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ASSP Annual Conference's Next Stop: New Orleans

The conference is set for June 9-12, 2019. ASSP already has issued its call for presenters, and proposals are due by July 18.

Loitering Citations Issued to Volcano Sightseers

Like 18 people previously cited, the seven cited June 6 allegedly bypassed established checkpoints or were found in areas closed because of the Kilauea volcano's continuing eruption.

Checking in on Housekeepers' Ergonomic Injuries

During a Safety 2018 session on June 5, Annmarie Feeley Jones, CSP, of Chubb advised using photos to communicate body mechanics and proper use of tools to the workers.

Employers Must Create Workplace Violence Action Plans

A June 4 afternoon session at Safety 2018, "The Fatal Flaws in Your Active Shooter Protocol," addressed how employers and employees should prepare for active shooters from a workplace violence perspective.

DOE Funding Projects to Support Advanced Nuclear Plant Designs

The MEITNER projects will leverage design, new manufacturing processes, and technologies to lower costs and increase the competitiveness of nuclear power; these funded projects will support advanced reactor designs that achieve lower construction cost and autonomous operations while improving safety.

Appeals Court Orders Roofing Contractor to Ensure Workers Use Fall Protection

"The 1st Circuit's order requires Lessard to ensure that all workers at his work sites, whether his employees, employees of his subcontractors, or actual or putative independent contractors, are operating safely, after a long history of his failing to provide adequate protective measures," said Michael Felsen, Regional Solicitor of Labor in Boston.

Panelists Debate Solutions to Serious Injuries, Fatalities

Members of a high-powered plenary session panel at Safety 2018 generally agreed about the strategies for solving this serious problem.

ICYMI: Safety 2018 Day 3

The show floor may be closed, but you can still catch up on the action and information from San Antonio in our Live From social zone!

ASSP Presents 2018 Safety Management Innovation Award

The winner from Ingalls Shipbuilding developed a real-time safety training simulator to quickly improve trainees' hazard control skills.

OSHA Assistant Secretary Vacancy Wears On

The American Society of Safety Professionals' Government Affairs Committee has narrowed its focus and outputs, as leaders of the committee explained during a June 4 session at Safety 2018 that indicated the continuing lack of a confirmed new leader for OSHA is preventing needed action by the agency.

New Orleans Holds 8th Annual Household Hazardous Materials Cleanup

Orleans Parish residents were able to bring paint, pesticides, antifreeze, garden chemicals, flammable liquids, muriatic acid, small mercury devices, aerosols, pool shock, household cleaners, motor oil, automobile batteries, and motorcycle batteries for disposal or recycling.

SAMHSA Offers Opioids Treatment Grants to Hard-Hit States

Thirty-five states and tribal organizations nationwide are eligible to apply. SAMHSA says the desired outcomes of the grant program are to increase the number of people receiving medication-assisted treatment for their opioid use disorder and a decrease in heroin use and prescription opioid misuse.

Employers Must Address Occupational Risks of Prescribed Opioids and Medical Marijuana

Speaker Adele Abrams, J.D., CMSP, emphasizes that the overlaps between OSHA, ADA, and accommodating employee use of medical marijuana or prescribed opioids are difficult to navigate.

Outgoing President, Session Highlight Hispanic Worker Injuries

The American Society of Safety Professionals' Hispanic Outreach Working Group was formed earlier this year both to improve safety and health for Hispanic workers and to bring more Hispanic safety professionals into the field.

Straight from Safety 2018 Days 1 & 2

The first two days of Safety 2018 have seen an action-packed show floor! Here’s what not to miss on Day 3!

The exposition will take place at the Henry B. González Convention Center, which was built in 1968. ( photo)

Safety 2018 Opens a New Era

The annual conference in 300-year-old San Antonio is the coming out party for the newly christened American Society of Safety Professionals.

Safety professionals should specify hand protection with methodical and scientific care in order to choose the perfect glove for the worker in his or her job environment. (Radians photo)

Safety Professionals, 'We've Got a Problem'

Choose hand protection solutions via form, function, and fit.

Ten Questions to Mature Executive Safety Thinking

Cultures of today are a result of practices of the past.

EPA Publishes TSCA Formulation Documents, Asbestos Rule

"These actions provide the American people with transparency and an opportunity to comment on how EPA plans to evaluate the ten chemicals undergoing risk evaluation, select studies, and use the best available science to ensure chemicals in the marketplace are safe," EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt said. "At the same time, we are moving forward to take important, unprecedented action on asbestos."

There are many approaches to managing CTS following diagnosis. Most are considered conservative approaches, and their effectiveness varies greatly. (Humantech Inc. illustration)

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: What We Know

Although CTS is a strong driver of workers' compensation costs, lost wages, lost productivity, and disability, there is still a limited understanding of its frequency and causes in working populations.

Ensuring that safety eyewear fits every worker properly—and comfortably—is a tall order, but a vital one. (Honeywell Uvex photo)

How to Simplify Eye Protection Selection Among Diverse Oil & Gas Applications

When outfitted with the proper lens tint, workers benefit from reduced eye strain, enhanced visual perception, and increased safety and productivity.

Video surveillance could be used to investigate a high incidence of accidents and injuries with a particular piece of equipment and determine whether employees are following safety practices. A review of the video might show that injuries are occurring because the equipment isn

Improving Safety with Video Surveillance Solutions

These systems are used for security purposes, but they are also used for much more, including operations, maintenance, and safety.

Tomorrow on the job, ask yourself, "What am I not seeing?"

Going on Offense for Safety

The next time you are around any hazard, remember to focus on the presence of the hazard and not allow your mind to get lost in unrelated compulsive thought.

Constructing Remarkable Attention, Decisions, and Action Safety

All buildings and systems require resources of time, funds, equipment, and effort.

The fact that these people put their boots on and go to work in any and all conditions demands that they deserve the right footwear to help them get the job done—and, more importantly, get home safe after every shift. (Dunlop Protective Footwear USA photo)

In Gas and Oil, It All Starts from the Ground Up

Different footwear materials have different pros and cons for workers in this industry.

ASSE Officially Becomes ASSP

The society's website is now and features a complete redesign that showcases ASSP's strategic priorities of education, advocacy, standards, and member communities. Members voted last year to switch to ASSP.

Preventing opportunity blindness is not about what others see, it is about how you choose to view the world and the actions you take to transform it into something more. (J.A. Rodriguez Jr. photo)

Vision 20/20: Preventing Opportunity Blindness

We humans are great at connecting dots when information is missing. The downfall of that is it leads to inaccurate assumptions, which lead to consequential actions, which lead us toward unplanned and often unwanted results.

Testing multiple places on the fingers is crucial to properly protecting workers because it reflects the reality of how end-users really experience workplace injuries.

ISEA 138: Raising the Standard for Hand Impact Protection

The standard is specifically designed for industrial gloves and the special protection they offer to workers.

The Takata Recall Hits Home

More air bags are scheduled to be recalled by December 2019, bringing the total number of affected airbags to around 65 million to 70 million.

Working outdoors at any time presents new challenges and hazards, so take the time to consider the environment around you this summer.

Beat the Heat!

And make sure you don't fall victim to the rest of summer's leading hazards.