Sep 30


Fact: Two-thirds of corporate conference and meeting rooms are avoided because they don’t meet employees’ needs. It’s a troubling reality, especially given the time and money you’ve likely spent trying to create a workplace that has everything your employees need to do their jobs well. Scott Openshaw and Roopa Segu, Herman Miller’s Human Factors and Ergonomics experts, will explore common misalignments among the surroundings, furnishings, and tools in a space that can lead to discomfort and dissatisfaction – ultimately preventing employees from doing their best work. They’ll also discuss how settings purposefully designed to support people, their work and the tools they need to succeed can be a powerful force for keeping your workforce healthy, productive, creative and engaged. You’ll leave this webinar knowing how to: Ensure key stakeholders have an understanding of employees’ needs and their work Collaborate with these stakeholders to design settings optimized for employees’ activities Discuss how settings, surroundings, furnishings and tools — including technology — should work in concert to elevate the work experience For more details and to register visit: