making it unsuitable for this task, and the rope ladder was rigged to the guardrail in such a way that there was no safe way to access the ladder from the deck.

Mock-Up Project Lowers Risk for SRS Workers

"The mock-ups used for the liquid waste operations and SWPF tie-in project are an ideal way to test the execution of this important but hazardous scope," DOE-Savannah River Assistant Manager for Waste Disposition Jim Folk said. "Ultimately, it helps to determine the tools and techniques that will be needed to perform the tie-ins while reducing exposure to the workers."

Runaway BHP Train Under Investigation in Australia

After traveling about 55 miles, it was deliberately derailed by a company control center in Perth, according to ATSB.

Michigan, Utah, Missouri Voters Approve Marijuana Measures

The only Nov. 6 statewide ballot measure to fail was North Dakota’s Measure 3 to legalize recreational use by adults.

DOL Sets Nov. 14 Meeting for Virginia Nuclear Workers

Covered facilities in the state are BWX Technologies Inc. (previously known as Babcock & Wilcox Co.) in Lynchburg, Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility in Newport News, and the University of Virginia in Charlottesville.

Louisiana Fire Marshal's Office Urges Vigilance for Winter Fires

Three adults and four children died in six fires between Oct. 15 and Oct. 25, according to the agency.

DEA Releases 2018 Drug Threat Assessment

The Drug Enforcement Administration's acting administrator, Uttam Dhillon, said the report underscores the magnitude of the nation's opioid crisis. "This report highlights the necessity of using all the tools at our disposal to fight this epidemic," he said.

Largest Massachusetts Homeland Security Drill Under Way

Sirens, helicopters, military vehicles, first responders and other disaster response measures are expected to be present this week in various locations across the state. The public should not be alarmed, as the emergency response presence is part of the training exercise.

Safety Compliance: 4 Strategies to Get Your Employees on Board

Even when you think you've checked all the right boxes regarding safety compliance, there's one crucial element you may be neglecting: your employees. Not even the latest and greatest PPE will protect them if they aren't willing to wear it consistently and compliantly.

A Half Million Work Injuries in UK During 2017/2018: HSE

There have been no significant changes in the industries in which workers are most likely to be injured by their work, with construction and agriculture among the sectors with the highest risks.

NYC Cracking Down on Private Garbage Haulers

During the first three nights of the initiative that began Oct. 28, NYPD inspected 128 garbage hauling trucks, issued 163 moving summonses and 458 criminal summonses, and towed five garbage trucks that were deemed not safe for the road.

FDA Approves Controversial New Opioid

U.S. Sen. Edward J. Markey sharply criticized an FDA advisory committee's vote to approve Dsuvia last month. It is up to 10 times more powerful than fentanyl and 1,000 times more powerful than morphine, he warned.

Compliance Order Issued After Pipeline Explosion

The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection reported that its inspections after the Sept. 10 explosion "discovered violations including unreported landslides, impacts to aquatic resources, construction activities occurring in unpermitted areas, and several sections of the pipeline that required the installation of additional measures to prevent accelerated erosion."

2018 DuPont Kevlar® Innovation Awards

2018 DuPont™ Kevlar® Innovation Awards

For over 50 years, Kevlar® has collaborated with manufacturers to continuously improve the protection, durability, and comfort of protective gloves and sleeves.

Penn State Medical Center Adds Worker Safety Measures

The new safety measures are intended to help hospital workers distinguish between patients and visitors experiencing health-related stresses and those who are purposely aggressive.

Contractor Cited for Willful Violations of Nail Gun Regulations

A carpenter was injured on April 17 at a Lake Forest work site. He was carrying a nail gun in his right hand, with his finger on the trigger, when it discharged, plunging a nail into his left arm.

Canada's TSB Issues Call to Action on Fatigue

The Transportation Safety Board of Canada is comparable to the National Transportation Safety Board in the United States, which also has reducing fatigue-related accidents on its current Most Wanted List.

Monitoring and sampling for dusts, gases, vapors, and mists should be a part of any personal exposure assessment initiative and is not only accepted practice, it represents best practice when done correctly. (Casella photo)

Monitoring for Respiratory Hazards—Challenges and Opportunities in the Workplace

Monitoring and sampling for dusts, gases, vapors, and mists should be a part of any personal exposure assessment initiative and is not only accepted practice, it represents best practice when done correctly.

With their old palm coating, workers at a water heater manufacturer were going through three pairs of gloves per day. The new palm coating gave them about three days of wear for each pair of gloves. (Magid photo)

A New Innovation in Glove Coatings

The latest innovations in nitrile-based glove coatings have created a game-changing double-dip that takes the best of traditional palm coatings and rolls them into one unique glove treatment without sacrificing dexterity or tactile sensitivity.

Solutions for Improving Arc Flash Safety in Health Care

The dangers of arc flash events in health care are amplified by the possibility for downtime resulting from arc flashes. Downtime in the health care environment is simply not acceptable.

Slippery floors due to the frequent washing process are also a constant concern in health care settings.

Incorporating Floor Safety into Other Routine Inspections

Establishing procedures for routine cleaning in production areas can help to maintain workspaces, storage rooms, and fluid dispensing areas. It also can make annual “spring cleanings” less time consuming.

Out of Harm's Way, for Now

Hurricanes Florence and Harvey suggest areas that are vulnerable to Atlantic hurricanes could be hit with much more costly and dangerous storms than in the past.

Leading Indicators For Breaking Through Persistent Injuries

Ultimately, applying leading indicators to a high level means first unearthing the alternate universe of "what could have been done better" and then measuring these desired actions.

Businesses with welding operations and welding contractors need to assess their controls and respiratory programs, increase their awareness of the hazards, and inform safety officers and workers of the appropriate measures for better respiratory prevention. (CleanSpace Technology photo)

Three Trends Impacting the Respiratory Market

New and innovative PAPR products are increasing user acceptance and protecting workers better.

HHS Opens Health Care Cybersecurity Center

"We know that the majority of the cybersecurity attacks that occurred over the past year could have been prevented with quality and timely information, and the heightened importance of sharing information cannot be stressed enough," said Jeanette Manfra, assistant secretary for Cybersecurity and Communications in DHS.

We must remember to always wear our hard hats. If they are sitting at a desk, on a work bench, or in a truck, they are definitely not going to protect us.

Heads Up for Safety

One of the newest consensus standards from the International Safety Equipment Association aims to prevent head injuries and other serious injuries and damage from the impact caused by dropped objects.

If a glove increases hand fatigue, it can cause chronic, degenerative conditions such as tendinitis and arthritis. It can lead to dropped objects, wasted inventory, and increased time off for workers. (Ansell photo)

Ergonomics in Industrial Environments: Hand Protection is the New Frontier

On average, about 120,000 people annually undergo surgery to relieve work-related carpal tunnel symptoms. This is a significant expense for employers.

Stopping Fatal Falls

Falls figured prominently in OSHA's enforcement actions during August and September 2018.